How to check the tax arrears

Citizens of any country have a duty to the state.Without fail they have to pay taxes on certain dates.The easiest way is the case with personal income tax - it lists the employer.In other cases, the payment of tax collection is necessary to take care of themselves.In addition, individuals should be independent verification of tax arrears.Otherwise, you may experience different problems: penalties, fines, difficulties in traveling abroad.

The main types of taxes

order not to violate the current legislation, it is desirable to avoid debts and know the tax system.You may want to examine the tax code, familiarize themselves with the regulatory framework and to use the mobile application to monitor payment deadlines.There are 4 different major types of tax.We will tell you more about them:

  1. tax on personal income.It is necessary to pay for all the citizens of Russia for income earned in a calendar year.These are: salaries, winnings, bonuses, rental income, the sale of property.Term of payment - until
    15 July.
  2. Land.Paid 2 times per year by individuals who own non-agricultural land or agricultural land.
  3. transport.Payers - the owners of motorcycles, cars, buses and other modes of transport.Payment avtonaloga - 1 time per year to passing inspection.
  4. Property.taxation objects: apartments, houses, cottages and other buildings, vehicles other than cars, motorcycles (helicopters, planes, boats).

way to verify tax arrears

Even 5 years ago, it was difficult to carry out the inspection of tax debt remotely.People had to go to the tax office and languish in anticipation of receiving in a huge queue.Today, debt verification on taxes conveniently done from the comfort of home.For this purpose useful information your VAT number and passport.All the necessary information can be found on the official websites of the tax service, the bailiffs, the portal of public services (through a personal cabinet).

The tax office

most reliable, proven way to get the information you need as long as possible - a personal appeal to the Federal Tax Service.Residents of large cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg) can make an appointment through the online entry at a convenient time.Attention!Taxpayers are limited to recording: the number of hits on one service can not be more than 3 times in 2 weeks.Latecomers to the client have to wait in the general queue.

Through the Internet

There is nothing easier than to check the tax debt through the Internet.In some resource information can view everyone, other information is only available to authenticated users.Various portals, official resources and applications to help taxpayers find information on the main types of taxes, and print receipts for gosplatezha.

Besides the well-known, there are alternative resources, for example, the site for information about debt prompted to enter passport information, VAT.The answer comes in electronic form.The portal allows you to pay debts in real time for MegaFon subscribers of Beeline and MTS.One-time payment is limited to the amount of 5000 rubles.Let's speak about the more popular and trusted sites to obtain information on more debt.

How do you know the names of its outstanding and TIN online

To learn taxes payable for VAT, you need to go to the website of the tax service and enter the required information.Another way, but less well-known - through Yandex application.It operates a new, efficient service - "Taxes: check debts."Another 2 common ways - through the website of the Federal Service of Bailiffs and the portal of public services.

The website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia

This service facilitates communication with the public logically understandable and easy to use.It contains all the information about each taxpayer: information about real estate owned by him vehicles on movements of cash.To see the tax debts of individuals, you need to log in to your personal account (the entrance is at the top of the site).

Login to enter - VAT number, password - a combination of numbers that you want to get the tax office after filling out the registration card.Another version of the entrance - with the help of universal electronic cards in the presence of a personal electronic signature.Data on debt are in the sub-menu "overpayment / debt."There is a full list of successful payments and existing debts.

on a single portal of public services

Website universal, but to use them in full is only possible after registration.For more information on debt an individual should go to, enter your password, login.Next, select the tab "Public services", "Shared with me" and find the "tax debts Test".After filling out the personal data in a few minutes will be shown information on request.The service is free.To use the need passport details, certificate of pension insurance, VAT.

On May 29, 2015 users of the portal can now pay their dues directly from the site.The service is available for those with a standard account and confirmed users.The commission is not charged.Know - proof of payment occurs within 2 weeks.Debt up to this point still remains.You can use the portal and via mobile devices on the Android platform, iOS.

The site of the Federal Service of Court Bailiffs

Very simply check payable at the bailiffs on their official website.Data is stored in the "System Information".By clicking on it, the user enters the data bank executive productions.There will need to select the name of the territorial authority, fill in your personal details and click on Search.Next, the program will load the data requested by the user.Information is provided without registering on the site and without VAT.The site is easy to SSP learn payable to individuals and legal entities is much more difficult.

Consequences of arrears in taxes for individuals and organizations

debt Verification of mandatory taxes.There are a number of undesirable consequences for individuals and businesses, entrepreneurs, if they permit non-payment of taxes.Prior to the enforcement Inspectorate sends the requirement to pay, tries to inform about the debt through phone calls or bypass every apartment.If you can not contact the debtor or does not comply with the requirements within six months, the following occurs:

  1. Revenue Service apply to the court for enforcement documents.
  2. If the total amount of debt does not exceed 25 thousand rubles, transmit these documents to the employer for deduction from wages.
  3. Often enforcement documents sent bailiffs.In this case, an individual would need to pay an additional fee executive.
  4. Debtors can not get a passport to fly out of the country.
  5. On defaulter imposed a fine of 20 to 40% of the tax debt.
  6. Bailiffs may freeze accounts, arrest property.Note that prior to the event to collect debts they assign up to 5 days for a voluntary payment.Then begin to apply the measures.

data on legal entities in arrears is contained in the official website of the tax office.For tax evasion organizations face administrative responsibility - a fine of up to 20% of the debt.In the event of arrears penalties are imposed.If the amount of arrears is small losses are limited to monetary costs.In the case of large amounts of business can get into the internal affairs bodies, which threatens criminal liability.For example, if the company does not pay large sums, this entails imprisonment guide for up to 1 year.

Video: how to check and pay the tax debt

Consult any indebtedness of the main types of taxes can be through the Internet, spending is less than 1 minute.It is better to get the information about them in advance, rather than face the negative consequences over time.Do not let the complications!Regularly look into the site of the tax service.You need to go to the tab "Find out their debts."Next - accept the processing of personal data and data about the name, INN.In the dialog box displays a list of debts (if any).Details on the audit of tax debts, see the video below.