What is better to choose a blanket

Good blanket - a prerequisite for a healthy, restful and comfortable sleep.Every buyer always has ideas about comfort bedding.Wondering how to choose a blanket, and no harm will heed the advice of experts.With their help, it is easier to understand the variety of assortment and really pick a quality product that meets the individual needs and desires.

What a blanket choose

Bedding - not things that can be selected for images in online shops.Before buying you need to think in advance about all the basic qualities of the product: the amount of tailoring technology, material, filler, warming properties.With the first feature of all more or less clear: the size can be single, double or one and a half.When you select it is necessary to consider only the personal preferences and the possibility of selection of suitable bedding.

used to cover woven fabrics - calico, satin, polyester.As for the tailoring technology, then this parameter, all products are divided into quilts, karostepnye and cassette.The q

uilt is made with a special stitching that secures the filler.In karostepnyh filler products is held by stitching.Cassette models have a separate section with a filler inside each.They are the most durable and easy to care for, since it is best to keep the vehicle, preventing it from rolling into lumps.

For newborns

standard size products for infants -. 120x120 cm Experts recommend choosing a model with a practical light cotton cover, avoiding synthetics.It is better, if the thing is completely natural and environmentally friendly.However, among the synthetic models, too, can find a suitable crib for a newborn blanket, the main thing - check the quality certificates.

If you choose is important to consider the season.baby summer can cover a light Baikov, fleece, silk or thin blanket under which he will not sweat.For the winter need more warm option - a duvet, or quilt sinteponovye product.Blanket, which is planned to be used while walking, it is desirable to choose among models with removable covers.

the winter

most warm in the winter and other cold periods of the year should be chosen among the models with high-quality filler having sufficient capacity to hold heat.The degree of heat transfer articles on the label to a product in the form of dots.They can be from one to five.The more points, the warmer the model.Note that to the best materials include:

  • natural and artificial fluff;
  • camel and sheep wool;
  • sintepon;
  • hollofayber;
  • good warm in the cold season, thick quilts.

the summer

What blanket is better suited for the hot time of the year?For warm summer nights it is recommended to choose silk products, half-woolen blankets, light curtain with bamboo or other vegetable fillings.Models with synthetic padding, wool and down to use in the summer is very inconvenient - to sleep or rest beneath them too hot.An exception may be thin woolen products.

All Seasons

The most practical option is considered to be all-season quilts bilateral product.One side is trimmed with normal tissue, and the other - wool or fur.There are also dual model.The cold two webs bonded with each other strings, buttons or buttons, and in the warmer unfasten the lighter and use it separately.For any season products suitable excipients such as silicone or hollofayber fiber.They provide a comfortable sleep for both winter and summer.

How to choose a blanket for filler

Many believe that the ability to retain heat blanket depends on the base material of manufacture.However, the models from different manufacturers with the same filling can vary greatly in the degree of heat.It is influenced by the type of fabric cover, the thickness of the product, the quality of the material used.What is the best filler for quilts and how to evaluate the quality of a particular embodiment, providing the warming properties of the products?


bamboo bamboo products is soft and easily, retains its shape for a long time, unable to cause an allergy, simply erased, dries quickly.For winter it is warm enough, and in the summer, in the spring or early fall to sleep under it very comfortably.However, before choosing bamboo blanket as the main option for the warm season, it is necessary to evaluate the conditions of humidity of the climate in which you live.Bamboo fiber absorbs moisture very well, so it will be difficult to dry in high humidity.


Blankets - a good choice for the most discerning couch potatoes.They perfectly absorb moisture while staying dry, retain heat, have healing properties.How to choose a blanket?Among them are lightweight models and thicker and warmer, so the purchase is necessary to focus on the main purpose of the product.For the winter is better to choose a quilted blanket with sheep, camel, goat wool or wool llama.For the warm season is good knitted woolen blankets.The disadvantages of this filler include the risk of damage by moths and allergenicity.


Such products are known for their beneficial properties, due to which they are recommended to choose the people with diseased joints.Blanket merino wool - an elite breed of sheep - has especially valuable therapeutic effects.This kind of woolen products is considered hypoallergenic.Good option for young children and people with sensitive skin.Blanket of wool is valued for:

  • warmth;
  • low weight;
  • good ability to absorb moisture.

Camel Camel blanket warmer than sheep, but also more expensive.According to the warming properties of the material is only slightly inferior Lebyazhya fluff.camel wool is hollow, so it is about 2 times lighter than sheep.The only disadvantage of this filler is associated with moths that can spoil a thing.Blankets made of camel wool characterized by:

  • high wear resistance;
  • a great ability to absorb and evaporate moisture.


Previously blankets with cotton filler were very much in demand due to excellent warming properties.However, they are now losing popularity as they have just a few weighty disadvantages.They are difficult to wash, dry them for a long time.Vata tends to absorb odors, roll and get off in lumps, due to which a thing is rapidly losing the original look.Their advantages:

  • very warm;
  • durable.

Blanket of hollofaybera

This artificial filler is light, good warming qualities, as well as provides excellent breathability.Among the blankets with hollofayber easy to find and summer and winter models, material does not cause allergies.A disadvantage of this filler is considered worst moisture transmission capacity than that of natural materials.The advantages of these options:

  • they provide a comfortable sleep;
  • products unpretentious in care.

of swan's down

Blankets with swans down is deservedly considered to be the warmest and at the same time easy.They provide very good air circulation and possess excellent absorbent properties, but require regular cleaning.When choosing a natural product it is important to make sure that as a filler used really swan, not a hard goose down or feather.Another disadvantage of this filler is a high allergenicity.Those who suffer from allergic reactions, should pay attention to the artificial swan's down.

From syntepon

sinteponovye warm blanket, a slight, but not well pass moisture.Wash it is recommended often, because so the product could deteriorate quickly.How to choose a good blanket with synthetic padding?When buying, make sure that the product filling elastic and voluminous measure.Too loose, lush material - a so-called laminated sintepon.Like other species, it is a specially treated polyester fiber, but its production using toxic glue, emit harmful substances.

Cashmere blanket Cashmere

products are of high price, but they are very warm, lightweight, durable.Unlike other woolen products, cashmere blankets suitable for allergy sufferers.With proper care they are able to preserve their valuable properties and good appearance for years to come.It is believed that cashmere - moody stuff that requires continuous treatment to the services of dry cleaning.However, quality stuff is allowed to wash in the machine.To ensure the cashmere products as much as possible a long life, it is necessary to use a gentle wash cycle.

Video: How to choose a blanket

Offered videos will allow you to get information about the details of the selection of bedding for healthy sleep.Experts tell how to choose the right product depending on the destination, time of year and the desired characteristics.Videos help to avoid common mistakes that buyers, buying bedding.