How quickly remove a bruise

None of us is immune from shocks, falls and injuries.Unfortunately, they often happen at the most inopportune moment, when you need to look stunning.If the bruise appeared on his body in a place that will cover the clothes - it's not so bad.But what if the bruise emblazoned on the open areas of the body, or even worse - on the face?Medics proved that the lower is the bruise, the longer it takes to heal.Sexual characteristics is also important: the men "battle wounds" are much faster than those of women.But if the trouble has already happened, it is necessary to know how to quickly remove the bruise.

Why bruises?

A person having a weak vessels, bruises appear more frequently.At the high permeability of the vessel walls during mechanical shock or simple touch, burst capillaries and blood flows under the skin in the area of ​​damage.Therefore, a bruise - it's not just a cosmetic defect, but also painful microtrauma.In special cases, a very long healing or deep location of the hematoma in the muscle

tissues, doctors use surgery to remove the festering, to avoid inflammatory processes.

How quickly remove a bruise on your face or body?

If you do not make any effort, the bruise will pass itself in about two weeks.But there are times when it is so long to wait no time or desire, especially if the affected eye or lip.There are ways to tell us how to quickly remove the bruising.hematoma will not pass, but the healing process of the place of injury accelerated for five minutes.The first few days will have a bruise blue or purple-black color, after some time in the place of strike has a yellowish color (sometimes with a green tint).

Under eye from a blow

should be noted that the skin around the eyes is much thinner, more delicate than on the rest of the body.When struck in the eye, a bruise quickly formed in the first minutes.To stop the rapid dissemination process of hematoma, should be immediately to the site of injury to make cold.For this purpose, ideal for an ice cube.If such was not at hand, quickly take out of the refrigerator any frozen product, apply for 15-20 minutes to the eye.To avoid frostbite delicate eyelid skin, a cold compress on the bruise need to wrap a towel or cloth.Exposure to cold

removes pain, edema does not form around the eyes.By lowering the temperature at the point of impact vessels constrict, blood flow is reduced, then the value of the bruise will be significantly smaller in size.After a day's worth a try warming, but we must remember that the eyes can not tolerate high temperatures.Heat must be dry and comfortable for the perception.Hot iron a handkerchief, put to the injured eye, suitable warming warm salt placed in a cloth bag.Makeup disguise eye trouble.

After injections

Sometimes we get bruises while in the hospital.Intramuscular injections leave behind traces in the form of blue spots that appear quickly, suddenly, and none of them is immune.But those places are usually very few people see and apart from a small painful discomfort, we do not feel anything.Quickly remove this trouble is possible with the help of iodine mesh, applied daily until complete disappearance of traces of injections.

more frustrating to get a bruise after the forced injection into a vein.An experienced health worker after taking a blood test from a vein or install drip, leaves behind a memory only a small point-mark on the needle.But not always the nurse's fault that there was a bruise.The increased fragility of blood vessels, high blood pressure of the patient will make a standard procedure in the process of exhausting and leave in the place where the needle entered, hematoma maroon-purple color.Paramedic in such cases should quickly make an alcoholic hot compress on the injection site.

On foot or hand from injury

Everyone, as a child, repeatedly filled his bruises and bumps during action games or outdoor activities.With age, the problem is quantitatively reduced, but does not disappear completely.Even in the office, accidentally hitting the table with his knee protrusion horror quickly discover sprawling blue spot at the site of injury.The cause of the small and large bruises can be the most ordinary objects that surround us.One awkward movement - the reward immediately evident.

question arises: how to quickly remove the bruising?The answers are simple:

  • The same cold, rapid application in the first minutes after the injury.
  • Do not forget about the cooling time, which should not exceed 15-20 minutes.
  • repeat the process a couple of hours.

If it is possible to use the first-aid, look in the presence of her special ointment that promotes rapid disappearance of bruises.Athletes who have experience of getting injuries, always keep on hand such drugs.Home made small compress bandage moistened with vinegar and sprinkle it with baking soda.Vinegar gives a small but rapid cooling, and soda will dissolve faster bruise.


Basically abundance of acne on the skin affects teenagers and young adults who have not yet returned to normal hormonal balance.Lovers of self and squeezing leave instead of the risk of acne, not only does not heal bruises and scars.If there is a problem with the skin, it is better to get rid of under the supervision of a beautician, guided by his advice.After receiving an award from the acne blue spots on the face and red, do not be upset.It is better to proceed more quickly to treatment, which will help in the short term to remove bruises, even at home.

First you need to stock up on essential components: scrub concoctions pharmacy, cosmetic clay, lemon juice.The process should take place in several steps:

  • thorough cleansing of the skin with the help of cosmetic gels, scrubs and herbal decoctions (eg, chamomile), should be the first step.On untreated skin is useless to carry out any procedures, since the nutrients will not be able to quickly get into the right layer of the skin.
  • faster will circulate the blood, the more likely it will get rid of bruises.To do this, put on the problem areas of the skin cosmetic clay, dilute with water until creamy state, selecting the one that suits your skin type.To enhance the effect, add a few drops of lemon juice, which helps lighten the skin.Mask wash off after 15-25 minutes with lukewarm water or a decoction of herbs.
  • On the prepared skin concoctions dot plot the solution.Seaweed, ground to a powder, diluted boiled or mineral water.Active influence on the bruise begins with the first minutes of use.It is important not to overdo it, because bodyaga quickly dry out the skin.

Remove the bruising and hematoma using folk remedies

common people has always been famous for his wisdom.Treatment of various diseases with the help of funds under the arm, repeatedly rescued known and unknown beauties.Quickly remove the self-help tips bruise folk sages:

  • Cabbage leaf plantain, or - the first assistant for instant removal of bruises.Mash the leaves prior to the release of juice, you need to apply them to their injury as a compress.
  • Onions not only make you cry, but also provides assistance when needed.Medium onion Grate or finely chop, add 1 tablespoon of salt, put in bruise three times a day, each time using a fresh compress.
  • Potato starch is also a good helper.A small amount of powder is diluted with water, applied to a bruise and leave for several hours.
  • Dining table salt will prompt resolving effects.A tablespoon of salt dissolved in 100 ml of water, wet bandage, a piece of cloth or cotton wool and apply to the bruise.Repeat several times a day.
  • herbal mixture will have a positive impact and consequences of injuries on the skin become visible.Celandine, bark viburnum, linden leaves are brewed with boiling water, insist, add the juice of aloe.Cloth moistened with this decoction, applied to problem areas.
  • quickly remove dark circles under the eyes can be, to use flax seeds.Milling and placing them in a cloth bag, puts it into the boiling water and attached to the bruise, until cool bag.

Effective cosmetic and pharmaceutical agents

There are a number of people who do not trust the people's treatments.They used to use the pharmacy and cosmetic products.The most common tools in the application:

  • In every home medicine cabinet there is an alcoholic solution of iodine.If you put iodine on the bruise mesh, in the place improves blood circulation, which means "color spots" disappear faster.
  • bodyagi powder, sold in any drugstore, is not expensive, but its medicinal properties known to many.Grind sea sponge is the most effective means for rapid dispersal of bruises.Dilute it with a little water, put on the place of injury and keep up to complete drying of the mask.Then rinse with warm water.Repeat two times a day.The eye area is very gently used, to avoid inflammation of the mucous membrane.It helps to remove even long-standing bruises.
  • Famous ointments and gels "rescuer", "the SOS", "SinyakOFF" should be in every medicine cabinet, regardless of its location.Home, at work, in the office, at the cottage or in the field - such means have to be on hand.Quick resolving, decongestant and regenerating effect of these drugs will help in the short term to deal with the problem and the consequences of an injury, a bruise.

Video Tips: How to one day get rid of a bruise

Nothing and no one can insure us against unexpected injuries and bruises.Whatever we are - young or adult, calm, or fidget - an opportunity to "earn" a bruise is always there.Verified medication agent is heparin ointment.It will help get rid of a bruise for a day or two, if strictly follow the instructions.Blue is the place of injury is changed to yellow and completely disappear after a couple of days.The proposed video below in detail on how to use this tool, how many times and how to carry out the method of rubbing the bruises and contusions.