7 positive affirmations every day

you, and only you - the most important person in your life.But what about the beloved, children, family, friends?Believe me, the more happiness shone in his eyes, than the most "pet" own ego (in a good way), the brighter and happier world around you.Give a good mood and your favorite family, which will return to you a sincere smile, a warm embrace child enthusiastic compliments (and not only) from her husband, joy and warmth of the family home.

Positive thoughts, spirit will give the desire not simply to exist, and to feel, enjoy and experience the amazing everyday life.7 amazingly simple, sincere affirmations help to find in any event bits of happiness:

  1. I believe in their dreams

    Belief in yourself - that little "eternal" engine that drives life, preventing collapse of the way.Dreams tend to come true, so you need to be alert to the chance that you will give Ms. Fate.

  2. I do my best every day

    One small step on the way to the dream - small or large - is a huge victory over himself.Remind y

    ourself constantly that all actions, thoughts, feelings lead you to your goal.Learn from the mistakes - their own or others, viewing them as an opportunity for sustainable development.

  3. I love myself for who I am

    examining herself in the mirror in the morning, smile own reflection and say, "I love you."Remember, as in a cartoon about the little raccoon: life necessarily give you your smile.Accept yourself with all faults, proud dignity.Only the happy, self-sufficient woman is able to give love and joy to others.

  4. I am responsible for your own happiness

    Nobody can come and give you a positive, great mood and harmony.You are responsible for your own happiness.Solutions, at times, in your favorite, giving heart and soul of the children, a woman loses himself, forgetting about the truth: the pursuit of happiness can not succeed as long as they are directed at the outside world.

  5. I accept responsibility for their own lives

    problems, worries and sadness make you stronger.Remember that the universe gives us all possible wear, offering to reflect and make the right conclusions.Nagging and complaints: "Why, for that" - will not succeed.Get used to be responsible for their decisions, weighing the consequences of their actions, thoughts and actions.

  6. The best is yet to come

    Repeat these words often.Believe me, even if today the day was not the way you planned, then for some reason it was necessary.Faith in the best confidence, a positive attitude will attract positive, unexpected and very pleasant surprises in your life.

  7. I am grateful for every day

    Appreciate every day for what you have in your life.Change your own attitude to what can not affect, putting efforts to achieve the goals that you are subject.Thank the universe for a miracle to feel and enjoy the gentle sun, the first flowers or heavy rain;love family, feeling their warmth and care, to live at last!After all, life is so versatile and interesting.