How to take Validol

Almost every one of us has a home first aid kit with the necessary drugs to maintain optimal health.The most necessary medicines, which help in various emergency situations, we sometimes even take with them into her purse.To be aware of what the drug often is to help you find out more about this useful and sometimes indispensable medication, such as Validol: indications for its use, whether the side effects, if he has any analogues.

structure and mechanism of action of the drug

menthol solution in menthyl isovalerate - the international name of the drug.If you do not go into the complex medical formulas, the active ingredients are menthol, which is made of peppermint leaves, and isovaleric acid - extract of valerian root.Validol acts: menthol on the nerve endings respond to mucosal receptors, causing the body produces substances that can remove the pain and make a soothing effect.The drug is not stored by the body, overdoses are rare.

People who are diagnosed with high blood pressure are often

interested in the question: Validol lowers or raises the pressure?It is a vasodilator, because under the laws of physics, as the vascular lumen after taking the drug increases, the blood pressure being reduced.But Pharmstandard Validol not define as a separate drug that lowers blood pressure.To this end, it may appoint only at complex therapy, as an adjunct.

Product form

drug release in such dosage forms:

  • pills - the most widely used option.Validol Composition in tablets of 60 mg validol comprises auxiliaries and sugar or powdered sugar, calcium stearate.
  • Capsules - are made without the use of sugar, used gelatin shell.Validol capsules can be in a dosage of 50 ml or 100 ml of the active ingredient.
  • Drops - This is a liquid form of alcoholic solution in the form of oily, with a strong menthol odor.

In connection with the accessibility and broad scope of application it is necessary to pay attention to is whether the composition of the particular drug sugar, because Validol glucose readings to the application not be used to treat people with diabetes.For them, the best option in most cases will be a capsule, although now some manufacturers have launched Validol tablets without sugar.

From what helps Validol: indications for use

drug is prescribed in such conditions:

  • neuroses - when a person for a long time due to overextended psyche mental or emotional overload;
  • hysteria - manifested seizures of unbridled laughter, crying, screaming, etc;
  • false angina - pain, manifested in the heart;
  • angina (in such cases Validol combined with nitroglycerin because Validol alone does not eliminate the spasm of the heart muscle, but only relieves the pain);
  • nausea and motion sickness, seasickness;
  • at elevated pressure in a part of complex treatment.

Instructions for use and dosage

Many people are interested in the question, how to make the right Validol - only when the sickness or the course?We emphasize that the long-term treatment should prescribe a doctor.This medication is characterized by the fact that the acts in 5 minutes, and if improvement does not occur, it is necessary to seek further medical attention.Place your application scheme:

  • tablets or capsules - 1 piece.sublingually under the tongue until complete resorption not more than 3 times per day;
  • drops applied on a lump of sugar, and resolves, 3-6 drops at a time, a daily dose of no more than 24 drops for 4 doses.

Side effects and contraindications

After receiving Validol not show side effects, except for individual intolerance of human components of the preparation.Very rarely observed nausea, dizziness, watery eyes, which quickly pass without any additional measures.If long-term treatment drugs can activate allergic reactions, so it is always a course of treatment should be supervised by a physician.Do not take Validol together with alcohol, and the effectiveness of this tool for the removal of a hangover, as is often argue, has not been proved.

Validol during pregnancy prescribed with caution, because menthol can cause contraction of smooth muscles of the uterus, leading to the threat of gestation.Women in lactation is similar to this drug may be taken only on prescription, if the potential benefits outweigh the risks for the child.This medicine does not apply to children under 12 years.Finally do not forget that the drug is not suitable for low blood pressure.

Analogs drug Validol

Similar properties and indications for use are preparations:

  • Korvalment - a capsule-based menthol and isovaleric acid, dilates blood vessels, have a calming effect.
  • Corvalol, Valocordin - close for a calming effect in the composition include peppermint oil.
  • Valoserdin - comes in the form of drops, the main active ingredient is phenobarbital, contains peppermint oil, as an auxiliary component.It has a calming and mild sedative effect, relieves pain in the heart.Has a number of contraindications.

Where to buy and how much it costs

Today our services, we offer a variety of pharmacies.To purchase Validol profitable, it is necessary to focus, as the drug is in various points of sale.In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large Russian cities, you can conveniently order the drug through online pharmacies delivery, save your time.For example, compare the information on several points of sale in Moscow:

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Prutkov Paul, 64 years old : Validol Tablets are always with me for almost 10 years.At one time he worked in a responsible position, the hassle of constant heart health is not added, because I can feel the aching pain at any time.Tabletochku under the tongue for a few minutes return to an active is valuable to me, that the drug is convenient to use, and after he did not feel side effects.

Inga Sokolova, 28 years : Validol - my travel companion almost from childhood.When I travel around the city in public transport, not so bad, and if long distances have to travel by bus - it's a nightmare!Because at the first sign of nausea slowly absorbable tablet Validol.I made instructions to the drug picture on the phone, so that if someone becomes ill next, show information and to help the person.

Shvydkaya Irina, 53 years : Do Validol infrequently, but this is my first officer, when at work, and Abraham haste already feel that you bash starts.Taking this medication, because I know that information about Validol: indications for its use - neurosis caused by intense emotional stress.I prefer the drops: instill 5-6 drops on a piece of refined sugar and I'm eating a medical "candy."