How to change yourself superficially

be beautiful and charming - the main vocation of women.Optionally have Hollywood looks to please men and feel confidence.Every woman at least once in his life asked themselves the question: "How to change yourself superficially?".Minor transformations requires female nature itself.Changing appearance, introducing changes in the way we feel renewed.To do this, not necessarily to resort to plastic surgery and to buy expensive cosmetics.

How to change the appearance beyond recognition

Each representative of the fair sex is thinking about how to change your appearance for the better, to create an unusual image.Surprisingly, sometimes missing small details.The expressive eyeliner eyes, puffy lips, confident demeanor, easy gait, and your friends, friends do not recognize in your old humble woman.

What change?

How to change yourself superficially, look attractive and surround yourself fascinated glances?A girl can start the conversion with:

  • hairstyles;
  • makeup;
  • clothing;
  • manner of speech;
  • elements behavior.

to change beyond recognition, start with the clothes, makeup, hairstyles.Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of your appearance.What would you like to see your reflection in the new?Choose the appropriate clothing sets, add the image of rigor and ease, luxury, elegance, femininity.Optionally, to radically change the whole wardrobe.Carefully review the items in the closet, combine existing clothes, complementing their accessories.

How to change your look at home?

Do not start changing appearance with plastic surgery.Try to make up for this practitioner at home, in front of a mirror or ask a makeup artist.The new image should not be very different from the usual.If you are thinking how to radically change the appearance, think how the new image will fit into the usual life for you.Have the courage and decorate your body with tattoos, if you've always dreamed about it, or make a short haircut, change the shape and color of eyebrows.

How to change the image?

not know how to change the appearance for the better?Pick the image of the actress and singer who most appeals to you, try it out makeup or hairstyle.To answer the question of how to change the image of the girl, decide with the appearance of a single day.To make the everyday image of femininity, buy shoes with a small heel, make a straight strands lush curls, change backpack or baggy bag on elegant and stylish.

Where to start?

to change themselves externally and internally, must work on a daily basis:

  • Get up 40 minutes earlier and do morning exercises.This good habit will transform the body and adds energy for the day ahead.
  • Eat right, only healthy food stimulates the preservation of positive initiatives.
  • Always elegant, even when leaving the store.

Tired of office clothes, I want creativity?Then bright flying blouse and jeans with the original pattern will help to create a feeling of lightness.The main thing - do not be afraid of change, and to meet their desires.When in doubt, consult a professional stylist.He wisely select a new image based on your external data.Sign up to the master of manicure and make-up artist, bring your hands in order and pick a nice make-up.

How to change your style?

cultivator, only a sense of inner harmony is perceived by others as an attraction.Even the most charming girl from the first phrases can give a gray mouse.Regardless of the appearance, the inner world to be rich and developed, think positive and smile a lot.A few tips:

  • read books;
  • find yourself a hobby;
  • spend time with friends;
  • rejoice every day.

to change your style, imagine a new way, visualize it.Then pay attention to the details of the pictures - dreams.How do they differ from the current realities?Draw the new image, then choose clothes, makeup and accessories will not be difficult.Master the cherished qualities such as confidence, femininity, sensuality, physical health.

program to change the appearance of photos on

Sometimes we do not get pleasure from its image in the photograph.This is because the do not know how to behave in front of the camera.Before avoid the camera, learn how to change the appearance of the photograph.With the help of computer programs, image correction may:

  • make the figure slimmer;
  • choose a hairstyle, hair color;
  • to experiment with make-up and even eye color.

Video: How to change the look

How to emphasize individuality, skillfully hide the flaws, to focus on the merits?Girls with non-standard forms will learn to correctly choose the clothes, skillfully hide imperfections figures.From a movie you will learn how to radically change themselves outwardly, to emphasize profitable side of well-chosen accessories, hair, makeup.