Ways to update the BIOS on a laptop

Leisure and work of modern man is a completely impossible to imagine without the use of a laptop.The need to repair, change the usual settings and updates occur, users frequently.Sometimes it is important to know how to update the BIOS on a laptop.Bios (BIOS) - key system input-output data for loading operating systems (Windows, Linux, IOS).Flashing the BIOS on a laptop removes errors or include additional support for memory and processors.

Why should I update the BIOS

First, how to update the BIOS on your laptop, you need to know why you want to update the program.There are several factors:

  1. No support for the new software.The old settings are not suitable for new media, so leptop needs replacement version BIOS.
  2. When you install new software old software "in conflict" with them.
  3. Installed settings damaged by viruses.
  4. information about how to flash the BIOS, you will need when the flash drive can not be read as a boot device.
  5. Laptop freezes when certain programs or options, independently reb
  6. motherboard does not detect the hard drive large-capacity display adapter (video card) with a high number of gigabytes.
  7. leptopa Stable operation is unstable, the computer runs poorly because of the small software errors.
  8. Manufacturer set only a basic set of functions for which the power of your computer is insufficient.

How to Access the BIOS on a laptop

Starting BIOS occurs immediately when the notebook is turned on.If the notebook model is older, in the upper left corner of the display will be visible letters in the first few seconds of loading.Then starts the operating system, laptop computer, control is passed to it.To learn how to open the BIOS on a laptop, first of all, find out the manufacturer and model leptopa.To enter the BIOS most popular laptop brands need to turn on or restart the laptop, and then should be to:

  1. HP (Clarinsman) - hold the key when you start the notebook F2 or Escape.
  2. ASUS (Asus) - press the F2 key at startup.
  3. ACER (Acer) - press the combination F2-Del or Ctrl-Alt-Esc.Also included is made using the F1 key.
  4. DELL (Dell) - Del, F2, rarely Ctrl-Alt-Enter.
  5. SAMSUNG (Samsung) - at the time of switch on, press the Pause button.You will see the text, it is necessary to find «Press F2 to enter setup».F2 key is replaced by F1, F8, F10, F11, F12, Esc by selecting desired.To exit, press Enter.Next step - find the motherboard marking laptop.To find it, follow "Start - Hardware - Device Manager - Configurations."Copy the currently marked on the piece of paper, enter in your browser.Append if you want further «to enter setup / BIOS».
  6. LENOVO (Lenovo) - classic Del or F2 key.
  7. TOSHIBA (Toshiba) - should take into account the model of the device.For older models of Toshiba notebook is switched off when we press the F2 key, then hold the button, turn on the notebook.The new devices include instructions for "Logging in Windows - Start - Pre-installed software - Bios System» (sometimes the name is different, but in it there is necessarily a word BIOS).

way to update the BIOS of the motherboard on a laptop

Installing the update BIOS different ways depending on the type of motherboard.Before flashing you need to study the instructions to the board to consider all the details that are specified by the manufacturer.Upgrade Options:

  1. proprietary Windows utility.Advantageously, the method by which will avoid mistakes if it is unclear how to reset the BIOS.Modern motherboards (Asus, MSI, Gygabyte) is preferable to take this utility.
  2. Embedded BIOS settings.Option is considered appropriate when the user is sure to completely correct the version of BIOS.The program to update the BIOS (Q-Flash, EZ Flash, Utility) is recorded on a flash drive and run.
  3. mode DOS.Option a firmware for advanced users, beginners will be the method to update the IO program seriously.Mode requires the creation of a bootable flash drive with DOS and the new version of the BIOS.May appear serious mistakes during installation.

The operating system Windows

How to update the BIOS on an Asus motherboard, or any other?Using proprietary utility MSI Live Update 5 sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Run the program MSI Live Update 5, we click Scan icon.
  2. list looking MB BIOS string report.If this is available, the update for your laptop is.To click the arrow to download.
  3. Run the previously saved file and click Next.Choose
  4. In Windows Mode to start the installation.
  5. active programs closed, click on the button Next.
  6. expect the update is complete the program.
  7. appears Press any key - press any key to restart your computer.
  8. process of reinstalling the update is completed.

Update directly in BIOS

upgrade option in Windows is not too safe for the motherboard.The main danger of getting the computer to hang or unexpected disabling it.If the installation process is interrupted, the motherboard is damaged.Updating the BIOS directly to help set up the programs, avoiding problematic installation using built-in tools.Step by step guide:

  1. download on your computer the update file.
  2. Write it down on a clean, well-functioning flash drive - you need a pre-tested for viruses.
  3. USB flash drive from the port and do not remove the restart your computer.The next step - you need to enter the BIOS.
  4. Under Tools open update utility (the name recognized by the instructions to the motherboard).
  5. pass in the left column (press Tab) from the main menu.Here are all the media that discovers devices.
  6. Select the USB flash drive, we click Update and press Enter.
  7. Sometimes motherboard knocks error checking, the end of which it is necessary to wait, not canceling anything.

in DOS mode using a USB flash drive

This type of installation is recommended for advanced users.Assistant update process will be Rufus program.Your actions:

  1. download from the official website of the program.No installation is required, so just run.
  2. In the Device section select the flash drive to download the file to it.Important: save all the right to pre-flash, or when downloading any files from a flash drive to remove and restore will fail.
  3. Line File System indicate FAT32.
  4. contrary Create a bootable disk using put MS-DOS or FreeDOS version.How do I know the version of the BIOS for your notebook?Between these two options there is no fundamental difference, choose any.
  5. Press Start: the process is completed within a few seconds.

Videotutorial: How to reflash the BIOS

If you are interested in how to properly update the BIOS on a laptop is listening to the instructions of professional specialists in firmware.Software Update is required to speed up the laptop, remove some installed software errors to restore the utilities.Flash the IO program easily - simply required compliance with the algorithm according to the model and manufacturer of your leptopa.Do not do harm to the motherboard, study the details on the installation.