How do I remove a bruise in one day

Bruises nobody decorate.For a woman, a real disaster if bluish circles formed on the face - such a nuisance spoil plans for the days ahead.How do I remove a bruise for one day, to prevent this?Not every right to say, how to reduce swelling and restore normal skin color.Learn proven techniques, which after the application of cyanosis will be over.

How quickly remove a bruise on his face

How to quickly get rid of a bruise in the home:

  1. reduce swelling.Apply to the point of impact ice cold towel, a bottle from the refrigerator.
  2. Warm place injury.
  3. Camouflage using cosmetics.

special means

Than to treat injuries and bruises?In pharmacies, a selection of drugs against swellings and abrasions:

  • «Bruise Off".It is a remedy for bruises under his eyes from being hit removes soft tissue swelling around the injury, refreshing, resolves bruising.The drug acts as a kind of tonal basis, masking traces of injury.How quickly remove a bruise to the eye?Regularly for three days, apply the cream on the
    bruise.Best results can be achieved using medication every three hours.
  • «Troxevasin".How quickly cure a black eye?It will help this ointment swelling and bruising, which will save from the bright and large footprint in just a couple of days.It is worth a penny, sold in every pharmacy.Additional effect - strengthening of small vessels, which helps to prevent the appearance of new spots in the same place.
  • «Lioton".This cream fights inflammation and reduces swelling with a bang.Besides "Lioton" has sedative and anesthetic effect - it helps relieve pain.

folk remedies

How to remove dark circles under eyes at home?The measures that you will take with the help of improvised means, reduced to an algorithm:

  1. Immediately after the injury blow cool place.Use as specialized resources ( "snowball" - dry ice in the package) and assistants - they are less effective.Apply a cold bottle, a towel soaked in ice water, to the point of impact and hold for 15-20 minutes.
  2. Half an hour after the injury - heat.Use the normal hot-water bottle, hot water bottle, freshly made egg.To avoid burns, wrap the item in a towel and apply to the site of impact.

How quickly display a black eye?It is important not to miss the time of the injury and give first aid for half an hour.Immediately after the impact is formed edema.To prevent, must immediately cool the soft tissue around the injury.For this purpose, the ice, the snow, the bottle out of the refrigerator and any other means available.After about half an hour when the contusion acquires color and shape, it's time to heat up.This is done in order to accelerate the absorption and circulation.


Even if you take all these measures, the hematoma will heal for at least two days.At this time, it is noticeable that can greatly complicate the life, especially for women.How to hide dark circles under the eyes?The easiest way to disguise their usual decorative cosmetics.Unfortunately, men such method is hardly suitable - a layer of foundation on the man's face looks strange, and so very much.Women also can mask is not very bright hematoma using solid foundations, concealer and powder.To hide the bruise on her face with makeup:

  1. Apply very thick foundation that you have.Try to distribute it evenly on the face, to avoid large concentrations of cosmetics on the site of injury.
  2. If it is still visible, apply concealer on top.In the case of injury on the nose skip this step better - the excess of cosmetics will be seen a mile away, especially if you have large pores.Color tools should be selected based on the color of the spots.Red is best to paint the cool colors (with blue or green tone).Blue - on the contrary, the warm (red, orange).Choose bright concealers.Otherwise, the track can be even more noticeable.
  3. Evenly apply a thin layer of powder on the face.
  4. How to disguise dark circles under the eyes?Similarly, only slightly less need concealer.Try not to cover up their fat layer of cream - the skin under the eyes is best to issue the excess makeup.

How to quickly get rid of bruises on the body

Unlike faces, the marks of blows on the body are kept much longer.How to remove the bruises on his feet for a couple of days?If you can immediately render first aid - immediately after the injury attach something icy.After, you can heat the bruise for rapid resorption, but it is not very effective.We'll have to buy special creams or ointments.

With the help of funds from bruises and hematomas

following medications can help you treat a bruise on the body:

  • «Rescue";
  • «Heparin ointment";
  • «Traumeel S".

remedy for bruises and bruises to children

Any abrasions on the child's skin to heal in a few times faster than an adult.Without treatment, a bruise on the knee of the child disappears in a few days.How do I remove a bruise children in one day:

  • «Rescuer" children;
  • «Dolobene";
  • «Finalgon".

Video: how to get rid of a bruise under his eye one day

In this video for instructions on how to remove any bruise in one day.She recounts the popular methods of getting rid of bruises.Do not bypass the attention and medical preparations, describing the pros and cons of each of them: "Rescue", "Ratovnik" Badyaga.Let bruises do not spoil your life, knowing how to clean them, you will not feel uncomfortable, appearing in a public place.