As soda rinse the throat

At the beginning of colds indicates that a sore throat.It causes discomfort, interfering with a person to eat normally and talk.Correct the situation and alleviate the condition may soda rinse throat.What are the proportions of these ingredients for the procedure?In the instructions below, you can prepare a remedy by action comparable with the most expensive drugs.

Can gargle soda

The procedure applies, as is able to cover the entire area of ​​the affected mucosa of the pharynx.Even ordinary warm water eases symptoms, but with the addition of a simple food in addition to removal of edema are the following effects:

  • mucous disinfection;
  • cleansing mucous with dried mucus and particles of food remaining;
  • more rapid healing of minor injuries that accompany the disease;
  • reducing dryness of mucous, its inflammation;
  • elimination of such symptoms as sore.

In addition, when tonsillitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, laryngitis baking soda will also be a great tool for removing the symptoms of colds.Ca

n pregnancy gargle with baking soda?Contra-indications for pregnant women not only in the first few weeks it can become a cause of vomiting.Gargling with baking soda also allowed the child.Not a recommended way to eliminate pain in the throat to people with stomach ulcers, heart disease.

Recipes solutions for gargling

Such a food product has the kitchen in any home, giving the method has another advantage - it can be applied at any time.Simply dissolve a few spoonfuls of sodium bicarbonate in warm water.For greater efficiency of healing in the mixture are added other useful substances.Further guidance will tell what and in what proportions to mix.

With soda and salt in angina

soda-salt solution for gargling in angina prepared as:

  1. Take 200 ml of hot water.
  2. Dissolve it in 0.5 tspsodium bicarbonate and salt.
  3. Rinse immediately after cooking.Before that, you need to drink fluids to cool slightly.
  4. Prepare a new mix for each session.

With soda, salt and iodine

Often in the previous recipe add 3-5 drops of iodine.The procedure is performed in the same way, but there is another way:

  1. Take 3 cups of warm water.
  2. Each mix 1 tablespoon separatelysalt 0.5 tspsodium bicarbonate powder, and 5 drops of iodine.
  3. Use in such priority - soda, salt and iodine mixture.
  4. Vypoloschite procedure for all of the liquid from each cup.

Soda solution

Here is how to dissolve the soda rinse without additions:

  1. Take 1 tbsp.warm boiled water warmed.
  2. Dissolve it in 1 tspsoda powder.

Video: how to gargle soda

Any national method helps with the correct application of the technique.Sore throat and general deterioration requires intervention.Best advice - do not delay and contact your doctor.Only after consultation can combine the necessary treatment medication to folk remedies to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.How to use baking soda solution to rinse, you can learn by looking rewarding viderolik.

reviews gargle for sore throat

Natalia, 29 years : According to counsel the therapist used a herbal infusions - to no avail.I tried to rinse with sodium bicarbonate, so sore throat diminished by the evening of the first day of use.I advise!

Tatiana, 36 years : colds, throat felt scratchy.She found the recipe with soda powder, but saw contraindications stomach ulcers.I decided to try - cough decreased, but after tortured heartburn.The tool is good, with only a sore it can not be used.

Dmitry, 41 years : From childhood know about soda rinse throat.It helps the first time.As soon as I feel that tickle - immediately rinse.Once these procedures even helped facilitate for angina.Try it!