How to buy items on Aliekspress

Russians are increasingly making orders in Chinese Internet stores: according to "Kommersant", the number of purchases in the "world wide web" for December 2015 increased by 50 times compared to the last month of 2014!The largest retail area of ​​China - AliExpress, states that the number of customers has already exceeded 9 million people.How to order on Aliekspress popular and why this marketplace?We have prepared detailed instructions to help lovers of shopping directly purchase goods.

How to buy from Aliekspress

has long been known, almost all the world's goods are produced in China.Thanks Aliekspress they can still be bought in this country!The site is huge, and every store Chinese products has its own characteristics.Avoid common problems that people face when placing the first order, it is easy.A few little secrets of how to order any goods on Aliekspress - and any clothes, shoes, computers, electronics, and so you will take many times cheaper.So, how to buy Aliekspress - step by step inst


  1. up on Aliekspress (permitted in Russian).
  2. Find the right product or manufacturer.
  3. make the order.
  4. make payment.
  5. Wait package and get it.

Registration Registration is optional, and is allowed to create a profile using the Facebook and VKontakte.Though it is better to pass the registration - for safety and convenience.Moreover, to have a personal account in Aliekspress in Russian it is not difficult:

  1. Go to the website http: //
  2. On the main page, under "Register" fill out the form - enter the e-mail, name (in Latin!) And your password.
  3. bought not for resale?Tick ​​«End Consumer» (end customer).
  4. you are not a robot?Prove it and service Aliekspress: fill in the captcha.
  5. Confirm your account on your mail by pressing «Create My Account».
  6. Do not forget to fill in your shipping address.Proceed to shopping.

How to order

In truth, Aliekspress - not a typical online store.Rather, it is a fantastic online platform with a myriad of vendors from all over China and the surrounding neighborhoods.They put up an overview of their products and ensure their delivery.Huge online service, acting as a "cashier" and, if necessary, arbitrator, collects suggestions.

first page of the portal contains the active stocks.On the left is a convenient directory that will tell you how to order the goods interesting to Aliekspress.If necessary, use search.Here are a few tips on how to place an order:

  1. sure to compare offers from different manufacturers.
  2. Choose vendors that have 95-100% positive reviews.Visit the store page.
  3. Trying to find something unique, you want to immediately discuss the details or ask for a discount?Use the filter "Sold on the network."
  4. In any case, before you buy Celler write!This will check how quickly the vendor decides to polls, and learn about the presence of the necessary things.
  5. If you select multiple items in a store, ask the seller to send an order in a package.
  6. goods from different stores can not be packed into one parcel, because every trader operating independently.

How to pay

platform allows online stores to use different payment methods.Available to you cards, electronic payment systems, and even through the phone.No matter how your purchase on Aliekspress you prefer: the money will be taken during the day.This trading platform is inherent in the additional Buyer Protection system:

  • while the buyer does not report the receipt of an order, the payment is not received on the account of the seller;
  • if the order did not reach the destination in time, the entire amount will go back;
  • in cases where the seller and buyer can not agree, then the AliExpress acts as an arbitrator.

How to trace the goods ordered on Aliekspress

already know how to order purchase at Aliekspress, you know how to choose the goods, but still do not dare to do it?Do not worry: you can track your purchase all the way from China.To do this, you need to know the track number that sends the seller before buying dispatch.This code is the encryption of a small, made in the international format, and always consists of 13 characters: two caps (type of postal item), the nine digits and the last two letters (the recipient country).

What is advantageous to buy on Aliekspress

Aliekspress site - not the only way to save, but also earnings.Merchanting of China allows you to open a business with a small amount to start.Features:

  1. Delivery of heavy and large-sized things are often more expensive the product itself and may require the payment of customs duty.
  2. Things to acquisition clothes things easier, but carry the risk of buying a cat in a bag.
  3. high margin on jewelry, small electronics, sports and household goods, gadgets - they are cheap and not heavy.
  4. advantageous to buy smart phones.
  5. on penny sponges for cleaning and polishing surfaces keyboards also doing good business.

What should I do if the goods did not come

If within 50 days you do not come parcel, quietly check with the seller the reason.In our country, most of the problems associated with the "Mail of Russia", which works wonders logistics!But if, all of a sudden, you realize that you Celler lead by the nose, contact Aliekspress administration.Most likely, you will be offered to withdraw their money or to order again.

You came empty or damaged parcel goods of that size, color or quality, the product with the marriage?Faster enter into correspondence with the seller and ask for a trading platform to become a mediator.As a result, you will get back the value of goods or make replacement.For it is given 10 working days.If you paid card, the money will go to the account within a few hours, when working with payment systems may take longer.

not received the money on the card?Please contact your bank, if the problem is not in it - inform the AliExpress site administration.However, such incidents are the exception rather than the practice.In the case where the package does not come within the allotted time or you accidentally confirmed its receipt, will only appeal to the administration of this seller Aliekspress.

Video how to use the site Aliexpress

hope that answered all the questions that arise when working with the site Aliekspress in Russian.Despite the apparent complexity, the process of buying is simple - on the portal you will be welcomed everywhere tips.If you do not understand it so, how to order cheap quality goods online Aliekspress watch the video posted below.This comprehensive manual for working with the most popular platform, which will help you to order any products from China.

How to register

How to place an order