What better inverter welding machine

Due to its compactness and convenience of modern autogenous technique is at the top of popularity, both among skilled workers and those who have just learned that this inverter welding machine.Models of this useful device an affordable price, and many masters are willing to buy it for personal use.What kind of inverter welding machines better?Buyers are often faced with this important issue because of the large range of tools on the market.Inverters are selected depending on the type of scheduled work and the quality of products.

Varieties and operation of inverter welding machines

basic principle of inverter welding tool - increase in strength, frequency of the current due to voltage phase displacement.By using chips instead of the transformers can be achieved cascading shift method.The main function of the inverter - convert DC to AC, and vice versa.Special filters in autogenous technology needed for voltage regulation, the disappearance of unwanted peaks.Depending on the operating principle, it

is possible to draw a conclusion on the structure of the welding tool, which consists of:

  • current source;
  • protection against overheating;
  • relay;
  • converter;
  • current regulator;
  • transmitter keys.

Due to the high efficiency, compactness, welding inverters are widely used in many areas of production, starting with elementary trubovareniya, ending with aircraft construction.Depending on the applications, they were divided into types.Electric welding equipment are:

  • household;
  • professional;
  • industry.


main sphere of use of household inverters - private economy.They are designed for short arcing.Such welding tools work from a network, do well with a one-off performance of work up to 30 minutes.Household power inverters is not greater than 4 kW, and the maximum diameter of electrode - 5 mm.The only drawback of such svarochnikov is the ability to quickly overheat.The advantages of domestic inverter devices include:

  • wide range of incoming current adjustment;
  • affordability;
  • little weight;
  • the possibility of using less current 380V.


main difference between professional inverters from home - a practical filling.Such devices are used in garages, the housing sector and on construction sites.Professional inverter outputs voltage of great strength, resistance to various injuries, strokes, as well as maximum protection against moisture and dust.These welding tools are not cheap and often have a small range of operating temperatures, but these disadvantages are compensated by positive effects:

  • increased uptime;
  • no overheating;
  • low weight;
  • ease of use;
  • economy.


Types of inverters, which are used in the industry, designed for long-term and multioperator work.These welding machines are stationary and used in the production.They are heavy, but give a high-quality welding current - it has a positive effect on the process of joining parts.Industrial inverters have a high cost, which pays off in production.The advantages include:

  • connection thick metal;
  • high quality power;
  • low power consumption;
  • quality voltage regulation;
  • multichannel washing.

How to choose inverter welding machine for home and garden

About what inverter welding machine is better for the house, walking a lot of controversy, even among professionals.In the market of the art they presented a large number of companies, each instrument has its own set of features.Choosing a reliable inverter welding machine, should limit algorithm: power, network parameters, price.Consider the details:

  1. power.For domestic inverters, which are used for standard and short-term problems, enough 160 - 200 A rated current.
  2. Network Settings.When working with welding inverters at home should pay attention to the fact that in the operating unit instruction was specified supply voltage range as the network rural areas are unstable.
  3. price.Before considering how much it costs for the welding machine at home, you should know a few tricks manufacturers.For example, the actual discrepancy between the stated characteristics (actual current may be lower).Another problem - inverters, in which there is only one board, the replacement of which, in case of failure, will cause waste in the value of the entire instrument.No matter what the country of origin has been selling tools in China or France.The main thing is that the stuffing line with the principle of price and quality.

Rating welders inverter

review the best and most popular manufacturers of devices:

  1. «Fubag» (Germany).These best German high-quality machines are able to operate at a voltage of 90 to 265 V. Special Filter Protec 400 is able to make the tool immune to voltage drops, on a network of 380 V. Welding Fubag offers high performance and reliability.German machines are easy and straightforward to use, even for beginners.
  2. «Telwin» (Italy).Set the necessary basic functions ( «ArkForce», «Antizalipanie" and "Quick Start") makes the device useful tool even for an amateur.Telwin withstand voltage fluctuations within 15%.It has an efficient cooling system and low power consumption.
  3. «Torus» (Russia).The abundance of cheap Russian models of this brand inverters will perform diverse works on all kinds of welding steel.The most important advantages of the device - it is light weight (5 kg), excellent quality metal cooking and ease of use.

Video: homemade welding machine with their own hands

welder may make their own hands.This tool is useful in the garage, at home and at the cottage.The video below shows you how to assemble the device arc action on their own, what details need to buy, how to connect them under the scheme.With this overview to learn how to make the necessary tools at home will be able to even a novice.


Timur, 32 years : in question, which inverter welding machines better, helped me to understand my friend and advised the company "Resanta" - an excellent choice for the home and garden.Purchase I'm happy because I had a lot of cooking, and the technique has never failed.I advise everyone!

Alex, 40 years old : We partner with over 10 years using a professional welder inverter "Fubag 200".This tool does its job in 99% of cases, but sometimes overheats.This slight negative does not affect the speed and quality of work, as happens very rarely.Thanks to the invaluable experience that I have gained by purchasing a tool, I myself can give advice to a friend, how to choose the welding inverter.

Anton, 26 years : I ordered for my body shop welding inverter semiautomatic "Fast and the Furious."Easily I find it on the official website of the manufacturer and ordered.Quickly delivered in Moscow.The device never failed, even with intensive and frequent use.I did not notice the flaws.It is good to use and the price is also arranged for me - 7200 p.