How to treat hemorrhoids cucumber

gastrointestinal disease disrupt the quality of life.However, these diseases are very intimate, so patients are embarrassed to ask for help.Treating hemorrhoids cucumber - a popular technique that has its fans.In brief overview, you will learn it effective "Grandma's methods", will get acquainted with the peculiarities of unusual therapy.

Features Dr. Popov method

folk healer Popov came up with an original way of how to treat hemorrhoids at home.Author for many years interested in alternative medicine and has developed several methods, using the most unexpected products.According to the theory, a vegetable that grows in the garden, has a force that pulls from the patient illness.If the connection with the earth is disturbed, then the healing gift and leaves.Treat hemorrhoids folk remedies Popov recommends the following procedure:

  • should choose small cucumber (just over phalanx);
  • cleaned from dust, dirt;
  • tip vegetable nadkusyvayut to bare flesh, abundant moistened with saliva;
  • anus introduced a natural remedy for a few minutes;
  • ideal time for treatment - early morning.

Doctor asserts that after 14 days of regular use of the method of hemorrhoids will be gone forever.However, hardly anyone will dare to use this method, so a denial or proof of effectiveness is not granted.Remember and about personal hygiene: if an infection gets into the inflamed rectum, there is the probability of severe complications.

Traditional methods of treating hemorrhoids

cucumber Cucumber is popularly perceived as a food, but in cosmetics, medicine, he proved himself a good remedy for many problems.As an independent drug it will not help, but in the complex treatment will get rid of the disease.Versatile vegetable is 95% water, so used:

  • as a laxative for constipation;
  • to replenish liquid stocks.

decoctions and infusions

There are many methods of healing from illness, treatment of the hemorrhoids cucumber requires more attention and care.Among the folk remedies that help reduce pain and discomfort, not the last place is occupied by decoctions and infusions.Their main task - the restoration of water balance and dilution of feces in the intestine.

To prepare drug use dried stalks and leaves of cucumber.Such cooling medicine three times a day for 20 minutes before eating.To improve the taste is recommended to add a little honey:

  • three tablespoons minced raw pour boiling water (500 ml);
  • on low heat bring to a boil;
  • wrapped container and leave to infuse for one hour.


With outer form of hemorrhoids helps fight poultice of cucumber pulp.This means relieves pain, reduces inflammation.To be effective dressing with chopped vegetable rests on patients knots overnight.After the procedure, the anus is washed by a cold shower.To the result was noticeable, use only fresh, firm cucumbers.

manifestation of hemorrhoids suggests unhealthy lifestyle.Regular constipation provoke unpleasant disease exacerbation.Review your diet.A large amount of fiber, fresh vegetables, fluids will help peristalsis, eliminate the stool.Move more, engaged in active sports and you will protect your body from disease.


best remedy for hemorrhoids - a candle.They will help get rid of the acute symptoms.The use of native folk method will improve the quality of life.It is proved that cucumber juice:

  • relieves inflammation of the rectum nodes;
  • promotes tissue regeneration;
  • restores the tone of vascular walls;
  • reduces pain, burning, itching in the anus.

vegetables thoroughly washed, peeled.From the pulp is cut into small cylinders - a little less than the female little finger.This means slowly introduced into the anus.A large amount of fluid in the rectum cucumber absorbed, thereby facilitating the inflammatory process.However, by means of recourse to the therapist does not free, so do not forget to visit your doctor.

video about the benefits of cucumber from hemorrhoids

Nature - a storehouse of resources that will help to cure any disease.When the rational use of the product will become a commonplace remedy that helps to get rid of the discomfort.How to get rid of hemorrhoids folk remedies?This you will learn from an interview with Dr. Popov, in which he talks about the intricacies of his unusual technique of "live a cucumber."