Forty-second week of pregnancy

you already tired of her pregnancy, but the baby is not in a hurry to be born, and perhaps the term of your pregnancy was calculated incorrectly, so now you have estimated is the 42nd week of pregnancy.So far, about not talking perenoshennosti, pregnancy is considered prolonged.The kid had stayed in the stomach, and you're looking forward to the birth, as well as all your loved ones.Kid fully ripe for the birth, gained weight and grew up, he was very close inside your tummy and he is about to be born.

Changes in the body for 42 week

By that time the baby has grown up considerably - it weighs about 3600-3700 grams, the growth can reach 55 cm, and this will be the main difficulty for the families - the larger is the child, theharder it will move through the birth canal.Approximately 5% of children are born in this period, births are usually earlier this term.But even in this term of delivery may pass quite well, and doctors often simply watching pregnant without resorting to artificial induction of

labor.Those born in this period children are perfectly normal feeling and actively developed, but if the trend towards the imminent birth there, you will be assigned hospitalization and surveys and course of preparation for childbirth - carried ultrasound fetal assessment, amniotic fluid and placenta, and cervical.But pregnancy is usually quite favorably proceeds even in this period, and no intervention is not required, can be quite easy to carry the baby.There are no compression of the skull bones and strong deterioration of the aging of the placenta, amniotic fluid and reduce drying of the skin baby, fetal hypoxia.If you like to be identified in the survey, the question of immediate induction of labor.

Childbirth 42 week

Childbirth in this period is quite normal, and pregnancy can occur without any complications.But it is important to know that there are a number of special indicators that point to the true perenashivanie pregnancy - is the lack of front of amniotic fluid, which are arranged in front of the head of the fetus, a sharp decrease in the total amount of amniotic fluid and meconium dyed amniotic fluid with meconium particles.Also in the amniotic fluid will disappear lubricant flakes, skull bones harden and the cervix while immature, there are pronounced signs of aging of the placenta.If this will be detected this week, the doctor will recommend birth stimulation, or will be assigned to cesarean section.Drug-induced stimulation of labor will apply only when ripe cervix, and if it is not to be artificially stimulated its maturation before to stimulate labor.But if the indications for emergency stimulation is not, you can safely continue wearing the pregnancy to term.

It is important to listen to your feelings - usually deliveries begin with a discharge of water or the beginning of regular contractions, then the baby will soon be born.Deliveries take place in three stages - the first stage of the longest - a battle with cervical opening, followed by a period of attempts with the birth of the fetus, placenta, and then there is a separation of fetal membranes and uterine contractions.During all stages of childbirth will be closely watched by doctors and midwives.

Sensations expectant mother

Now the main sensation mom - harbingers of labor and enormous fatigue from a huge belly, moral depression of waiting for delivery and constant calls of relatives.Now you find it difficult to move around, work and engage in the usual wearing his huge belly, it is difficult to sleep, always want to use the toilet, reduced appetite, you have repeatedly looked over all things and prepared all the dowry for crumbs.Take care of household chores, talk with crumbs, persuade him to be born soon.Collect all documents and things, maybe time for you to be hospitalized to the hospital and wait for delivery is already there.


overcome pain at week 42 in the back, fatigue and heaviness in the legs, abdomen and head have dropped all tyazheleyuschego baby weighs heavily on the area of ​​small pelvis and sacrum.Because of this, there is pain between her legs, pulling the waist, there are pains in the abdomen, which can be regular and indicate the onset of labor.Also periodically hardens the belly - the queen comes to tone and prepares to leave.

condition of the uterus at 42 obstetric week

cervix to this term should be mature and pass the fingertip due to the disclosure of the internal os, it helps to head down in the pelvic cavity and tightly cling to out of it.At the same time the uterus periodically comes to tone, due to which there is an active preparation for childbirth.Gradually the contractions become more sensitive and start fights - regular uterine contractions of the walls with a smooth opening of the cervix.

How to recognize a leakage of amniotic fluid

When profuse watery vaginal discharge may be suspected of leaking amniotic fluid.They can be light, with an admixture of the lubricant flakes and sweet smell, and can be life painted in brown or greenish color due to meconium.If you suspect a leak of amniotic fluid is necessary to address to the doctor or hold a special dough with a special gasket with an indicator that shows the presence of secretions in the amniotic fluid.

amniotic fluid also can deviate quite abundant, the flow in the legs, then they will be difficult with anything confused, and will need to immediately contact to the hospital.

What should I do if the birth does not occur

for a period of 42 weeks of pregnancy is generally considered to be prolonged, but not truly post-term, although it would be individually.Some women may perehazhivat and these terms, but if delivery has not yet come, the chances of birth is highest in this week.It is important to complete and detailed observation of the expert and the finding perenashivanie pregnancy with typical symptoms, then it will be shown pharmacological induction of labor or special indications caesarean section.

If the indications for emergency surgery is not available, there are no signs of fetal suffering, and well-being of women do not suffer, do not worry, you can expect delivery and calmly enjoying the last days with a tummy.Do you have a few days left and you can resort to natural methods of stimulation of the uterus for childbirth, household methods.The most pleasant of them will become a sexual relationship with a partner or accurate stimulation of the nipples on the chest, active walking, washing floors or climbing stairs.From folk remedies can help to such recommendations as the use of pineapple or taking tea with raspberry leaves.Also, castor oil is used for approaching childbirth in a very small amount - this leads to bowel cleansing, which can provoke active contractions of the uterus and brings the onset of labor.But they can not be abused - with a large number of oil may arise severe diarrhea with nausea and vomiting.

Often labor can not walk because of the psychological not ready to leave and installation on the birth of the child at a certain date - have after the New Year, birthdays, or any event in life.But if there are signs of perenashivanie pregnancy, the doctor should listen and tune in childbirth and their stimulation.

important to remember that during pregnancy perenashivanii skull bone in a child harden, making it difficult to head configuration in labor and leads to injury to the baby, and the birth mother's ways.With aging of the placenta and fetus violation of its functions may be experiencing hypoxia, which can lead to an increased risk of meconium in the amniotic fluid ingress and aspiration of water baby to the formation of negative consequences for him.The amount of amniotic fluid decreases sharply at perenashivanii pregnancy, which leads to drying of the skin of the child.If according to US doctors say perenashivanie signs, you need to decide on the delivery quickly and immediately.

If for survey data with the child all right, it is worth just a little to wait and talk to the kid, trying to persuade him to be born soon.It is important constantly to listen to their feelings and movements of the child, and soon you will meet with him!