How to overcome anxiety in 5 simple steps

unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the chest, shortness of breath, racing thoughts, shivering and beads of sweat on the body you know firsthand?More tretinaseleniya planet suffers from panic attacks and anxiety disorders.Stressful situations accompany the life of modern man.Some people fall into a stupor, and other meta frantically trying to solve the problem.And what to do when the alarm is caused by an inexplicable inner sense in the absence of objective reasons?

come to the aid of 5 simple tips on how to cope with anxiety, from the famous psychoanalysts and psychotherapists:

  1. Justification

    Why do you feel a sense of anxiety?The presence of certain factors - disease, problems at work, in personal relationships - often causing mental discomfort, distress.But in these situations, you clearly understand the cause of the disorder of the psyche.If the alarm condition has no real basis, it is necessary to analyze the potential threats.

    Write on a piece of paper all the items that are directly /

    indirectly may become a source of anxiety: family, money, high prices, bad behavior eldest son, work, etc.Re-read carefully each item aloud 10 times, even if it makes your insides shrink.So the brain will process the "trigger" point and intuition tell me what is the cause of unexplained anxiety.

  2. Understanding

    Understanding your anxiety is one of the important steps to overcoming panic attacks.Let us return to the "alert lists."Take a look at it again, trying to place the items in order of importance.Upstairs were the work, business, competitors?Slow down the pace, pick good assistants (with a managerial position) or decide to present their own ideas, develop leadership.Understand that everything will happen as "to be", and empty feelings only harm you.

  3. Reduce the importance of experiences

    neutralize anxiety, reducing the sharpness of perception of the real (or not) a reason, a simple question: "And whether it will cause such a rapid response in me after a week, a year, five years?".Time - the perfect doctor and teacher: years later, we still will worry about problems with family, friends, loved ones, while many of the current "pechalka" leave no trace.

  4. adoption

    Now that you have managed to pass 3 steps to overcome anxiety, you are ready to adopt existing things.Anxiety will not go away, you are affecting the rest of his life, if only because you are a human being.However, awareness of the fact that exposure to panic, no anxiety ignore, thoughtful study of possible causes to help you manage your emotional state.

  5. «Take yourself at least something ...»

    you noticed that disturbing thoughts, groundless suspicions arise more often in people with nothing to do?The constant work of thought, body, spirit leaves little time for introspection, provoking anxiety attacks.Learn to sew or knit, get active, expand the circle of friends (preferably, in reality), engage in charity (often it requires no financial investment, it needs investments of the soul).