Water filters

for normal human life necessary clean water.However, the one that flows from the taps, rarely meet sanitary standards and requirements, and a large amount of impurities, the chemical elements contained in it - a negative impact on its quality.To help solve this problem may be water filters, which are able to hold up fine particles of dirt, chemicals and odor.To use the filtering devices, which are different princes of work, installation site, the degree of purification.

main types of filters for

preliminary water treatment technology In the water is cleaned in water intakes, different techniques may be used for this purpose.Popular methods:

  • Cleaning water with chlorine - a cheap, easy way, but to call it an effective and harmless difficult.Such a variant is used in 95% of cases, with the result that it is enriched with chlorine it acquires an unpleasant taste and odor.
  • antiseptic effect of ultraviolet radiation - a safe and effective option, but to achieve maximum results is possible only if t
    he supply of water of good quality, because of the peculiarities of the region, the natural conditions in some cases, impossible.This method is rarely used.

C intake water is supplied to homes and apartments on the water pipes that are repaired and change rarely.Due to old age they accumulate dirt, rust, sand particles that fall into the water and contaminate it.The only true solution of pollution problems is to use water filters which can be of different types.

are several types of devices for water purification:

  • coal;
  • fine purification;
  • deep cleaning;
  • secondary treatment;
  • magnetic.

Fine cleaning

For the most pure fine filters are used.They are divided into two types: single-function - cleaned of chlorine, salts, trace elements, heavy metals;multi-functional - designed to perform a number of actions.For the system to cope with the functions, you need to make timely replacement cartridges in accordance with the conditions specified in the instruction manual.

There are several varieties of fine filters:

  • reverse osmosis - modern water filters, the most effective, as have several stages of cleaning.
  • Sorption - represent a tank made of high quality plastic, filled with adsorbent (activated charcoal).
  • Fabric - a rope or harness wrapped cylinders that trap salt, chemicals, metal oxides.If you change the fabric color, the filter must be replaced or cleaned (boiled until until it acquires a white color).Mineral
  • - cylinders are filled with mineral grit, which delays the chemical elements salt.
  • ion exchange - Cleaning the filters takes place in a tank filled with resin ion.Use of such a type of device for the removal of chemical elements and softness imparting water.The quality and purity of the filtered water affects the room temperature, the purity of the inlet and of ion exchangers properties.

the coarse

Filters for coarse water filter capable of minimally her, removing a large dirt particles, such as sand, sediment, large pieces of rust from the pipes.Such devices are installed near the distributor where there are water stains in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.In modern homes developers initially put the strainer in front of the delivery of housing, but if they are not doing it yourself is not difficult - they are sold in many stores, and install it helps Plumber.Types of devices:

  • Grid - at their core is a mesh with openings of 50-500 microns, which detains all particles of dirt.Net Cleaners are divided into 2 types:
  1. self-cleaning - all dirt particles are washed off automatically when contaminated water in specially designated drainage pipe.
  2. Nepromyvnye - for cleaning you must turn off the water supply, remove the water filter and wash yourself, remove all dirt particles.
  • High pressure - devices designed to purify water with a high content of various impurities.They represent anticorrosion vessel filled with filter material which cleans dirt from 30 micrometers.The disadvantages include the large size and the ability to operate only in a warm building.
  • Cartridge - the basis of water filters or cartridge is a cartridge which is capable of retaining particles as small as 0.5 microns.

charcoal filter

charcoal filter to clean - a receptacle filled with wood, stone or activated carbon from coconut shell.Such devices are designed to eliminate unpleasant smell of chlorine after filtration at the water intake, the removal of oily components, purification of turbidity, pesticides, bacteria.Pros such filters for water purification: a relatively low price, long life, high level of purification, the possibility to use at industrial enterprises, in private homes or cottages, flats high-rise buildings.

reverse osmosis

maximum efficiency considered multistage filters with reverse osmosis, which are able to remove 98% of the water pollution.Pros filters with reverse osmosis: a high degree of purification and long service life.The minus is the high cost.The principle of operation in stages:

  1. The first stage passes mechanical cleaning of water, which filters out large particles of sand and clay.
  2. next stage - with coal capacity, where the fine purification of odors and fine particles.
  3. Then the water passes through a reverse osmosis membrane, which is a unique ability to pass only molecules.Dirty water with impurities is discharged into the sewers.

How to choose a water filter

Choosing water filters depends on many factors:

  • Application Places: house, apartment, cottage.
  • degree of cleaning - deep, thin, single-stage and multi-stage.
  • Vida filter - pitchers board;devices that are installed under the sink and built-in water.
  • degree of water pollution, which is determined after carrying out special analyzes.
  • cost of the device and of the company.Popular devices Aquaphor, Barrier, Brita, Spring, Geyser, which may be bought in specialty stores or ordered through the online store.

in stores specialists will provide the necessary advice on the selection, the device will describe their characteristics.Often occurs so that the seller is trying to sell, advertise a certain brand, the brand without specifying the existing cons of using such a filter.Minimum knowledge will help to select and buy the most quality and efficient filters.Watch a video about the nuances of selecting water purifiers:

from wells

Special filters for water wells are becoming increasingly popular due to this increase in the number of holiday homes that are not connected to the municipal water supply.People began to think about how they use pure water, is poured into the appliances and water heaters.The main task of filters for wells - to get rid of physical dirt - sand, clay, rust pipes and biochemical compounds.

Clean water in the country

choosing filters to the country, should give preference to models which are able to clear the fluid from iron, hydrogen sulfide, which is so often found in the biochemical analysis of the water from the suburban areas.It is recommended to use a multi-stage filters: mechanical cleaning will help to get rid of particles of sand and clay.The following steps will help to get crystal clear, delicious drinking water, reduce stiffness.If the suburban area is connected to the centralized water supply, you should take care of the cleaning of chlorine and odor.

Industrial filters

Industrial enterprises must install water filters, since a large amount of impurities, chemical elements, and sometimes not very pleasant smell - do not allow its use in food plants.For water treatment can be used, such types of filters:

  • reverse osmosis membrane;
  • bulk;
  • mechanical;
  • ion exchange system and others.

Clean running water in the apartment

Clean water in the apartment is of great importance because it is used in large quantities for cooking, drinking pure.Filtering at the water intake and for a long time does not change the water pipes are unable to provide consumers with proper water quality.Filters for apartments can be of several types, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • Built-in water filter installed in the water pipe system, so that takes a multi-stage cleaning system.


  1. cleaning efficiency.
  2. High speed action.
  3. enrichment of water with minerals.


  1. high cost of the device and replacement cartridges for it.
  2. Installation requires expert assistance.
  3. Restrictions on the installation site.
  • Installed under the sink (fixed) - the filters are placed in the kitchen and connect to the water supply of cold water, and on top of a separate tap.The water goes through several cartridges that are cleaned of contaminants.


  1. High performance.
  2. quality filtering.
  3. several water treatment stages.
  4. filtered water comes from a separate tap.


  1. not cleaned from heavy salts and bacteria.
  2. high cost.
  3. It takes place under the sink.
  • Desktop filters are installed close to the sink is connected to the water and there is no need to worry about constant filling of the reservoir.


  1. ease of use.
  2. cleaning efficiency.
  3. rapid passage of liquid.
  4. Long life cartridges.

The disadvantages include the need for placement directly at the car wash, which is often not very user-friendly and appropriate.Some models have a special attachment to install the device on a wall, it will help to save space.

Install water purifier

Some types of filters may establish their own, for example, the desktop.For more complex editing is to ask for professional help, since the installation of the flow of cleaner or who gets under the sink, you need to build in the water near the siphon that requires disconnection of water, water distribution system and knowledge about placing pipes.To find high-class specialist should read reviews about different companies, as well as take into account the experience of the experts and the term of the company in the market.

How often should I change the filter to

water was always clean, free from harmful impurities and dirt should promptly change the ink cartridges, cartridges and filters for cleaning.If you want to save time and money to change the cartridge, you should buy a self-cleaning device.change time depends on several factors:

  • amount of water consumed;
  • type of device and the purification process;
  • tank volume;
  • wash filter or not;
  • quality of water at the entrance.

review popular models - description, pricing and reviews

include water filters are popular models:

  • Aquaphor B-300 - compact filter attachment on the crane.Features: compactness, efficiency, versatility, high degree of purification.The cost of 150-200 rubles.

Alexander, 29 years: "We use the filter adapter to set drinking water.The quality differs significantly.For the money - perfect ยป

  • Pitchers barrier - a universal method of producing pure water for household needs.Advantages: compact, a sufficient degree of cleaning, low cost.Disadvantages pitcher filters: the need for frequent cartridge change, a small capacity (2 liters).Price 500-650 rubles.

Natalia: "A great option for water treatment, take a pitcher always with the country, which helps, and there to drink clean, healthy water.Most importantly, time to change the cartridges and clean the top of the bowl well. "

  • Desktop filter "Spring 7-C" - the perfect device for the purification of water from chemical compounds.Advantages: good filtration, low cost, easy installation.Disadvantages - dimensions.Price 700-850 rubles.

Ilya, 33: "Good water purification device, the result is striking, specifically analyzed.Only a few had to suffer until find a suitable place for him to not hurt anyone. "