What better place radiators in an apartment

The problem of the lack of heat in the house faced by many.Question Solution is to install modern boilers.In the multi-storey houses only powerful radiators for apartments provide home comfort.The unit will maintain the optimum temperature of the room, adjust it if necessary.If you do not know any better radiators to heat the apartment, then this article will introduce the basic aspects of the selection.Through practical advice will be able to find the perfect option.

Which battery is best for heating apartments

different levels of heat radiators, service life and price.The determining factor in the quality of the plant material is considered to be manufacturing.The most popular types of radiators in the apartment - it is:

  • bimetal;
  • aluminum;
  • iron;
  • steel.

The principle of the design is simple.Advantageously, the coolant acts as the hot water.Connection is made through a pipe.The heat starts to heat up the surface of the installation, and the room temperature - increase.Depending on the ma

terial and the production of construction panels water radiators cool down faster or slower.

The iron installing hot water comes from one side and comes out the other.To carry out such work requires a large amount of coolant.The principle of operation of steel, aluminum and bimetal heat exchanger has a small difference.Within each section there is a thin tube that is filled with hot water.Due to the air cushion which is formed inside the thermal conductivity of such batteries above.To start the system will need only 350 g of water, which simplifies installation.

To understand what is better to fit radiators for heating the apartment, is familiar with the basic characteristics of each species.Battery - the universal system for heating commercial, industrial and residential buildings - has its own characteristics, depending on the manufacturing material.Comparing the pros and cons, you will find the best option.

Bimetallic radiators

devices made of steel and aluminum.Installation is very durable, has a high thermal conductivity.Attractive view of the batteries makes them the best choice for office, home.The system is a structure of the vertical steel tubes which are externally coated with aluminum.Such a heat exchanger is resistant to corrosion and is durable.If you will miss the temperature, by the bimetallic battery can always attach another section.


installations are characterized by high heat dissipation, attractive design.Compared with the previous version of the price is more affordable.If you are interested in the replacement of radiators in the apartment, the aluminum version fits perfectly.Mount them easily.Batteries installed in stand-alone and central heating systems.For a more economical energy consumption recommended to use thermostatic valves.


If you do not know any better radiators for central heating, then choose this option.The design is ideal for the cyclic type of heating system.Installing reliable, will last for many years.The disadvantages include a relatively small heat transfer, rapid cooling systems.It is very cumbersome, and therefore requires special skills to install.There are such heat exchangers are inexpensive, which makes them very popular.


affordable and practical systems remain popular to this day.They are set in cottages, apartments, commercial premises.The degree of heat is very high.Improper calculation of power system or low coolant temperature-piece steel construction can be a problem.Upgrading it can not, therefore, have to change the entire structure.steel battery cost low.

How to choose a radiator for an apartment

When the main characteristics of the units designated to decide easier.Regardless of what kind of battery for heating the apartment you like, make a purchase, you need to take into account everything from the square footage of rooms and finishing the installation place.Do not forget about the dubious quality of coolant is better to be safe once again.

Discover practical tips that will help to understand what is better to put the radiators in the apartment:

  1. is necessary to calculate the power settings for your space.The desired value is equal to the product of the volume and the required heat flux for standard buildings (0.41 kW).
  2. Determine the amount of coolant in the system.If water is scarce, it is better to give preference to steel, aluminum or bimetal models.In cases where the planned heating with natural circulation, choose cast iron.
  3. Determine the place of installation.From this will largely depend on the size of systems and the necessary heat.
  4. For rooms with 1 window and the outer walls of the device capacity should be increased by 20-30%.

Rating radiators for apartments

Battery Replacement ideally done once and for all life, or at least 20 years.If you want the devices were long, thorough approach to the choice of the manufacturer.From this will largely depend on the device reliability, the quality of his work.No matter how much the heating radiator in the apartment, be sure to demand from the manufacturer certificates confirming the originality of the heat exchangers.

deserves special attention of the Italian brand products Global, Sira.The models are not cheap, but the quality justifies the price.Devices have a classic look, made of bi-metal or aluminum.The advantage of high efficiency and heat transfer systems.Good customer reviews yet received such brands:

  • Kermi - excellent German quality and concise manner;
  • Arbonia - an original design that will allow these devices to become a decoration of the room;
  • Smart - cheap China brand is worthy of attention;
  • Rifar - domestic producer that deserves attention.

Video: What is better to put the batteries in the apartment

Thanks roller you can understand what is best radiators, aluminum or bimetal, learn about the features of their devices, principles of operation and installation.If you still have doubts, what better to put the batteries in the apartment, the practical advice provided in the video will put all the accents.After watching the video clip, you will be able to make the right choice.


Artem, 36 years

Before began to build his own house, I had no idea what are the radiators.In the end, we bought a cast iron.Excellent heat, heat the house.I see no reason to pay a fortune for the bimetallic if they do an excellent job.

Sasha, 28 years

I've not spare on quality, so bimetallic radiators installed.But winter is always warm, the children go quietly in T-shirts and no freezes.I never regretted that bought such batteries.See for yourself what are the best radiators for heating apartments.

Mikhail, 42 years

Although there is a wide range of radiators for an apartment, bought a steel panel battery.They look nice and warm is good for 3 years.The main thing - to choose in terms of size of rooms, while the room temperature is excellent.Prior to that, too, were made of steel, but small.The heat was not enough.