Filters for water under the sink - which one is better

on the quality of water consumed depends on the full health of your body.Many illnesses are provoked by poor water quality and harmful bacteria contained in it.Those who are worried about the state of health of the family, it is necessary to know: water filters under the sink - which is better?The specific features of each action and reveal the reasons for deciding to choose a filter for drinking water under the sink.

How to choose a water filter under the sink

most popular now 10-15 years are considered to be simple but reliable models: opening the tap, you get purified water immediately.Flowing water filter under the sink have special advantages.Before you select a filter, you need to take into account the significant merits:

  • flexibility of operation of the filter system (one manufacturer cartridges are interchangeable).
  • Increased cleaning effect.
  • Ergonomics installation.
  • long-term operation.
  • economical cost of clean water.

disadvantage of such systems is a fixed connection.Pros Cons

significantly exceed, and therefore a consistently high ranking filters.Filters for water purification under the sink - a better flow, reverse osmosis?Each has its own trump cards: low price, quality and the principle of work.

Flow filters

living conditions will not be constrained in such a device, it is located under the sink.Built-in water purification system provides for the withdrawal under it a separate tap.The only disadvantage of this type of filter is the high cost in comparison with others, but it is justified, because the high technology in production costs can not be cheap.Advantages of the full view:

  • Change cartridges after 6 months of operation.
  • maximum degree of purification.
  • High performance.
  • huge resource.
  • ergonomic location.

Reverse osmosis

reverse osmosis membrane water filter under the sink - a favorable decision according to many users and experts.Main chip device - reverse osmosis membrane that eliminates its micropores passing flow from excessive rigidity and harmful organisms.At home you can set the type of system has the advantage:

  • highest level of cleaning.
  • minimum cost of treated water.
  • Excellent quality of the resulting product (water after filtering is not inferior to bottled).
  • cartridges need to be replaced only once a year.
  • Optionally equipped with a mineralizer, structurer, further saturating the water beneficial elements.

Filters under the sink

Each particular model has its own resource performance for the period and the active action.Filters for water, which is easy to make the comparison yourself, have differences in appearance, consumables, etc.Proper installation and regular inspection cartridge will give you the maximum achievable clean and healthy water.Filters for water under the sink - which company is better to choose?Refer to the main selection criteria:

  • number of purification steps.
  • Orientation levels of the system.
  • total productivity cleaner.
  • installation volumes.
  • bandwidth.
  • Validity cartridges to replace.


company provided to customers to choose from several types of systems:

  • «Aquaphor Crystal" is compact installation and long service life.
  • «Aquaphor Crystal Eco" boasts fast efficient filtration.
  • «Aquaphor Favorite" - a simplicity of design and installation of large volume of ready treated water.
  • «Aquaphor Trio" will provide more choice of hard or soft water, purified, and she and the other three stages.
  • «Aquaphor Morion" cleaning fluid and enriches the whole complex of minerals.
  • «Aquaphor" flow to heavily polluted water.


Given the ratio of "quality-term price action," this option is excellent.A separate tap bred all the inhabitants of the house will get the water that the quality is not worse than bottled.Any dirt barrier for getting into your house will filter cartridges in the geyser.Validity of the characteristics of each cartridge is different, so the selection is always an advantage for the buyer.Filtering tap water will change for the better the taste of meals and drinks.


American "Atoll" filter manufacturers are experts in quality filters.They are the first company to get certified permission to install reverse osmosis systems.Some settings in addition to cleansing still produce softening and membrane cleaning liquid to the absolute purity.Installation is simple, but time consuming.After installing the device and the timely replacement of cartridges and membranes your house will get clean water.The downside is the expensive equipment devices.


first step in cleaning any model of "Barrier" is a cleaning liquid is supplied from the drain channel impurities.The next - the purification of chemicals.There are several types of filters this company: «Expert» and «Pro Standart».First cleanse the water of harmful metal elements, the second - from poisonous substances.The term of the filters without replacement cartridges from three months to 1 year.

Video: the best water filter under the sink

Tap water in our time is poor.I do not want to harm his family's health due to poor water supply systems?Pick the right the best water filter under the sink!You will save their family's health, save money on purchases of bottled products, access to good water at any time of the day.Setup choices are many, and the video will help select the optimal filtration system for convenience and practicality to your home.


Vladimir, 44 years : examine this issue carefully compared the mark.He oscillates between the Barrier and Aquaphor Crystal.I chose the second option, I can say that has not lost.The water is clean, if you want to test, then substitute tap a cotton pad and turn it on.He will remain clean, so I advise all useful thing.

Igor, 28 years : I do not trust too cleaners with pitchers, so I decided to install the barrier under the sink.Cleaning is good, no extra flavors in the water and the dishes on it, but replacement cartridges too often, and a little expensive.I want to replace with another option.

Nikolai, 32 years : Bought Atoll.Install decided himself an easy process, but a lot of time spent.But now in the house of stunning water.Expensive replacement cartridges clean, but if you do for family, on the finances is not so pay attention.