Calculation of transport tax

The fact that every owner of a vehicle registered in Russia, should systematically pay the corresponding tax, stated in the Tax Code.The only exceptions are privileged categories of individuals and entities to whom a mandatory fee may be canceled.Before you pay the fee, you should know how to calculate the transport tax.If the owner, for whatever reason, do not use your own car, it must be removed from the state register.

Features of calculating the tax on vehicles

As vehicle tax charged?State impose it with all types of self-propelled vehicles equipped with engine (cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters).The calculation is carried out based on the amount of horse power machines.If the truck after the registration of the engine changed to a more or less powerful, the owner must notify the traffic police, located at the place of registration of the vehicle.Authority employees will make the appropriate data in the technical passport machines.To calculate the tax on the car, except for the power you n

eed to know:

  • actual size of the tax rate.The law provides for a certain amount of tax for each subject of Russia, depending on the vehicle production year, engine size and other parameters (such characteristics are used to determine the coefficients of CTP calculation).
  • period of owning a car.The owner, when calculating the tax rate should be based on a document on vehicle purchase, in which the date of the transaction.
  • These tax base.Vehicles running on the engine, has a power determined horsepower.This information can be found in the STS or TCP.
  • multiplying factor.There shall, if at the cost of the car scale exceeds the mark of three million rubles.

For individuals

How to calculate the transport tax to citizens of Russia?According to the actual legislation, for individuals calculates the rate of the tax authorities directly.The Russians have their own lodge in the body the information on the acquisition of vehicles, other self-propelled vehicles.Bids for the transport tax for individuals and organizations alike.The only exceptions are benefits provided for certain categories of institutions and citizens.

For legal entities

vehicle tax is required not only for the citizens of Russia, but also for legal entities.Agencies make payments to the regional budget at the place of its location (registration).A feature of the transport fee for legal entities is a self-assessment tax amount.Since this collection refers to the expenses of the organization, using a scheme of taxation "income minus expenses" at his own expense is possible to reduce the size of the single tax deducted by legal entities.If the transport fee amount exceeded the commitments can not pay a single fee.

To calculate the tax on the car, you must take into account the actual rate (depends on the power cars), the tax base and the reporting period (full 12 months).Regional regulations may involve certain factors that should be taken into account in the calculations.They help adjust the rate depending on the age, transport prices, car owner category.Some beneficiaries generally exempt from paying vehicle tax.

Besides the annual payment of fees, legal entities may make advance payments for 12 months of the reporting period.When their sum is subtracted from the main collection volume.As a rule, the down payment amounts to ΒΌ of the total amount of the fee.Organization of the annual declaration is supplied by the transport tax to the National Insurance Fund.There may be a legal entity to calculate the CTP insurance policy.The declaration form is regularly undergoes some changes that can be tracked on the official website natsstraha Fund.

rate of vehicle tax by region for 2016

Since this type of tax revenues relates to regional, rates may vary by region.Despite the fact that the size of the fee is set and adjusted by separate entities in Russia, the government appoints the limit of the tax rate.Thus, a fixed duty transport regions may be greater or less than the limit state, but no more than ten times.

taxes accrued in Russia takes place for each mode separately.Regions have the right to use or modify the specified rate.Furthermore, the field can be used differentiated tariffs size variable depending on some factors (species, age, vehicle class).In 2016, the Russian government did not increase the tax on vehicles, so rates have remained virtually unchanged.Below is a table of new rates of transport collection for some cities of Russia.

name of the city (region)

tariff for cars up to 100 hp

Ulyanovsk region.

10 p.


12 p.

St. Petersburg

24 p.


6 p.


5 p.

calculation formula

To understand how much to pay for transport, it is necessary to multiply the current bet on the power of the machine, expressed in horsepower.Moreover, to calculate the age of the vehicle will need.It shall calculate from the year of manufacture date.For example, if the car is released in January 2013, in January 2016 it will be 2 years.If the car is owned by less than a year, using the reduction factor.In order to determine the number of months of ownership of cars divided into 12 months.Example 6: 12 = 0.5.

vehicle price is also taken into account.The website of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Russian Federation published a list of cars that cost more than 3 million rubles.This list is updated annually before 1 March.According to current news, the Ministry of Industry will now be independently monitor the prices of vehicles in order to avoid cheating by unscrupulous car owners who deliberately understate the figure.The general formula for how to calculate the size of vehicle tax, as follows: the tax base * power * Auto tenure.

Example of calculating the amount of tax on passenger car

Kuznetsov owns a car VAZ Priora, registered in Voronezh.Power car engine is 98 horsepower.Opening tax rates table this area, we see that the power Priory up to 100 hp, the rate is 20 rubles.In this case, the size of vehicle tax, which must be repaid by Kuznetsov, will be equal to: 20 * 98 p hp = 1960 year.

payment procedure and deadlines

For individuals, the transport fee payment period is provided no later than 31 December of the year.If the owner plans to do a re-registration or pass inspection machine, the transport fee is better to pay in advance.Different regions may establish its own accounting periods that differ from the usual, if that is a good reason.

As a rule, for legal entities provided four periods: 1 tax (12 months) and 3 reporting (quarters).After the closure of each organization should make tax payments.If an institution repays the amount of parts on a quarterly basis - it is considered a down payment (and to submit statements for the quarters do not need).Furthermore, it is possible to make the entire amount in the collection end of the calendar year.Declaration is filled only once, at the end of last year.

Video: online calculator for calculating vehicle tax

counter to determine the amount of tax on transport is convenient because it allows you to calculate the exact figure to be paid.Under federal law, there are base rates, which are accounted for in calculating the amount of the fee.Find these online calculators you can on sites, and others.In addition, there is also an opportunity to calculate the MTPL insurance, and to calculate the cost of Casco.After watching the video, you will learn how to use online calculators.