How to attract money to themselves

attract more money into your life - the desire of many people with a variety of incomes.In order to transform desire into reality, you need to know some of the subtleties of their execution, perform simple advice and believe that everything will turn out.That's what we'll talk today.Let's start a conversation with the ancient Chinese science by following the simple tips and easy steps that you will attract good luck into your home, business will go uphill.

Feng Shui to attract money

According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui approach to money is not considered as bank notes, coins, and the like to a certain type of energy.It is often blocked by internal problems of man.Therefore, the use of Feng Shui have to work on them, to explore and implement its laws:

  • Get rid of garbage.Finances come exclusively to the assembled people living in pure harmonious space without unnecessary things in the form of unreadable literature, excessive wear, cracked glassware, etc.
  • Think only about the money,
    if you want to Feng Shui worked for their addition.
  • Use monetary symbols for binding the above laws into a single monetary trigram.

Magic money

Strengthen your financial wealth by means of monetary magic tricks.The latter involves performing the rites, rituals, and use of talismans.Its rules are simple:

  • Money remember handling, and therefore does not tear, do not throw, not displace them.Fold the bill carefully.After sunset, do not borrow, do not count.
  • Do not leave your wallet completely empty - a bad omen.
  • Do not tell anyone about the amount of money earned.They do not like disclosure and noise.
  • victims from the heart of the money to charity and the needs of churches.

Rite of attracting money

rite on the money - it's the implementation of actions established magical ritual to attract money to themselves.They consist of multiple conspiracies, spells for their love spell.Conspiracy to help raise money income as a person uttering the magic words endow its magnetic properties, attracting finance.

For the ritual need the church candles.The ritual is performed only on the growing moon or on Maundy Thursday.It is important:

  • conspiracy to choose the right words;
  • candles to light a match;
  • make a ceremony alone;
  • all the details of the conspiracy to keep a secret;
  • read the magic words on conspiracy and money to carry out actions, believing in yourself and good luck.

Rituals for money

help to improve the financial situation and the special rituals, including rites simoronskie interest on the money.But one of the best - the activation zone of wealth, which should be in a well-lit side of the room with the main element - money tree.In this area it grow comfortably - it can no longer attract money to themselves.Set here and a water fountain or an aquarium to put goldfish.Among the simple simoronskih rituals smoothly operate on the money "Boomerang", "magic circle", "Easy money", etc.

Talisman money

Money Mascot -. A symbolic object that knows how to attract a lot of money to your house.Money tree or aquarium, about which mentioned on Feng Shui - talismans, which requires special knowledge for their successful work.This includes trehlapy frog with coins in his mouth - a popular olitsetvoritel money.It must be so set in the living room that looked into the house.

good money and the mascot is considered a laughing Buddha.It is suitable for those who wish to receive money easy ways and creative people in need of bright emotions and inspiration.Pictured sitting on trehlapy frog mascot such a double hit of the money in the bag.Put it on the table in the office or in the living room.

How to multiply money

three basic rules to multiply the money:

  1. Reconsider your attitude to money.They need to appreciate.Get a nice purse.color purse to attract money to be the energy of the Earth and Metal shades from dark brown to pale yellow, and white or silver money to be comfortable.
  2. Always think positively.Remember that the price you as an individual, equal to the price of your words.Be careful in his statements.The money goes only to the person that is configured for success in all your intentions and deeds.If you believe that you get rich, success is sure to come.
  3. not live only for today, think about the future, for the future, or enrichment will never live to see.And make the money work.To do this, you can open a bank account, which is replenished every tenth part of their income.

Video: How to attract money into your life

Money spirit is present always and everywhere, he feels us.Speaking of "money - is evil" or "better than love, than money", we unconsciously give them up.You can often hear the following sentence "I have no money" - is also not correct.In this video a psychic and heiress of ancestral traditions to answer the question of how to attract money in our lives, and how to remove negative programs, blocking the flow of money.