Signs that life develops successfully

Sometimes it seems that life is bursting at the seams.Job loss, painful divorce, failure in the exam evoke a sense of helplessness and regret.Make a motto the words of the great Winston Churchill: "Success consists of a series of defeats.Do not lose optimism and faith in the forces - they want you to win! ".How to evaluate what life was going well, despite their own doubts?

14 signs that you made the right choice in life, to help deal with the situation:

desire to achieve the intended purpose - a sign of your commitment to growth.Love, happiness or success comes to those who believe.Do not give up halfway: the life smiles to those who puts the heart in any endeavor, he does not retreat in face of difficulties and believe in the best.

  1. you learn through life

    Our life is not so simple: filling cones, we get invaluable experience that makes us stronger.Faced with the challenges, setbacks, do not forget that it is - part of the grand plan of the Universe to make you wiser.Learn from their mistakes, co

    ntinuing to love, to trust, to achieve your goals.

  2. you aspire to be better
  3. Do you have / had a job

    prestigious job, professional success, new opportunities - this is about you?Appreciate the existing circumstances, seeking to become the class expert in their field.Recently out of work?Do not "mope": having received it once, you can do it again!Look at the situation as a chance to do what he likes, they discovered their amazing abilities.

  4. knowledge opens new opportunities

    Age, lack of financial resources, physical disabilities - an excuse for those who do not want to learn new things.Knowledge is very powerful, which helps you achieve the dream.Train your mind, expand your horizons and your life will be successful.

  5. you eat, where to sleep

    Millions of people have no roof over their heads, sleeping in doorways, in landfills, in the open air.You appreciate what you have today - a warm bed, a comfortable home, the opportunity to be with loved ones, family members.

  6. Do you have food, water

    simple or elegant, the food is intended to replenish the body's energy reserves.With the ability to choose between tasty and useful, expensive products and brands, do not forget about those who rejoice in the crust of bread and a sip of clean water.Remember that happiness lies in everyday things.

  7. You have the right to choose

    Aristotle once said, "Perfection does not happen randomly.It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent implementation.Choosing among the many alternatives, and not an accident, determine the fate of ".Vashe present state - the result of choices made by you earlier.

  8. you know how to love

    His eyes, smile, signs of attention and recognition ... romantic feelings forever leave memories of magical moments of your life.You know what it is to love?So, you granted the blessing of heaven.

  9. Do you have a dream

    This is something that stays with you always.The dream, like a guiding star, leading us to success.In an effort to implement it, remember the best moments and the most vivid emotions he gives way.

  10. Your happiness is real (only manage to see it)

    in all circumstances and situations of life, in all that happens, you have the opportunity to find the happy moments.It's very simple: a child laughing, gurgling water, a ray of sunshine in the rainy weather, a cup of coffee on a cold day, will give a lot of positive emotions.

  11. You have the ability to forgive

    You can imagine how the world would look like without forgiveness?Yes that there the world how emotionally callous will be your life!By forgiving others, ourselves, we let go of the pain, hurt, frustration, which attack us from within.To move forward in life, overcoming difficulties, do not forget about this unique gift, bestowing strength to move on.

  12. you believe in something more.

    immersion in their own problems, indifference to others - a step to nowhere.The realization that life is so fleeting and changeable, bringing faith into something more.Set goals, do not forget about good intentions that will benefit not only you.

  13. Do you have friends

    Whatever the distance, borders, countries did not share you, modern technology and social networking make it possible to maintain the bonds of friendship, sharing joys and sorrows.I appreciate those who have been with you for many years.

  14. your children grow up happy and prosperous

    Giving our heart crumbs, we are investing in them all the best, dreaming of health, dreams, happy life.Remember the first kid smile or gentle "mother" ... Smile more often children, talking about his love: it is a great gift, which means that your life has developed successfully.