Symptoms and treatment of lacunar angina

Tonsillitis refers to the number of infectious diseases with pronounced symptoms.The agents of any of its forms are adenovirus, enterovirus, streptococcus or staphylococcus.Lacunar tonsillitis is considered to be a special type of the disease with the development of inflammation in the lymph nodes.At risk are predominantly children and adults with weakened immune systems.Among all known forms of tonsillitis, this species is considered the most dangerous.

Classification of diseases according to ICD-10

In modern medical practice, allocate 20 kinds of tonsillitis.According to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), each of which is assigned a certain number.Lacunary form is marked in the list with the code J03.This numerical designation characterizes the disease is contagious and dangerous disease.The virus can be transmitted by contact with the patient, through airborne droplets or by household.If repeated diagnoses identified in children's institutions, the quarantine is introduced.

Angina rarely develops without temperature.Lacunary tonsillitis always accompanied by this sign.The body temperature rises to the highest rates, and it becomes difficult to reduce.Simultaneously with the symptom of the patient manifested pain in the throat, swallowing reflex performed discomfort, resulting in a predicament swallowing saliva.

main symptoms of angina lacunary type:

  • formation of ulcers on the tonsils;
  • sky and the tonsils are covered with a white, yellowish or yellow coating;
  • general weakness of the body;
  • chills;
  • pain and dryness in the throat;
  • pain in the heart.

disease diagnosis

Development lacunar tonsillitis in adults and children going to the differences.Experts note that the younger the patient, the more pronounced symptoms.Self-medication is not worth doing.Lacunary form of angina is considered to be particularly dangerous.If you have the slightest suspicion of glandular fever, it is necessary to consult a doctor.If the body temperature has risen sharply during the night, you should immediately call an ambulance.

Diagnostics lacunar tonsillitis is carried out on the basis of shared analysis and visual inspection.The medical establishment is carried out a number of surveys that identify a specific form of angina symptoms and the degree of its development.IMPERATIVE doctor is palpation of the throat.This method provides a specialist understanding of the state of the tonsils.

The number of diagnostic procedures lacunar tonsillitis include:

  • pharyngoscope (when viewed using medical spatula);
  • auscultation and percussion of the cardiovascular or respiratory system of the person (carried out at the discretion of the physician for suspected complications);
  • bacteriological examination of material and plating on a nutrient medium (laboratory study of smear method from the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth, the cause of the disease is detected).

How to treat lacunar tonsillitis in adults

tonsillitis can not be treated at home.If any complications or severe form of the disease the patient is sent to the hospital.Local treatment is carried out as an additional step in conjunction with the main receiving complex drugs.It is recommended to gargle ( "Furatsilin" saline and soda, "rivanola", boric acid), making inhalation, treating the surface of the throat "Lugol".

main therapy lacunar tonsillitis includes:

  • antivirals ( "Arbidol", "interferon", "Ingaverin");
  • antibacterials ( "Sumamed" "Supraks" "Cephalexin");
  • preparations of NSAIDs ( "Ibuprofen", "Ibuklin");
  • antipyretic drugs ( "Nurofen", "Aspirin", "Panadol");
  • antihistamines ( "Suprastin", "Diphenhydramine");
  • vegetable preparations ( "Tonsilotren").

Medicines for sore throat specialist appointed on the basis of clinical disease.After completing the course of treatment for some time will have to take drugs that restore the immune system.These tools include immunomodulators ( "Imudon", "Immunal").If the effect of the medication does not lead to the desired result, then the doctor prescribes a procedure instituted special preparation "Tonzilor".With the help of ultrasound and vacuum cleaned from the tonsils purulent plaque.

extreme measures when lacunary tonsillitis considered the surgical removal of the tonsils and lakunotomiya.The accumulation of pus eliminated by dissection of the gaps.After these procedures meant an additional rehabilitation.In medical practice, surgery is not uncommon, but experts insist on the exclusion of self-medication for angina and immediate treatment to qualified doctors.

Features of treatment in children

lacunar tonsillitis in patients under the age of 12 years can occur frequently.The development of the disease occurs in the form of chronic low-intensity process.Proper treatment of the disease is important.Complications in children are more dangerous than those of adults.Get rid of the symptoms will not work without the use of antibiotics.This category of drugs is the main method of struggle with tonsillitis.

Therapy lacunar tonsillitis in children include:

  • antibiotics (in accordance with the age and weight of the patient - "ampicillin" "Sumamed");
  • antihistamines ( "Suprastin" "Diazolin");
  • drugs for bowel protection ( "Linex");
  • antiseptics ( "Orasept");
  • herbal preparations for gargling (herbal teas);
  • means for gargling ( "Furatsilin");
  • solution "Lugol";
  • lozenges with an antiseptic;
  • antipyretics (children "Nurofen");
  • bed rest.

What is angina - knows almost every adult.Parents should remember that this disease can cause contaminated toys, food and other items falling into the hands of a child.Children's angina has several features.The question "What to do with angina" should be studied very carefully.Improper treatment can lead to the child's disability or death.For more information about the methods of treatment, the symptoms and the risk of this disease described in the video.

Possible complications and consequences

consequences of angina for the person involve malfunction of important body systems.Complications adversely affect the heart, the respiratory organs and the skeleton.If the disease is caused by the diphtheria bacillus, the wrong treatment leads to death.Bacteria quickly spread to internal organs and aggravate the clinical picture.

most common complications of lacunar tonsillitis are:

  • acute pyelonephritis;
  • pneumonia;
  • myocarditis;
  • arthritis;
  • rheumatism;
  • sepsis;
  • meningitis.

Photo tonsils with lacunar angina

tonsillitis Each variety has its own characteristics.In order to establish an accurate diagnosis specialists carry out inspection of the patient's lymph nodes.Confuse signs of lacunar form with other types of angina difficult.If general symptoms similar to colds, infections and other diseases, the appearance of ulcers, plaque and the general condition of the tonsils have a number of distinguishing features.In the photo example of the glands of a healthy person and a patient with a diagnosis of lacunar tonsillitis.