As in 2016 better to keep savings

Savings - a certain amount of financial reserves person, designed to meet the diverse needs in the future (in the future).As a proud owner of the n-th amount of money, not intended for current needs, many are wondering how best to keep their savings in the current year.The crisis for the Russian economy during 2015-2016 causing suspicion of potential investors, both small and large.

What should invest the accumulated funds in 2016:

  1. Store home (under the pillow, in a safe or in a stocking ...).With only plus - a quick and hassle-free access to its owner, "wealth", stored at home savings can be stolen, impaired.Do not forget the lack of profitability and the devaluation of the financial resources under the influence of inflation.Therefore, the "home" version - the worst of the existing ones.
  2. Banking cell.If you fear for the safety of savings at home, rent a safe-deposit box.This method is useful for those who, going in the near future to make a major purchase, withdrew cash from the account.By
    cons of long-term storage of money necessary to carry the effects of inflation on the value of money over time.Therefore, the cell bank - a great option for the preservation of wealth - gold, jewelry, securities.
  3. Purchase currency.Sharp jumps in the national currency - the ruble, economic, and political instability of the Russian Federation on the international market, inflation processes cause mistrust on the part of investors.Experienced financiers are advised to distinguish between the amount of the savings depends on the contribution goals.

    going to buy an apartment in Bulgaria, or send a child to school in England (though in the long term), invest part of the savings in euros or pounds sterling.If you want to relax in Sochi, you will approach the ruble savings.The best option is recognized as a multi-currency portfolio contributed to the distribution of resources by 3-5 species most stable currencies in the world.

  4. Deposits .This kind of passive income - one of the most popular in the world.Profitability of foreign currency deposits at an average of 2-4%, while ruble deposits will bring the owner up to 10% per annum.What problems might arise?High returns promised by individual banks, leads to increased risks of insufficiently high capitalization of the banking institutions and the Deposit Guarantee.Robust financial market players offer a smaller percentage on deposits covering the inflationary losses and has low profitability.
  5. Precious metals .Investing in gold bullion will ensure the safety of savings, but rely on a fast receipt of income from them is not necessary.The payback period of such deposits - 10 years.
  6. investments in government bonds. Individuals, iewe are with you, are not able to participate directly in the securities market activities.To exit the stock market you need a lot of savings - $ 50,000 and a reliable mediator in the person of a broker.In addition, forecasts for government bond yields have not been encouraging for 2016.
  7. investment in "blue chips".So called shares of Russia and the world's leading companies.Successful investment projects in this field could bring a double or even triple the profit owner of financial resources.If you are willing to take a risk and have little knowledge in this area, you should ... find sensible, reputable management company.
  8. Investment Property .There is a decline in demand in the property market in 2015, and continues in the present, 2016. This type of investment - one of the most promising in the current situation.Pay special attention to the small one, two-bedroom apartments in new buildings: the infrastructure of these areas does not give way to a few years of development, and the liquidity of small-sized real estate is always higher than that of a large house or flat with 3-5 bedrooms.

choosing how best to keep their savings in 2016 in Russia, give preference to operations with low risk shares and average yield.Note the intended use of future money.One of the ways to increase high-yield savings can become an investment in the booming Internet economy segment: online shops, themed blogs.