Dacha stove long burning

huge country house in the cold season is difficult to heat.To do this, set the powerful gas or electric boiler, but what if this is not possible?On the revenue comes standalone stove burning for a long garden.If before you there was a question on the acquisition and installation of such a device, you have to learn in detail about its features and types.

Varieties and principles of continuous burning fireplaces, furnaces

Benefits furnaces, fireplaces:

  1. Cottage becomes volatile.Heating does not depend, for example, the gas suppliers.
  2. Fuel can be purchased at any time and make a stock.
  3. Fireplace oven long burning non-explosive, in contrast to the boiler on gas.
  4. equipment is easy to install and operate.No need for the project, it soglasovyvanie.
  5. furnace cost less than electric or gas boiler.

long burning stoves operate on the principle of top-down.When the upper layer of solid fuel burn through, flame drops below.Stove works just like a friend for a long time stove.Adjusting the intensity of t

he heat comes podduvalom or air holes.There are lots of different types of furnaces, fireplaces long burning.

By material manufacturing

The following stoves long burning:

  1. Cast.They are durable, reliable.Cast iron long burning stoves for heavy and expensive homes.
  2. Steel.Not so durable and faster cool down.
  3. combined.Made of steel and cast iron.
  4. Brick.Is laid out manually in the space problem.Resistant to temperature changes.For kindling fuel required minimum.Other characteristics of the brick kiln directly depend on how professionally executed master clutch.

By way destination

on this parameter are the following types of furnaces:

  1. Heating.They are used for space heating.Compact and suitable even for tight spaces.Easy to install.Have a niche for firewood, and compartment for ash concentrations.
  2. heating and cooking.Allow to heat water or cook food.This capability helps to reduce energy costs.
  3. With built-in oven.In this furnace will be able to make home-made cakes.

With hob

stove long burning consists of two sections.The top has a transparent door, there lay the wood.The bottom is a collection of ash.Above is a cooking stove, which is made of metal or cermet.Such furnaces are made of cast iron.They are compact, economical, effective, environmentally friendly.The main advantage - the ability to cook food on the cooking surface, the temperature of which is regulated by the traction force.

With water circuit for heating

Air stove long burning interior garden has a lot of advantages, but it is not uniformly heats several rooms at once.Especially if the structure of several floors.This opportunity have an oven with a water circuit to give.As technology works is a device reminiscent of a solid fuel boiler.It heats the water, which then enters the pipes and radiators.

flap in such a furnace adjusts the intensity of the fire and sets the active or smoldering mode.Stove long burning of this type is used for heating and hot water supply.The metal or brick oven with a water circuit can be connected as a thermoelectric generator, speaking an alternative or backup heat source.In the offseason, it may be used as a heater, not including the heating function.

According to the type of fuel used

different materials are used for lighting equipment.Each option has both advantages and some disadvantages, which you will find below.This will help you make the right choice when buying a device that fully meets your requirements.Solid fuel stove burning for a long garden can be:

  • wood;
  • coal;
  • pellet.


wood stoves to give long burning wood are able to work up to half a day on a single tab.This is possible due to the large capacity of the furnace.The combustion process is controlled.Due to the intensity of the air supply and combustion speed is regulated.The combustion chamber is completely sealed.There are models of wood stoves, working on the principle of gasification.

long burning Wood burning stoves light, because their installation does not require any effort.Under article you must enclose a sheet of refractory material.For such a furnace must choose a chimney pipe is not less than 15 cm in diameter.Then, the thrust will be optimal.Do not put the iron fireplaces wood to give back to the wall, because the design takes air from all sides.

on coal

coal stove burning longer works on the same principle as that of wood.From an aesthetic point of view, the room looks less attractive to her because of coal - dirty.But on the other hand, such a long-burning stove burning more economical.Depending on the model of a single load of fuel will be enough for the burning day.Adding fuel to this long-burning stove combustion is impossible, it is necessary to wait until the full completion of the work cycle.


Most pellet stove long burning is used to heat one or two rooms and a small garden.There are convection equipped with a water circuit and the combined model.In the latter it is allowed to use pellets and dry wood.The main advantage lies in the fact that such a stove operates for a long time without fuel reload.Pellets - a pellet of compressed hardwood.They are valued for their high heat transfer coefficient and efficiency.

Selection Criteria

For location-burning stove can be long burning:

  1. Embedded.It saves space in the room, but must be installed during the construction phase.
  2. line trim.Available in ready-giving, after the organization of the chimney.

The shape of the following types of furnaces:

  1. Front.It takes a lot of space.
  2. Corner.They look beautiful, make the room more comfortable and do not take up space.They have a deep firebox.

If you want to choose a long-burning stove burning, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. power.At 100 square meters.m. go 1 kW of energy.It is better to add to the index is still 30% - this is the best level of the furnace capacity.
  2. furnace type.The house is suitable enclosed with glass, because it is safer.Stove with a long burning furnace is more efficient than the open.
  3. combustion modes.It is advisable to have equipment in addition to the intensive program was also cost-effective to maintain the temperature for longer.
  4. glass must be heat resistant to self-cleaning function.
  5. If a removable ash pan, it is much easier to clean.
  6. hob, oven, a water tank, built-in heat exchanger - additional benefits.

Review of the best producers of long burning stoves

reviews The best products uses the following manufacturers:

  1. Russian group of companies "Meta".Assembles stoves Ardenfire series on unique technologies.The production uses French, German, Japanese details.All models are characterized by surveillance of heat-resistant glass, power 7 - 12 kW, the compact size and light weight.
  2. «Bayern».Domestic brand, delivering on sale cheap and high-quality stoves long burning.Products are characterized by rapid heating of premises, economical fuel consumption, the original design, high efficiency, more than 78% of installation and ease of use.The most popular "Prizmatik" model, "the near-wall-corner".
  3. «Buleryan".These inexpensive furnace suitable for houses, cottages, baths, garage.Depending on version, the heated space of 50-350 square meters.m., and the amount of different sizes.For wooden bath there is a special model with a redesigned body.Furnaces of this brand quickly heated air, characterized by high efficiency.Works exclusively with wood.
  4. «Termofor".Products of this brand is popular in all the cities of Russia and St.-Petersburg is no exception.Each model has a sealed firebox.They are beautiful, reliable and affordable.The most popular stoves long burning "fire-Battery", "Angara".
  5. «Teplodar".Wood-burning stoves long burning this company great in-town homes without central heating.Fast warm up the room, long hold heat.Work by convection techniques.Perfectly fit into any interior.Known model, "RH-120", "Tango Trio."

Heating stove-fireplace long burning their hands

Step by Step:

  1. First you will need to make drawings.
  2. Take a barrel of 200 liters (or smaller volume) and cut off the top of the grinder.If she has a removable cover, just remove it.
  3. Cut from a sheet of steel circle slightly smaller diameter than the barrel.It grinder or a hacksaw to make a hole with a diameter of 15 cm, repeat these manipulations with a lid.
  4. to the bottom of the sheet weld channel cross-wise, and to the top - the tube that it covers the hole made earlier.
  5. At the top of the barrel cut hole for pipe-outlet of combustion products and weld it.
  6. bottom of the cut hatch under the fuel tab, set the door with the handle.
  7. Pipe-tap connect to the chimney.The easiest way to understand the manufacturing technology, watching video on the relevant topic.

Pictures of the modern furnaces, fireplaces for home and garden

If you are not sure that the device will fit into the interior of the premises, see the photo.You will notice that the modern manufacturers pay great attention to the design of furnaces, fireplaces long burning and offer different options.Such products - a real decoration of any room and will attract the glances of curious visitors.A fire burning in the stove-fireplace complement the cozy family gatherings in the living room.