What is a table lamp for your desktop choose

Under dim light table lamps students doing homework, the teacher checking notebook, and the representatives of creative professions write another masterpiece.Lamp diffused or local lighting - it is a prerequisite for any workplace to maintain healthy vision.Any ophthalmologist says that a table lamp for your desktop should be adjusted to the needs of each family member, and not to add to the attractiveness of the interior.Let's see what kind of fixtures exist, and according to what criteria they should choose.

difference lamps for desktop from decorative

Table Lamp does not require any special installation and mounted on any horizontal surface.They are used in rooms for different purposes, and on the type of coverage is divided into diffuse or point.In terms of functionality, lamps are divided into decorative and performance.Typically, the design of such a device is mobile, the device assumes its head adjustable to the desired point in the direction of the beam.

Manufacturers offer a huge numbe

r of table lamps for the job.The solid and they are more expensive, the more adjustments are.However, not all models are convenient.To table lamp a positive impact on the performance and do not spoil the sight, the light source must be located at a distance from the illuminated surface of approximately 30-45 centimeters.

Decorative fixtures for their design more like floor lamps, similar to the Soviet desk lamps manufactured in the Soviet Union, which have an intricate and beautiful leg lampshade.They are used in recreational areas for additional lighting, for example, next to the sofa, on the bedside table, next to the mirror in the hallway or in the living room.Modern interiors are inconceivable without decorative lighting lamps - are synonymous with respectability and comfort.If we talk about style, the desktop models created to decorate the room, there are the following varieties:

  1. Classic, made of glass or crystal.
  2. in high-tech or modern, characterized by creative forms of different colors.
  3. Romance, different fabric shades soothing shades.

Types table lamps

Any luminaire consists of a valve and an electric lamp.The structure includes a valve cover (light diffuser), the reflector (a guide to the right place luminous flux), a cartridge for mounting the lamp housing and an apparatus for input wiring.Durability and safety of a desk lamp cartridge provides a material that is made of fire-resistant material: porcelain, metal or heat-resistant plastics.According to lighting fixtures to view the desktop is divided into:

  • workers and decorative;
  • directional and ambient light;
  • reflected or direct light.

luminaire design is aimed at the use of a specific type and wattage, so they should be installed in only those elements which are provided by the characteristics of lighting, so as not to violate the rules of fire safety.By type of lamp for your desktop is divided into:

  • LED;
  • to clamp;
  • touch;
  • fluorescent;
  • transformers.

LED lamps

LED light sources are actively replacing with all the traditional technology of the market, to which we are accustomed.Their work is based on the passage of current through the semiconductor zone, from which he begins to glow.The advantages of LED lights for your desktop is the low power consumption, high efficiency, long service life (up to 5 years of continuous light), fast payback and high resistance to external influences, environmental safety, the lack of glare and flicker that affects the eye fatigue.

For desktop advantages of LED lamps are undeniable.They eliminate the problems with his vision, helping to focus on work or study.The LED emits light similar to sunlight, so do not bother the retina even after a long time sitting at your desk.In addition to the models, working from the network, there are LED rechargeable lamp with batteries that can be taken on the road, to use in the car, in the countryside.Although this light fixture will cost more expensive than conventional bulbs, it will pay for itself very quickly.

lamps with clamp

Lamps clamp - the models are equipped with attachment to the desktop.Clamp firmly fixed on any horizontal surface, and the column is given a flexible design that provides a convenient way to adjust the light source in its sole discretion.As a rule, such a lamp has a non-transparent bell with targeted flow.Lamps on the clamp are sold complete with the appropriate type of lamps are equipped with a convenient and long cord and have a small weight (one kilogram).

fall into this category and affordable lighting products for the desktop to the clothespin.This miniature model, consisting of a lens holder and compact, do not have a multi-stage knee.They are perfect for creating a skylight and fixed on the protruding parts of furniture, located next to the desk, shelves are attached to the rack, and even wall hangings.

device with a clamp device - a lamp housing, are made of plastic or metal in a variety of colors, diffuser of white light or black color options and capture, securely locking the entire structure on the surface of your desktop.To redistribute the flow of light in the right direction, the lamp provides a mechanism that connects the holder units.


Touch lamp for your desktop - it's appliances include the touch of a particular place on the body.They can be equipped with special dimmers, allowing to adjust the force of the glow of its elements.The touch table lamp can be manufactured in a classic, retro style or trendy high-tech, and in the ordinary incandescent or energy-saving elements are used as a light source.Sometimes there are LED light sources.

Principle touch desktop lighting is simple.To the body of the device connects the sensor with a specially designed circuit, responsive to the touch.It works on the principle of the sensor capacitor, for which the body acts.When a person touches it, the capacitance increases, the sensor responds and sends a signal control device, which, depending on the task, turns off or on the desktop lighting.


luminescent light source - a gas-day lamp light output which is determined by the phosphors glow (substances capable of converting energy into light), under the influence of UV radiation.The light output of fluorescent lamps is several times higher than that of similar incandescent element, and the service life is 20 times cheaper analogues.

Fluorescent Lamp - a cylindrical tube, equipped with special electrodes with mercury vapor.When they are affected by the electric current, the pair begin to emit UV rays, and the phosphor, which is applied to the tube wall, emits a uniform soft light.The shape of the fluorescent lamps can be circular, compact, U-section or linear.The average duration of their service life averaging 10,000 hours.

Fluorescent lamp - is the best choice for a desktop lamp, because its light is as close to daylight.These elements have the widest range of colors, from cold to warm white, and high luminous efficiency, and the main criterion for a positive assessment - a few color choices: excellent, good standard and that provides ample opportunities for their application.Equally important when selecting fluorescent lamps for illumination of the desktop it is practical - their efficiency reaches 80%.


Table lamps transformers belong to a new type of lighting.Their appearance is connected with the new requirements for comfort and functionality, as well as with the introduction of offices, apartments and home computer equipment.The design of the device provides an excellent opportunity to separate or bring light without difficulty, send luminous flux in the desired direction.This is especially comfortable when any business requires a strong eyestrain, special precision and care: sewing, drawing, working with small details.

Typically, board transformers are designed for incandescent lamp or fluorescent elements.Courtesy of the device may be made of translucent and opaque material, as a source, as a soft, diffused light, and directed.Leg Lamp long, in several places has swivel joints, and its base is specially weighted so that the instrument is stable.Sometimes transformers are equipped on the basis of a clamp.The lamp is easy to change shape, and hence got its unusual name.

How to choose a children's table lamp for student

Putting a child in a school, it must be remembered that at his desk, he will spend a lot of time, so the main criterion for choosing a table lamp is its safety for health, and only then should payattention to design and color schemes.The first thing you need to look at the light output of the device, the maximum value which should not exceed 100 watts.The most comfortable lighting for the student - it's 60 or 75 watts for a small work surface, and 100 watts, if the desk is large.

light emitting best option for a child - is a warm white lamp shade and the ideal form of the ceiling - trapezoidal - it provides the most comfortable for the eyes glow.Psychologists advise to choose the child lighting calm shades, so they do not distract attention from the homework.The most neutral - it is a green, yellow or white, which create a psychologically comfortable lighting effect.

As for the ceiling, you should opt for a high-quality plastic, because plastic element may at any time to melt, and metal - very hot, and there will be a risk for a child to get burned.It is advisable to opt for student lamp with power regulators to be able to manually adjust the light output.Tripod does not hurt to at any time change the angle of light, capturing the desired work surface.

Characteristics correct bulb for the desk

correct lamp for your desktop adult is not much different from the lighting device for a student.Functionality may vary, but the most important criterion - illuminate the work surface and do not shine into the eyes of working, creating the most comfortable lighting.the height of the lamp should choose, based on the owner's parameters, area and height of the table.As a rule, a table lamp for an adult is not more than 45-50 sentimentality.

It can be equipped with a dimmer, two or three lighting elements and the ceiling must not transmit light or missing very little.With regard to the quality of a desk lamp, there should be based on the design of the premises and status of the owner.Solidity businessman will not work cheap Chinese instrument - on the desk lamp should be made only from high quality materials such as wood, porcelain, brass, crystal.And as the lens can serve as a lampshade made of leather, suede, leather or fabric translucent stone.

Which lamp to choose

posherstiv the Internet in search of an answer to the question of how to choose the lamp for your desktop, you can see thousands of photos, but did not stop his choice.A variety of lamps submitted to the stores, too, does not give confidence in the correctness of the choice, so try to figure out the manufacturers of high-quality table lamps in the features and benefits of their products.


known Russian company «Uniel» offers customers several options for table lamps.Among them, the standard office lighting devices and LED models.The advantages of this brand products include power savings of up to 85%, a special protective coating for the bulb, preventing ultraviolet radiation and no mercury vapor, which ensures a stable light output over a long service line.

Odeon light

Products Odeon light - is a collection of lighting fixtures of modern design.Table lamps Italian companies attract customers unique and original design.Each lamp corresponds to the historical or artistic style, which is suitable for anyone, even the most refined interior.This is a truly high-quality devices with a perfect price-performance ratio.


Austrian brand Globo supplies to the European and Russian market is an impressive collection of table lamps, including more than 2000 items.This solar-powered lights on, and lamps using LED technology.The quality of its products the company makes high demands, so that all table lamps are Globo marking of conformity to European standards, test certificates GS.

Arte lamp

Italian company Arte lamp offers more than 1,000 table lamps, which are all important areas of lighting, from classic models to the design of experimental devices made using the latest technology.These LED lamps consume a very small amount of electricity, not yielding to the power of peers.


Russian LED lamp for your desktop "Era" - this is the perfect option for those customers who do not want to overpay.The popularity of this company is due to excellent quality and affordable prices for all.Long service life, ease of use, reasonable price and modern design - the main advantages of lighting products "Era".


Japanese brand Supra is familiar to many as a manufacturer of high quality household appliances, but their lighting fixtures are also sought-after commodity.Table lamps Supra - is a set of models for every taste and guaranteed quality.This compact and classical instruments, and lights on the clothespin and design solutions, eye-catching custom geometry.


Belgian Massive Lighting Products are of the highest technology and the highest quality of workmanship.It is the largest manufacturer of lighting fixtures, which are designed using cutting-edge computer technology, and the manufacture of pass mandatory tests vlagonepronetsaemost, electrical, heat resistance, color stability and durability.

Where to buy and how much is an office table lamp

Buy lamp for your desktop is not a problem.In every city there is a store lighting, which has a huge range of desktop models.But if you want an exclusive design lamp, then get help from numerous online stores that deliver their goods anywhere in the world.We offer you addresses of large stores, where you are sure to find the right product:

mgazin name and address Reference prices, rubles.
"Then the light," Moscow, travel Donelaitis 19 230-3900
"Lampov" Moscow, Scientific passage, 10 1068-4900
"Wildlight"ul 3rd Karacharovsky 7 4200-12650
"Its my Light", St. Petersburg, ul.Dimitrov, 20, Bldg 1 852-11744
"si", St. Petersburg, ul.Pea, 49 140-69946
Model Price, rub.