How to convert PDF to Word

When working with files is sometimes necessary to convert from one format to another.In connection with the need for the use of electronic documents, this procedure has become very popular.The most popular formats at work or school are the Word (doc) and PDF.Often there is a need to change the data in the original document.How to convert PDF text in Word - common question among PC users.However, not always possible to convert one format to another without losing important data.

way to translate PDF files to Word

format If this format files like Word, known to all, the PDF domestic PC user less familiar.It was invented and implemented by the Adobe, and you can open it on any other computer, preserving all file data.For example, if you create a Word document, special fonts were used, they may not appear on any other PC.C PDF opposite is true, however, edit the ordinary viewer is not possible, this problem has spawned the need for converting one file to another.There are several options how to transf

er PDF to Word:

  • use OCR-program;
  • install converters program;
  • apply the original program;
  • take advantage of online services.

Use OCR-program

One way to convert PDF to Word - the use of software with OCR (OCR).Any person who is constantly working with the documents, asks himself the question - is there any need for re-typing the text, if someone has already done it before?Software developers have decided not to leave the problem unattended, and created a special OCR system that originally used the banking sector to address anketizatsii.Today, these tools are widely used for simple local operation.

install the converter software for PDF-files

Another way to make a PDF from doc - use special programs-converters.This may be as a small utility converter and versatile with many options and features.Such programs are fully read information PDF-File and make it reformatting in Word format symbols.Often, these tools come across paid, but it is possible to find and release issued free of charge.The procedure for converting formats desktop software takes less than five minutes.

Apply the original program-maker

PDF-format To convert PDF to Word, there is a great way - use the original program-maker format - Adobe.This conversion method is the most convenient, because the manufacturer offers the widest range of functions for their product.The main program Adobe Reader is free, but to use additional options will have to purchase an upgrade to adobe reader pro.For a functional test, there is a free version for a period of one calendar month.

use the services of free online services

For those who do not want to install on your personal computer and additional software once, there is a way to make PDF Word - use the services of free Internet services.Online converters are good that do not require special knowledge and the proceedings with a functional programs - on the websites entire procedure takes place in three clicks of the mouse button.However, there is a big disadvantage of online conversion - dependent on the availability of the web.

programs to convert PDF to Word

Among converters programs, which are recommended to users, allocate:

  • ABBYY FineReader.
  • ReadIris Pro.
  • CuneiForm.
  • OmniPage Professional.

ABBYY FineReader - a useful program for text recognition, which works with scanned documents, PDF files and even digital photos.It is suitable for beginners and those who are trying not to use the tools with complex functionality.After the OCR software does not change the original structure of the document and makes it available to use Microsoft Office utility.

ReadIris Pro - OCR program, the important functions that, in addition to the base, is to work with the Eastern texts or documents, in which syllabic writing was used.Easily converts texts with right and left-writing, as well as files with the presence of tables and graphs.Members noted that different ReadIris very rapid export files.

CuneiForm has broad functionality and works even with poor quality photocopies.It has multiple conversion algorithms that allow to recognize complex texts written in any European language.The program's interface is simple, and the rate of conversion of formats as quickly as possible.OCR system CuneiForm offered for free download on the website of the manufacturer.

OmniPage Professional - another useful OCR application that works with 100 languages.It replaces PDF formats such as doc, rtf, wpd and xls.Important OmniPage function - the ability to reverse the conversion.The program has the function of quick search scanned documents.OmniPage different challenging optional, therefore advised to use the utility for advanced users.

How to convert PDF to Word

In order to successfully transcode a file, you must use a good converter from PDF to Word, for example, PDF2Word, Free PDF to word export sonverter, Tweak PDF change converter files and others.Difficulties when reading for a person who is controlled by a computer at the secondary level, the utility does not represent.The principle of operation of most programs-converters:

  1. necessary to download the program from the manufacturer site.
  2. Run the installed software.
  3. Find the source file to convert.
  4. Select from the list the desired format for the conversion.
  5. Specify the location where you would like to save the file.
  6. Change individual settings (font, size).
  7. Press the button to convert (transform).
  8. Wait for file saving.

How to use the original program Adobe Reader

order to know in detail how to convert PDF text in Word using Adobe Reader, you must visit the manufacturer's website.There is a self installer and detailed instructions utility (download manual - «how to convert»).This program offers reformat formats using two basic functions of the program:

  1. «Save as Text".This function is in the "File" menu.Before you start to convert, you need to open the source document for editing.Next, using the option "save as text", translated the entire amount of data in the format doc.
  2. «Selecting text."Functions required for working with the individual parts of the text.With "text selection" option to copy the necessary passage that translates to the clipboard by pressing the key combination (Ctrl + C).Then you need to insert (Ctrl + V) into any text editor (word, notepad, wordpad).

How to translate a document from PDF to Word online

easiest way to convert your files - translation online PDF in Word.In a network such services is a lot of sites, but some stand out user-friendly interface and easy to understand the mechanics of the average user.Some useful and free online converters that help to easily understand how to convert PDF to word:

  1. ZamZar - good translator online formats, which can easily handle the conversion of text and graphic files.Server Work is organized by e-mail.Therefore, the files prepared for the conversion must not exceed the size of 100 megabytes.All converted documents are stored on the site is not more than a day.
  2. FreePDFConvert - another free way to convert PDF file in Word.Among the useful features - extracting drawings and graphs.Online converter conducts conversion of documents every half hour.During this time period, or the files are downloaded, or sent to e-mail, or deleted by the user.
  3. PDFOnline - service without significant restrictions.There is not need to e-mail box address, the files in the volume are not limited to, limits on downloads available.Qualitatively produces transcoding PDF to doc.
  4. FreepdftoWord.Good and fast converter which operates only in the forward format via e-mail.Site developers themselves control the process of converting documents - sent to them by e-mail files from time sent experts to the customer back to Word format.

Most online services to convert file formats and have inverse functions - with the help of their possible remake of the Word Online in PDF.This process is much easier, because there is no need to recognize characters.In order to convert Word to PDF online, you want to make a sequence of actions: to upload the desired file, press the "convert", wait for the file to download.

Videotutorial transfer PDF to Word and back

If you do not know how to translate the text of PDF to Word, the detailed video instructions will tell the answers to all your questions.Experienced PC users will share their experience correctly convert formats without losing any data, the points will talk about the process, its forms and the best programs that are easy to use.