How to make a hidden folder

If you are a frequent user of PC and share it with someone else, you may want to hide certain files from prying eyes.Instead of a password that is forgotten or lost, there is a more affordable, easy way - to hide the data.Whatever was in the file - video, text or photos - this may require secrecy.Are you interested in how to make an invisible folder on the USB flash drive on the PC, netbook, tablet?Due to the fact that people use different computers, windows versions, there are different ways of hiding a collection of files.

How to make a folder in Windows invisible

Using a standard set of Windows tools, you can remember how to create an invisible folder and hide there the required data.The course of action:

  1. create standard desktop folder / logical drive.
  2. Before entering the name, press Alt, type a combination of 255 or 0160 (the keys with individual digits to the right on the keyboard).When entering digits must be enabled Num Lock.
  3. Release Alt, then press Enter.The file name will be blank.
  4. Right-click on the icon, select "Properties".
  5. Go to Settings, then click the "Change Icon".Scroll down, find a blank sign, select it, click "OK".
  6. Click "Apply" / "OK".

you have completed all the steps in this procedure?After the entire procedure files should be hidden: remember their location, if you do not lose important data.You will achieve the desired result (check out how to make an invisible folder), close your data from prying eyes, the panic will not flinch when someone opens your gadget.

How to hide a folder

Netbooks, notebooks, desktop PCs are equipped with the last ten years running Windows XP, Windows 7. These systems have their own special characteristics.Not paying attention to the limited internal resources netbook to a desktop computer, even on such a gadget, there is an option to create hidden folders in Vindovs 7. Since not all the device is equipped with a block of keys on the right, we have to excel, to find another way:

  1. Hold down the Alt key with the Fn.
  2. Instead, use numbers k, l, u, j, i, o, m, 7,8,9.The letter corresponds to the ordinal number.
  3. Then do similar to the PC.

How to make invisible the name

Users of Windows 8 folders are also interested in how to create an invisible document for your files.Computers are one way of carrying out this procedure, but the netbooks, laptops have other additional option.When you enter a name on the laptop:

  1. right mouse button opens the menu, look for "Insert control character unicode».
  2. In an open window, allow the writing of Arabic characters.
  3. Hit spacebar instead of Arabic characters.

How to recover hidden folder

you are already familiar with how to create a desktop folder invisible.Now came the question: how to recover it?This method is simple, has a number of phases of the:

  1. Open the drive / desktop where the hidden document.
  2. In the upper right window in the "Arrange" select "Search options ...".
  3. In the open window go to the tab "View" note "show hidden files ....".
  4. Click "Apply" / "OK".

How to see hidden folders

So you hid your documents, but there comes a time when you need to return everything to its original state.How to view hidden folders, or restore them?In order to display the hoarded files on the Windows 10 operating system, and other variations have to do a number of other operations:

  1. Go to "My Computer", select the menu at the top of the service (if it is not, click Alt).
  2. Go to the "Properties" section.
  3. Select "View".
  4. «Advanced Settings" / "Display the contents of system".
  5. uncheck "Hide protected operating system files."

How to make a hidden folder visible

you have learned to hide the icon, and now it's time to learn how to return it to its former state.Turn on the visibility of a simple way to help.Go to Start, then open the tab dialog "Run", type «attrib -h -r -s« C: \ invisible »(invisible - the name and C: \ - its location).Hit Enter, to get desired information.Do not forget the main parameters - the name of the place.

Video: how to make an invisible folder on the desktop

question of how to safely hide data that may be of interest to everyone.This applies not only to the PC and gadgets running on Android.About that, in what ways to hide information on your PC, you know, and how to make an invisible folder without a name in the phone or tablet?Lovers of climbing in a strange gadget, it is not necessary to see that you do not want.Watch the video, hide their secrets and do not worry that hidden information becomes available someone else's eye.