How to forget about age in 4 steps

Our society is obsessed with age.Thinking that you are too old or young for the career steps, marriage or birth of a child, create obstacles to a successful, happy life.The amount of experience or the ability of the body - spiritual, physical, does not define the dates of the passport.Many women have become famous after a 30, while having few children and safe family.How to move forward, regardless of the number of years lived?

4 ways to forget about age:

  1. Set goals, not tied to age.

    stereotypes imposed by society, can play a "cruel joke" with our attitude.Successful Career / Business 30, a handsome husband, not poor, smiling children, a comfortable home - a perfect "picture" for the majority of young girls.It will take 5-7 years, and the young lady noted with regret that the career and remained in the dreams, the apartment, the husband with difficulty "pull" on average.Do not get out of life desired, many give up, stating that new developments are already old.Do not think of a time frame as the

    limit, remember that love is not too late in the 60, give birth to children - after 40, and to build a career in the presence of children - really.

  2. Choose social circle, following the rule of "+/- 10".

    women, young soul, characterized by lightness, ease of communication with the current generation of "teenagers", respect for the older generation.You want to be "trending"?Get friends younger than you in 5, 10 years: their carefree, happy mood will give you.Gain wisdom, be sensible to help older friends.Communicating, you get the experience and the opportunity to learn from others' mistakes.

  3. Commit unpredictable actions, expanding comfort zone.

    Paint the hair in a fashionable color, buy a bright outfit, "HOLD" for a couple of days in a walk around the countryside attractions, business risk: constantly expanding the boundaries of comfort, you will feel full of energy for new achievements and forget about age.Do not try to "fit" into the environment, give yourself the right to be original ... and young.

  4. learned not to worry about nothing and do not build empty searchlights.

    despondency, sadness, sadness in his eyes, the eternal concerns and fears add you extra years.In this case not only it looks over the body - the soul of aging.Do not "bump" the other extreme, building in dreams unrealistic plans that are often characteristic of very young ladies.

Rejoicing success friends, keeping friends, you forget about your own age.Let those years or achievements of seasoned experience of people inspire you to new achievements.Be extraordinary, bright, easy-going and full of optimism: if date of birth is only in the passport numbers.