Symptoms of measles in children and adults

This disease is common in people of any age, is considered one of the most contagious.According to statistics, susceptibility to infection is almost 100%.So, if you are not vaccinated persons in contact with patients - the risk of getting very high.Symptoms of measles in children and adults do not differ.It is important to prevent spread of the disease to be vaccinated on time and take other anti-epidemic measures.

What are the signs and symptoms of measles in a child and an adult

Measles - the spread of infectious disease, which is the causative agent is an RNA virus, wherein the specific form.Transmitted ailment airborne and can combat any, will cause serious consequences.Measles in pregnancy, especially during the early timing of it, can have serious fetal malformations, and in some cases even make it necessary to have an abortion.

Measles in children under one year is very rare, because of infants minimum contact with other people.In addition, in the first year after giving birth to the chi

ld's body still in the maternal antibodies that protect the baby from illness.Measles in vaccinated children due to a gradual decrease in antibody titers to the virus.So sometimes, after 5-7 years after vaccination in children diagnosed with an atypical course of the disease.What are the symptoms of measles in young children and adults?

incubation period

When the virus enters the body, it usually does not manifest itself within 7-14 days.The origin will be the day when the person in contact with a carrier of infection.The first symptoms of measles begin to appear after a specified period of time and are divided into three stages: catarrhal, rashes, rekonvalensatsii.The initial stage is characterized by the appearance of a person signs of colds.

nature of the rash in measles

During disease rash first appears behind the ears and the nose.A day later the rash spreads to the neck, face, upper sternum.Later symptoms become visible on the trunk, arms, and in the last instance, on the legs.What is the rash in measles?As a rule, it is abundant in some areas merged into a continuous blur.Measles rash has a pink color and gradually becomes saturated.After a day after the appearance of papules, it loses its form, changing the shade to brown.

When pressed rash becomes similar to spots, and this transformation takes place zonally, starting with rashes on the face, ending the localized papules on the legs.Therefore, patients often notice that a rash on his face turned into a pigmentation, and on his feet still has a bright color.Eruptions on the skin is almost always look typical and rare variations.These may include hemorrhagic transformation when this symptom becomes dark cherry color.

Patognomichnym symptom of measles in children (adults it is weak) is considered to be the emergence of the mucous membrane of the mouth white spots - characteristic pathology enantemy.Whitish areas are localized near the molars are similar in appearance and with a touch of cream of wheat.Distinguish measles can be a symptom of the surrounding white spots red outline.

Other signs of disease

  • Catarrhal period begins with acute symptoms of measles in children and adults: the patient begins to weaken, headaches, decreased appetite, spoils a dream.
  • In severe illness the temperature rises up to 40 ° C, a cough, dry type, copious purulent rhinitis.
  • In addition, a characteristic symptom of the disease is an inflammation of the lymph nodes located in the neck.
  • Fever lasts from 3 to 5 days, then the patient's condition improves.However, after a day of intoxication exacerbated again, so that the body temperature is high.

Photo measles rash

To avoid the spread of measles, children's schools are close to the quarantine.Babies disease after vaccination is not threatened for at least 5 years.For the prevention of the disease, except for vaccination use are also immunoglobulin.The man has come into contact with an infected must take it within 72 hours after exposure.The drug composition includes a particular component from the plasma of donors and inhibit virus.To facilitate the diagnosis of diseases of the photo below shows species of measles rash.

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