8 signs of a strong personality , the envy of others

Strong-willed person's character is sometimes rejection, sometimes condemned by others.Without trying to understand the reasons, essentially acts strong-minded people, many ordinary people evaluate the latest on the basis of "average yardsticks".Thinking outside the box, traits that produce strong-willed man in the crowd, can deter.

Some take a hostile reception leadership, thinking that you want to dominate "the crowd", otherwise do not like the independence and integrity of judgments, mistaken for rudeness.Being quite far from the truth, such a characterization does not reflect the real essence of your character.Strong to others, people with a strong personality inside feel vulnerable and weak, like blind kittens.

ability to deeply hide their own emotions, without revealing the soul, go ahead, despite the obstacles, and highlights the strong-willed person.In an effort to win over himself, strong in spirit will not allow "trample" themselves or others.Failure to understand how you can be comfortab

le with yourself, lack of desire to find a "vest to cry 'cause fear and apprehension surrounding to go with you to the contact.

So, eight signs that you are - strong personality

The disadvantages of your personality is attributed the reluctance to share their own worries and joys.Going into the habit of independence, self-sufficiency can play a "cruel" joke, distancing you from family.Remember that the strongest people need sympathy, warmth and care.

  1. you are not willing to put up with excuses

    nagging and complaints about how things "might have been, if only ..." - is not your strong point.You act sensibly and soberly, without thinking about missed opportunities.Determined people prefer to focus on the development of an effective plan, strict implementation, helping to overcome the obstacles encountered.Maximalists in fact, a strong personality does not give favors to themselves and others.Do not forget that not everything depends on the desire and perseverance: life sometimes makes adjustments to our plans.

  2. You do not need the approval of the family, knowing his worth

    opinions of others, even the closest, you take note, however, it is for you is not decisive.Recognising the fact that some people need to assert themselves praise, approval and control ..., strong-willed personalities prefer to act independently.

  3. you hate senseless chatter

    arguments "about nothing", discussion empty searchlights plans and leads you into a stupor.Ideas are good, when for their implementation are undertaken concrete steps and actions.Spending time on useless talk about the imperfection of the world - is not for you.And yet, being present at the party, or parties, short "a": nothing meaningful chatter about entertainment, fashion, travel can be the basis for the realization of new ideas.

  4. you are sensitive to manifestations of ignorance

    People who want to stand out from the crowd, often have a low intellectual level.They tend to boast money, influence, snatches of knowledge, which are presented as truth.With deep thinking, the ability to analyze the information received, the leaders of "life" does not yearn for the universal recognition and admiration.Stupidity and ignorance have caused the rejection.Strong personalities do not judge things / events superficially, prompting others to think about what was said.

  5. Can you hear

    strong-willed, determined people have a rich inner world, unable to take another person with his drawbacks.However, the ability to listen is not always appreciated: some "dumped" their problems on you, waiting for their successful resolution, others are fearful "expose" the true reasons for the search "free ears."

  6. You do not need attention

    Leadership nature attracts everyone's attention with new ideas, great mood, wit.Many are not so "popular" envious person believe that the popularity of the external attributes are so important.You do not need to "show-off": people are attracted to honesty, integrity and respect.The downside is becoming tired of constant communication.Caring about others, do not forget to devote time to his own "I": turn off the phone, and brains ... after spending a pleasant "doing nothing" a day or two.

  7. you afraid

    Fear - one of the factors hampering the development of the majority of inhabitants.Overcoming fear, people with leadership qualities are moving towards the unknown.Falling, you make mistakes, they continue to pursue the goal.The common opinion that the strong spirit are not afraid, mistaken.Such persons do not allow fear to dictate terms.But, you see, the idea scares you, that others can guess about the weaknesses or doubts.Stay sometimes "normal" person, sharing with loved his thoughts.

  8. nonideal as an incentive for the development of

    No person - from the outstanding scientists of genius to artistic thought - does not have the privilege to the completeness of the information.Science does not stand still: what was outlandish a few years ago, it came in everyday life as a common fact.Leadership nature are not ashamed to admit their ideal, using the gaps, gaps in knowledge, as a chance for sustainable development.