Vaccination against chickenpox

Chickenpox - an acute viral disease.Chickenpox is caused by the agent which belongs to the family herpetiformis, the spread of viruses - Zoster.Most people do not even have a general idea that the varicella zoster provokes in the body of herpes zoster.The disease is the most common and contagious throughout the world, so it is important to know how many valid vaccination against chickenpox?Who is at risk and should consider vaccination, see below.

How and when to make a vaccine against chickenpox

age of onset of vaccination of children in Russia begins with a 2-years.Vaccination is not compulsory and is done only with the permission of their parents.The term protective action (generated immunity) - 20 years.The vaccine against chickenpox does not give an absolute likelihood that the baby does not get sick with the virus.And the ill, the child easy to get aggressive course of the disease without symptoms, negatively affecting the health.

Vaccination against chickenpox performed subcutaneously, i

n some cases, can be intramuscular injection.Implemented in the upper third of the shoulder deltoid muscle or predlopatochnuyu zone.In two European varicella vaccine territory of the Russian Federation officially applied - "Okavaks" and "Varilriks", but the Russian analogues developed.The drugs tested and verified to contain the same dose of attenuated viruses, which are the instigators of chickenpox.


recommended repeating the vaccination of chicken pox child has attained the age of 13 years: it will create a stable formation of immunity to the virus Zoster.It is mandatory to check the vaccination of children, who are sent on a long stay in a children's camp or recreational resorts.The risk of contracting chickenpox unvaccinated child increases significantly.


to vaccinate adults at any age, provided that for the entire period of his life has not been diagnosed with symptoms of chicken pox.Often in clinics treat citizens, whose work has contact with children (kindergarten workers, teachers, cooks).It is not uncommon treatment of women, which in the near future plan to have a baby.Pick up chicken pox pregnant in the first months - a high risk of fetal loss.We need to take care of the security of the future offspring and be vaccinated.To create a strong immunity, vaccination do 2 times.

Could it be chicken pox after vaccination

primary prevention of chickenpox - vaccination.Often people are afraid of the event and are wondering about whether the vaccine is contagious.After immunization with human skin may appear specific rash happens rise in body temperature - it indicates the beginning of the activation of antibody production.The appearance of symptoms similar to chickenpox, is the norm!Do not require treatment, symptoms disappear after 1-3 days.But there are times when a person's immune system is very weak, possibly infected by a virus passed even after immunization.

How much does the vaccine

approximate price of the drug "Okavaks" and "Varilriks" ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles.The high cost of the vaccine due to foreign production.The dose administered drug adult and child is the same - 0.5 mL, and therefore the cost of vaccination for all ages in a medical clinic is unchanged.Immediately before vaccination required inspection pediatrician or general practitioner.

Video vaccination against varicella

developed under the influence of time stereotypes that chicken pox is not a dangerous disease, forcing parents to abandon their children of vaccination.Erroneous errors can cause a number of diseases, negatively affecting the future of human life.Pediatricians recommend to vaccinate the child at an early age to avoid infection in the future.Especially difficult is transferred chickenpox adults, death is possible.

Chickenpox for adolescents and adults - portable hard disease, often with complications, turning into pneumonia.Probability of death is greater than 30% more than in children.Many people do not know whether they were sick in the childhood chickenpox or not.How to be in such a situation?PhD answer this question in one of the videos below.Express their opinions and well-known pediatrician Komorowski: he will give a comprehensive answer to the parents: "Why is vaccination against chickenpox are widespread in the West, and in our country - a rarity?".

vaccination information

Opinion of Dr. Komarovsky


Tatiana, 25 years : Long thought - whether to be vaccinated against chickenpox?Pox never hurt and not to vaccinate, but I overcame the fear of contracting.Contact the nearest clinic, where the next day I had a vaccination.The response to the vaccine is not manifested only a slight fever.

Irina, 30 years : It has long dreamed of a child and as a prevention of chickenpox has decided to be immunized.Vaccination against chicken pox, in my opinion, the only way to avoid the disease.Prick made under the shoulder blade.After a week has risen a little temperature, held for three days, and then itself has passed.Now I can not worry about the future pregnancy.

Margarita, 37 years : In January this year decided to go along with her daughter vaccinated against chickenpox.This is a good way to protect themselves, because they do not get sick when you are surrounded by children, it is very difficult.It has been doing well, with no side effects.