Causes of bad breath

Many familiar situation, when in the morning or in the evening there is a strong breath.It can occur after eating or burping, observed in adults and even children.Doctors have identified a number of factors why the smell of breath in people of all ages: it can be a stomach disease, the gums, the manifestations of dysbiosis or diabetes.In all cases, a careful diagnosis of symptoms, further treatment by a doctor.

reasons halitosis

Causes of bad breath in adults or children are the result of manifestation of halitosis.This term doctors use if a patient complains of constant stench, putrid odor resistant.The degree of manifestation of different halitosis.Some feel rotten or hepatic smell, others - fetid stench, wearing chronic.Some with symptoms such as:

  • bleeding gums;
  • appearance of bitterness;
  • terrible bowel disorder.

Find the reason why it stinks from the mouth, the doctor must during the detailed examination.Accepted provide two groups of factors that cause a child or adult bad breath:

  1. diseases of the oral cavity.
  2. diseases of the internal organs (stomach, intestine, liver).

If, after brushing your teeth toothpaste or tooth powder stench does not pass, should be wary.It is necessary to understand what it smells bad breath, how much, because it may resemble the smell of acetone, rotten eggs, garlic and ammonia be sour, putrid, stinking.Consider each disease, depending on the symptoms of its manifestations.


resistant acetone odor with an unpleasant taste sugary shows the development of diabetes and pancreatic diseases.If in addition to the smell of urine oral, diagnose kidney disease.Doctors explain the reason why there is such a flavor ketone formation of toxins in the blood, saliva and urine.Ketones are synthesized due to a malfunction of the thyroid gland, or metabolic disorders.

smells breath acetone in diabetes or during the attack hyperglycemic coma.Rarely - if diagnosed polycystic, nephrosis, renal failure, or deformation.Sometimes the taste of acetone in the mouth appears in girls and women sitting on a strict diet.This is due to metabolic disorders, the deterioration of intestinal peristalsis.They complain of an unpleasant stench acetone and sick, sitting on therapeutic diets after surgery.Get rid of the symptoms helps the return to a normal diet.

sour smell

main reason why the sour smell from the mouth - stomach disorder or disease.Symptom cause diet, poor diet, overeating.Additionally, a person tormented by heartburn bouts of abdominal pain, nausea.Sour taste putrid shows and gastroenterological diseases: gastritis with high acidity, inflammation of the esophagus, ulcers.Sour smell is accompanied by violation of the liver and kidneys.Sometimes stale sour breath complain during pregnancy due to the malfunction of the stomach.

putrid putrid smell from the admixture of pus from the mouth smells when diagnosed with the following diseases of upper respiratory tract:

  • chronic sinusitis or tonsillitis;
  • purulent tonsillitis;
  • sinusitis.

If breath smells or pus in infants one year old baby, it indicates the beginning signs of a cold, the appearance of a cold and sore throat.Also bad smell inherent ihoroznym respiratory diseases: tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung abscess.Differ unpleasant aroma and persistent dental disease.Rot breath smells in such dental diseases as:

  • caries;
  • tartar, plaque;
  • periodontitis;
  • inflammation of the gums with periodontitis;
  • stomatitis;
  • dysbiosis and oral thrush.

addition to the putrid breath observed bleeding gums, inflammation and plaque on the mucosa.Particularly strong gums bleed with periodontitis, stomatitis, gingivitis.Often complaining of the stench dentists treat patients with crowns on teeth.In this case, the reason why the smell of rotten mouth, crowns are stuck under the food particles.

Another group of factors causing putrid stench - bad habits.Abuse of tobacco, drugs, alcohol leads to persistent disagreeable flavor of mouth rot.Get rid of halitosis men drinking and smoking girl will only complete abstinence from alcohol or cigarettes, and then over time.

Ammonia Ammonia odor from the oral cavity occurs in diseases of the urinary tract, bladder or kidney.It becomes more prominent in cystitis.Symptomatology indicates the development nephrosis, renal insufficiency, pyelonephritis.The reason is the increased blood levels of urea.The body eliminates toxins through the skin, mucous membranes, causing ammonia stench and feel.Especially clearly noticeable in people who abuse alcohol.

Often ammonia smell coming from the mouth of people with diabetes.This is due to the rapid dehydration.With the absence may develop diabetic or hypoglycemic coma, so you should pay close attention to symptoms.Sometimes the taste of ammonia indicates kidney degeneration, abnormal renal tubules and other diseases.

rotten eggs

emergence of hydrogen sulphide smell (when the smell of rotten eggs) indicates a violation of the digestive system.It manifests itself after burping, accompanied by abdominal pain.The cause is peptic ulcer, gastritis any stage.It smells like rotten eggs at high acidity of the stomach, diverticulosis.Get rid of the unpleasant smell and pain after eating can help tool "Mezim", "Pancreatin", "Smecta" or activated carbon.


If a person does not eat garlic or onions, and the garlic smell from the mouth bothers him and others, the reasons could be several:

  • irregular oral hygiene or lack thereof;
  • signs of periodontal;
  • foreign bodies between the teeth, decaying food particles;
  • lack of saliva, dry mouth;
  • abuse of cigarettes, coffee, alcohol;
  • various kidney disease, stomach;
  • low-calorie diet;
  • poisoning low-quality products.

Video: Why stinks mouth

With problems of occurrence of stench from the mouth facing adults and children.The reason many consider eaten foods with flavors of garlic, onion.However, most often lasting fragrance is drying saliva, sinusitis, dehydration and gastrointestinal tract disease.Learn more about these harmful factors described in the video posted below.

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