How to choose a solid fuel continuous burning

, you need to soberly assess the characteristics of the options and take into account all the features of housing that need to warm To purchase the appropriate heating unit for private homes.To cope with this problem, you have to make accurate mathematical calculations and think over the time of delivery of fuel.The information that you get from this article will help you understand how to choose the long burning solid fuel boiler.Use the proposed material to avoid common mistakes and make the right decision.

Varieties and principles of solid long burning boilers

If you have to choose a solid fuel continuous burning, first check with the classification of these units.Having an overview of the existing varieties, you will be able to orient in a wide range and to eliminate unsuitable options immediately.Solid boilers differ by several factors, which will be described later in the article.

By way

combustion boilers long burning heating with solid fuels are divided into two categories:

  • Traditional.The boilers of this type of scheme is implemented the easiest fuel combustion.According to the principle of operation they resemble ordinary furnace with a special window for the fuel supply.The basic element of the traditional boiler - heat exchanger provides temperature transfer directly to the coolant.Such boilers are different unprecedented reliability and durability, but their efficiency leaves much to be desired.

  • Pyrolysis (gas generators).This type of boiler is characterized by increased levels of efficiency.Such units generate heat energy by burning fuel special.First unit dries the fuels.This is followed by degassing, in which about 85% of the substances by combustion is converted to a combustible gas.The remaining 15% remained in the form of coal.In the internal cavity of the combustion chamber temperature is increased to 600 °, whereby the combustible gas is ignited and oxidized.This process leaves the burning coal layer.Weights saturated carbon-temperature gas, providing an increase in temperature to 1000 °.Under these conditions, carbon decomposes, releasing large amounts of thermal energy.The air flow supplied to the upper wall of the combustion chamber, the flame directs vertically downwards.In this way the combustion process becomes manageable.Continuous air supply provides a constant oxidation of the combustible gas.


manufacturing materials in the range of household solid fuel boilers meet aggregates, made of different materials.Manufacturers use two types of metals:

  • iron.The boiler is made of iron and is a sectional structure wherein each department can be separated from the rest.The ability to disassemble the machine makes more comfortable during transportation and installation.In the event of the need for repair work, this feature greatly simplifies the task master.During operation of the internal iron boiler combustion chamber wall are subjected to chemical corrosion.They appear dry rust (film consisting of iron oxide).As a rule, it does not progress, so the machine efficiency remains at a consistently high level.You do not have to clean it from fouling frequently.The only significant disadvantage of solid fuel cast iron boiler is susceptible to changes in temperature.Heat stroke can cause damage to the walls of the chamber.Such cases should be avoided.

  • Steel.The boiler is made of the metal, is a one-piece unit, which is going to the factory.Dismantle it for ease of transportation can not be.Steel solid long combustion boilers are not afraid of heat stroke, so they are more widely used electronic devices automatic shift modes.However, systematic changes in temperature lead to the formation of zones tired of the combustion chamber walls, which over time leads to burning-through of the metal.If this happens, the unit can not be repaired.

According to the type of fuel used

Heating solid fuel boilers prolonged combustion are divided into four categories according to the type of fuel burned:

  • for firewood.The most common type of solid fuel boilers.Its popularity is due to design simplicity and ruggedness to the fuel.Solid long burning wood boiler can operate in virtually any environment, but it has one major drawback - the lack of automation.As the combustion of the fuel is necessary to enclose the user logs into the firebox.

  • coal.This boiler is suitable for a large area of ​​the house much more than wood.Coal is low cost and easy to carry.
  • pellet.As fuel for the boilers of this species used wood pellets, which are pressed waste wood industry.They are called pellets.A relatively small combustion chamber burns briquettes pellet boiler, generating large amounts of heat.
  • On filings.Separate kind of solid fuel boilers, which burned sawdust, dry grass, leaves and other waste.These units provide high-quality heating housing, as well as solve the garbage disposal plant problem.


Solid combi boilers long burning different in that not only fired with housing, but also to heat water for household use.By installing this unit, you will warm the house and at the same time decide to provide hot water problem for the bathroom and kitchen.Solid long burning boiler with a water circuit is more expensive, but with him there is no need to install a gas column or boiler.

Criteria for selection of solid fuel boilers long burning

With the general classification for solid fuel boilers, we have already seen.It is time to consider the criteria by which the owners of private houses is determined optimally suitable variants of units for installation of heating systems.After reading the following sections, you will learn how to choose the right solid-long burning boiler for their homes.


first thing you need to determine the order, how the fuel is used for heating.Assume what type of fuel is more convenient to buy and import.If you have harvested wood, it is wise to buy a wood-fired boiler.Owners of cottages, where there are no trees, we can recommend heating pellets.Coal-fired boilers are suitable for those who have the opportunity on favorable terms to order high-quality fuel.Heating systems on the sawdust usually used to heat facilities engaged in the processing of wood.

boiler power

To determine the capacity of the heating system, you need to perform simple mathematical calculations.Calculate the total amount of facilities that are going to be heated.The resulting figure will help you find a wide range of solid fuel combustion boiler long model with the appropriate parameters.Keep in mind that you should always ensure that the power supply to the case of strong cold winter in the house was not cold.


device for selection of a long combustion solid fuel boilers for heating private houses an array of parameters taken into consideration only if the owner intends to consolidate the purchased unit on the wall.According to state standards, established by Russian gas supplier, this method of mounting is allowed for boilers of less than 100 liters.

volume loading chamber

This parameter characterizes the ratio of the volume of fuel being mortgaged to the power of the heating unit.The more fuel fit into the loading chamber, the less you will have to replenish the supply of wood / coal / pellets.For steel boilers ratio of these values ​​is 1.6-2.6 l / kW.Cast iron heating units Fuel consumption in smaller quantities - 1.1-1.4 l / kW.

total volume of feed chamber will help you to estimate the possibility of the boiler.Fill it to 100% you will not succeed in any case.Much more important is the amount of useful loading chamber.This value shows the actual amount of fuel that you can load into the combustion chamber.To define it, you need to know the principle of fuel combustion boiler and the selected method of fuel loading (top or rear).

Boiler efficiency

One of the most important parameters for any solid fuel heating long combustion unit.The figure expressing the efficiency of the boiler, characterizes that part of the generated thermal energy, which is actually spent on housing heating.Choosing a unit with high efficiency, you can reduce the power requirements.Low efficiency means excess of heat flow, so you'll have to add more fuel to maintain an acceptable temperature in the house.

Review of the best producers of solid fuel heating boilers

modern market of heating systems for private houses complete sentences from a variety of brands, but not all of these units boast reliability and durability.About how to choose the home solid fuel burning boiler long have you learned from the previous sections of this article.It's time to narrow down your search to a range of manufacturers who genuinely deserve respect:

  1. Stropuva.Brand "Stropuva" produces high quality coal boilers with high efficiency and long burning period after each bookmark.
  2. hearth.The company "Hearth" produces solid fuel boilers, heat exchangers equipped with the most modern design.The units of this brand are durable and high performance.
  3. Wichlacz.Reliable Polish brand, which produces excellent solid fuel boilers, operating on the principle of layer-burning fuel.
  4. Viadrus.Dear worldwide producer of coal, wood and coal-wood solid fuel boilers.
  5. Don.Heating units of this brand are reliable and durable.With a minimum fuel consumption "Don" boilers provide a high level of efficiency.
  6. Teplodar.Heating units long combustion brand "Teplodar" for their reliability and performance can be compared with the best brainchild of German manufacturers.

Where to buy and how much are

Acquisition of long combustion solid fuel boilers for heating private houses - is a serious problem.Approaching her need with the utmost responsibility.This machine costs money, so the first step is to assess the reliability of the sell-side.In the table below, you will find contact details and some commercial offers proven Moscow suppliers of heating equipment.

Organization Name

Address, Website

Name of the proposed model


Price, RUB


Factory highway, №9A;Website: teh-dom

Stropuva S8

Turbofan pyrolysis


Viardus Woodpell 7

automatic pellet



street.Aviakonstruktora Mile House №19;Website: termo-mir

Don KS-T-16


198 00

Don COP HS-50N




Business Park Rumyantsevo, Kiev highway, the house №1, building A, office №905;Website: garantcomfort

Viardus U22D-5

Coal wood


Viardus U22D-10

Coal wood



website: teplodar

Teplodar Kupper OK15

Universal solid-


Teplodar Kupper OK20



Teplodar Kupper OK20

Universal solid-


Video: homemade solid fuel boiler own hands

For thosewho are deprived of the opportunity to buy an expensive boiler, suitable variant of the assembly of such a machine at home.The following video explains in detail how to do it.Listen to the advice of experts, and will be able to create an alternative version of a long combustion solid fuel boiler.

Customer Reviews

Oleg, 38 years : Three years ago, I bought on the Internet Wichlacz (Poland) solid fuel boiler.It works great.For all the time to clean the camera I had only twice.In winter, the house is always warm.Coal consumption is minimal.One tab missing for at least two days.Automation operates smoothly.I advise everyone who lives in the northern zones.

Fedor, 44 years : in 2010 threw out the old boiler and bought a brand new "Viadrus" pellet.Granted, not cheap, but, but heating problem was solved once and for all.Automatic feed pellets works flawlessly.Fuel consumption is minimal.The house is heated all day, but with the financial side of it is almost not felt.During the service (nearly 6 years) did not have any complaints.

Eugene, 34 years : Once bought a house, I immediately changed the boiler.Universal solid-established "Teplodar" Kupper OK20.For our housing capacity of this unit with the head missing.the boiler itself is not expensive, and the fuel is not very pretty penny for it.At the same time none of the family members do not complain about the poor heating.Drown everything that comes their way.Very convenient: litter and recycle, and the house is heated.