What you need to register the IP

Every person who decided to start their own business, not to avoid paperwork.Registration of physical persons as a private entrepreneur - not an easy process that requires precise knowledge in this area, so the knowledge of what documents are needed for SP, will be useful to any novice businessman.All actions performed when placing securities to build their businesses, have a certain algorithm.Knowing him, you can easily meet all the requirements of regulatory bodies, saving time and money.

How much is the registration of individual entrepreneurship

important question - how much money will have to spend at the opening of a private business?Self registration SP - simple procedure, which involves the preparation of some documents.Standard set - this statement, copies of passport (passport) and evidence of TIN.Together with submission of the documents required to pay the state fee, which totals 800 rubles.Optional spending up - the price for printing (600-1000 r.) And the opening of a bank account

(1-2000, p.).The costs can be returned, if the novice businessman is registered at the employment center.

Who and where can discover the IP in Russia

Under current Russian law, to open a business is the right of any person who has reached the age of majority.Among the mandatory registration conditions - efficiency and the absence of court orders to conduct individual business.However, there are those citizens, for which there is a separate procedure for opening of private business.For example, persons who have not attained the age of majority, also have the right to conduct their business, but under certain conditions and on the basis of specific documents:

  1. Written permission from parents or guardians for the registration of business.
  2. judgment on capacity.
  3. capacity due to the acquisition of the marriage.

According to the laws of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens also have the opportunity to register the IP.To perform this procedure, citizens of another state are required to confirm the place of temporary stay or residence on the territory of the Russian Federation.For the basic package of documents to be submitted to the registration authorities emergency, foreigners must provide a copy of the original passport.The sample should be consistent with international agreements between Russia and the state whose citizen is a physical person.

Step by step instructions on registration

Those who wish to conduct their business, but does not know how to open the IP, it should be understood sequence at registration and filing of documents:

  1. Selection of the tax regime.
  2. Selection of NACE, for inclusion in the registration document.
  3. Submission.
  4. Payment of the state duty.
  5. application for USN.
  6. Filing tax.

Prior registration

first thing (before submission of documents for SP) future entrepreneurs need to choose which tax system is more convenient to work with.In Russia, of which there are five:

  • common system.This mode is not always beneficial to novice businessmen, especially at the start of the business.Entrepreneurs have to be a complicated book calculation of income and expenses, and the directors of the company - to conduct accounting documents in full.
  • simplified system.The most popular form of taxation among novice businessmen.The main feature - pay only one tax instead of three STS basic.money transfer procedure is done once per quarter, and reporting FSS - once a year.
  • UTII.Another tax, simplifying life entrepreneurs freshly baked in the registration documents.However, it applies to certain types of activity from the list (for example, transportation of goods, production of medicines, etc.) contained in the Tax Code.The main advantage - a fixed amount of tax does not depend on income.
  • patent system.Mode suitable only for individual entrepreneurs.It is similar to UTII and used for registration, along with the general or the simplified taxation system.
  • UAT.This system is similar to the simplified tax system, but it is designed only for those who own processes, grows and is engaged in trade in agricultural products.


Abbreviation Beyond a qualifier species of economic activity.This system helps the state to find out what will be specifically employed to do its work.Before you start a business, you need to decide on the economic activities of the NACE handbook.Since January 2016 has a new NACE OK 029-2014 (NACE rev. 2) from 31.01.2014.Qualifier OK 029-2001 (NACE rev. 1) on 06.11.2001, in force until the end of 2015, is no longer relevant, and its use may result in refusal to register SP.


Registration documents for opening SP begins with the filing of the application, which has the form of R21001.filling the sample is on the official website of the Federal Tax Service, where it is downloaded for free.Pure form may be found online via the Internet or in the tax offices.The statement contains information about the individual businessman and data NACE.This document is applied copy of the passport, Certificate of Tax and receipt of payment of state duty with the signature of the cashier of the bank.

state duty

In order to get a receipt for payment of registration SP (stamp duty), you can use the easiest option - download the document from the official site of the Savings Bank and prepare for manual payment (fill).This option is good for those novice businessmen who live far from the capital, such as Kazan and Ufa.In some cities - Moscow and St. Petersburg - the state duty payment is made through a special terminal or ticket hall, however, with the commission.Receipt must be filled absolutely correct, corrections are not allowed.

Application USN

When submitting all documents for the first time experienced businessmen are advised to submit an additional application to the tax authority to the USN.Before you register the IP, it is imperative to consider this important caveat.At first, this form is useful for any budding entrepreneur, and in the future, if desired, with simplified taxation easily switch to any other form of taxation (UTII, DOS, etc.).If you do not submit a document at once - businessmen have to pay more contributions to the FTS and maintain a complex accounting.

Filing tax

Before arrange SP finally, it is necessary to carry out the last step - call the FTS unit serving the citizens at the place of residence, find out opening hours, make an appointment with the inspector.Another way to register - submission of documents to the MFC.These multifunctional centers opened in all regions, and the availability of a registration is not necessary.The last option - send documents by mail the registered letter.This procedure is time consuming registration, but to stand in the queue will not have to.

Pending registration papers can periodically call the tax authorities, and query the status of the operations.The inspector will assign a time to get the documents, and if they do not pick up, the tax authority has to send a notice to the newly made businessman in the mail.Storage business papers business with the IRS is not provided, it is important to time appear in this body and assure obtaining a signature.

Service registration SP

For those who do not know what documents are needed for the preparation of SP or just want to save time, there are paid services of specialized companies, which will be served on their own application for SP.The cost of these legal services companies as "Yuristprofi", "Justice" or "Elba" is from 1000 to 5000 p, but this amount does not include the state fee, and printing manufacturer -. for a fee.These businesses provide the economic security of the services: record keeping, changes in the declaration closing SP in case of bankruptcy.

Video tips on opening SP

Learn what documents are needed for the preparation of SP, looking Video tips below.Experienced entrepreneurs will share their experience of creation of the business and maintaining it at first.You will know all the details of this complicated procedure: procedure for taking and recording of documents, some form of taxation to choose where to go for your bills, what are the grounds for the issue of IP in the absence of citizenship, how quickly will issue an opinion on registration of an entrepreneur.

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