How to enter the router settings

This question arises in everyone who gets Wi-Fi-router for wireless connection to the Internet.For a device that transmits a signal of mobile gadgets, laptops and stationary computers to work correctly, you need to change some standard options.To understand is not difficult.The main thing - to understand how to enter the router's settings.With access to the general menu, you can set a personal password to connect to strangers could not take advantage of your traffic, and set some limits.To learn how to do it, read on.

How to connect to the router

first thing you need to connect the router to the Internet and your computer.This will require a simple algorithm to perform actions:

  • connect the modem to the network;
  • inserted in the appropriate connector plug cable Internet service provider;
  • connect the router to the PC using a standard network cable.

After performing these steps, the computer "sees" a new network connection, and notify you about it.In fact, the router should light the followin

g indicators:

  • router is turned on;
  • carried broadcast Wi-Fi signal;
  • modem is connected to the Internet;
  • modem connected to a computer.

on the router, you will find the appropriate symbols.If all four lights lit - so the connection to the router is properly installed.We can only configure it correctly to make the Internet on mobile and stationary devices.To do this, you must know how to go to the router and change the default option.

General instructions to launch the router

Web interface Each manufacturer of Wi-Fi-router provides an individual interface for controlling modem functions.Outwardly, they are essentially different, but, in fact, the principle is the same everywhere.The user runs any available computer browser, enter the address of the router and gain access to the device management page.It sounds very simple, but in fact it is not clear how to go to the site router.To set up remote access, you must know the IP router.It must be specified in the instructions.

If the instruction manual on hand will not appear, follow these steps:

  • on the taskbar, locate the icon to connect to the network, and click it with the right mouse button;
  • pop up a small menu where you want to select a control center;
  • after following these steps to open network settings window, it you need to find the "Change adapter settings" (located on the vertical panel on the left side);
  • after the transition to the adapter options settings window you will see the list of connections, among which is the fact that you need to configure;
  • opening the double left-click the window state for this connection, click the "Information ...»

doing this, you will see a summary of the data, in which nothing is clear.In the first column find the "Default Gateway".Copy the IP-address, which is opposite.This is the direct address to your router.There are two common variants that are used by the leading manufacturers of routers: «» and «».Less common address «».

learn how to go to the router's home page, you already know, so make it now.Enter the appropriate set of numbers in the address bar and see the front of the router interface.It remains the last obstacle - authorization.Like the address of the router manufacturers set a standard login / password value to access device options.They will teach you to read the instructions to the router or reading the following sections of this article.

features custom settings routers

Using the information contained in this section, you will understand how to go to the web interface of the router.The data in the table below will provide access to your personal user account, through which may easily set a new password to connect to a wireless Wi-Fi-network, specify the new name of the router and configure many other settings.














D-Link DIR

password is required





data in the table look monotonous, but some nuances do exist.On them you need to remember to not lose the internet for such a simple thing as a forgotten password.Login to your account on the modem Asus RT-N10 is as easy as on the Netgear, Beeline, Rostelecom.On most routers with Gpon technology can say the same thing.Write down the required data for itself, to always know how to quickly enter the router's settings.

Video: how to go to the WiFi router menu

reading this article, you've got a general theoretical understanding of how to enter the router configuration service.Now is the time to see this process with my own eyes.View video, you will get answers to many questions passing below, and will be able to throw doubt on the occasion of that misunderstood the instructions.Follow the instructions from the video and will certainly be able to configure your modem.