Cocoa during pregnancy

Moms try to only eat healthy foods, so as not to harm the child.Most pregnant women are tempted to drink or eat something that is not present in the list of doctor recommendations.This also applies to the use of cocoa during pregnancy.Cocoa beans contain antioxidants, caffeine, iron, zinc, antidepressant fenilefilamin, folic acid.Drink charges endorphins, it stimulates the nervous system, although less than coffee.It does not harm the cocoa baby in the womb?

Can I drink the cocoa pregnant

During gestation baby in women increases the sensitivity to a range of substances and products.What once was used without problems, pregnant body can not make.Cocoa is known as a strong allergen.Doctors recommend caution, even if to a successful conception you loved the drink and drank every morning.Other reasons why you should limit the use of cocoa during pregnancy:

  • in the beverage caffeine is present in large amounts increases the tone of the uterus, which threatens abortion;
  • Cocoa helps increase the pre
    ssure, under reduced this property benefits pregnant, the propensity to hypertension - is dangerous;
  • drink leaches calcium interferes with the absorption of it, and if the fetus is not enough of this mineral, he starts to draw it from the hair, teeth and bones mom, harming her health.

Does all of the above that the cocoa drink during pregnancy can not be?If a woman has a strong need in the beverage, bans on use do not go.Experts are allowed to drink two or three cups a week when there are no clear contraindications.The product is generally useful.Folic acid is essential for pregnant women, especially in the early stages.

With milk

determine that you can drink pregnant, the doctor can only, given the history in each case.Choose between the classic and natural cocoa soluble analogues nutritionists recommend the first option.The drink, which is necessary to cook healthier powder mixtures bred boiling water.Future mothers often wondered whether pregnant cocoa with milk?The answer is yes, because the milk makes up for the loss of calcium, which is cocoa flushes.Natural cocoa powder contains:

  • folic acid, necessary for the development of the circulatory, nervous and immune system of the fetus;
  • magnesium;
  • iron (in pregnant women is common anemia);
  • zinc, improves skin condition and memory;
  • potassium needed heart;
  • protein useful for the baby.

So, it is clear that the cocoa drink in pregnancy as possible, keeping the measure.We will understand how to prepare the drink.

  1. In a saucepan pour a liter of water or milk.Put on the fire.
  2. separately in hot water to dissolve teaspoon of powder.
  3. When milk or water on the stove boils, pour to cocoa, sweetened.
  4. Hold on the fire two minutes.Remove.If
  5. drink boiled water, poured into cups, add milk, or do it during cooking, pouring, together with the dissolved cocoa.

Cocoa Nesquik

Children's soluble cocoa drink is popular.Judging by the commercials, he has all the advantages of the classic, with no need to cook, is preparing for a few minutes.If the beverage is safe for kids, why not try this and the expectant mother?There is no medical prejudice against this product, but advised to carefully read the information on the packaging.

addition to cocoa powder, vitamins, minerals and powdered milk there appear emulsifier and flavoring.Available flavors increases the risk of allergy.The finished product contains a lot of sugar, pregnant level of its use must be calculated.The beverage brewing on the stove yourself, you can put as many sweets as you want.If you prefer the finished version of the "Nesquik", please note that it is necessary to limit the consumption of sugar in some other dish.