Use of zinc paste

protected from the negative influence of the environment, acting as a reliable barrier against microorganisms, and UV-radiation, the skin is exposed to negative factors.Often, fashionable, widely advertised drugs prove to be phony.Zinc paste - a proven generations of our mothers, grandmothers agent with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing properties.This miraculous ointment effectively combats signs of aging skin, offsetting the impact of UV rays and free radicals linking.

Description zinc ointment

pharmaceutical market offers a huge selection of tools, which action is directed at blocking the neurotransmitters responsible for inflammatory processes.Zinc oxide - a substance used in the industry, pharmacology and cosmetology.Sold through a network of pharmacies, zinc paste - a cheap, effective drug used in the treatment of burns, wounds and other skin diseases.

Most potential buyers forget the truth that the advertising industry is interested in the promotion of new products in the mark

ets.So replacing expensive counterparts familiar generations of our mothers and grandmothers ointment.Having a limited list of contraindications, harmless to the body, it has a broad spectrum of activity.On what makes zinc paste:

  1. For the treatment of inflammatory processes.Acne, talc, subcutaneous pimples - small list of cosmetic problems that effectively copes zinc oxide.
  2. From dermatitis.Dries especially zinc component contributing to the binding of water molecules, the growth of healthy cells of the epidermis - the perfect way to treat symptoms of the disease.
  3. sweat and skin rashes.Hot weather, synthetic fabrics cause allergic reactions.A thin layer of zinc paste applied to the affected area, will relieve the itching, pain symptoms, reduce redness and swelling.
  4. When shingles and psoriasis.For the treatment of skin diseases doctors prescribe regularly - up to 4 times / day - specific lubrication "mash", which includes zinc ingredient.Regular use can reduce the appearance of pigmentation of the skin in psoriasis, the epidermis improving the regeneration of healthy tissue.
  5. during pregnancy.As a harmless drug, zinc paste - the perfect way to treat wounds, scratches, spots or other skin inflammations of future mothers.
  6. for newborns.Diapers and diaper, hot weather, high humidity - the fusion mixture, resulting in the baby's delicate skin is adversely affected.Zinc ointment is widely used by diaper rash, and its main ingredient - zinc oxide - is a part of most children's powders.


zinc preparations have a simple composition of additives which are the means of softening the skin.The chemical content of zinc paste includes:

  1. Zinc oxide - a white substance (light yellow) colors in powder form, which has no odor.Different ability to absorb water, not soluble in acidic medium.
  2. lanolin and petroleum jelly.The operation of these components contributes to the hydration of the epithelium, softening the crust formed during the healing of wounds, burns.
  3. Salicylic acid.Acts as an antiseptic, helps repair damaged skin inflammation.Salicylic-zinc ointment has an antibacterial effect, which is used in the treatment of ulcers, wounds, deep epithelial damage.


As the main component of zinc paste, ZnO (zinc oxide) contributes to denaturing of proteins, accelerating the processes of cell division.What are the properties of the ointment caused its wide application in medicine, cosmetology:

  1. Antibacterial.Reacts with proteins, the zinc component is responsible for the formation of a specific site of inflammation in the coating, a burn thinnest film.This natural barrier protects the epithelium from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria, preventing the development of infections.
  2. Pasta zinc binds water molecules, depriving the microorganisms are located on damaged areas of the skin of nutrients.Thus accelerating the healing process recovery.
  3. dries.The manifestations of atopic dermatitis, ulcers, purulent rashes and pimples become less visible with regular use zinc ointment.After a couple of days from the date of application improves complexion, reduces sebaceous glands.
  4. Whitening.Brown spots on the skin - a problem most women prefer to receive sun exposure without using sunscreens.A thin layer of paste applied on the evening of melasma, will save you from the "kisses of the sun."
  5. Regeneration.As an active participant in the processes of cell division, zinc accelerates the synthesis of collagen substances.Using the paste of zinc for the treatment of scratches, abrasions in the child contributes to their rapid healing.

Indications and contraindications

Zinc Ointment is recommended for use:

  • in the treatment of herpes;
  • for relieving symptoms of irritation of the skin;
  • in combination with antibacterial ointments - the healing of purulent wounds;
  • to reduce the painful symptoms of hemorrhoids;
  • for rapid healing of insect bites, burns received in the home, scratches.

Excessive / frequent use of zinc paste, drawing on extensive areas of the skin that do not require specific protection, lead to the appearance of irritation, unpleasant symptoms of burning, tingling.Do not give in to influence fungal ointments, deep bacterial lesions - like inflammation require professional dermatologist consultations and appointment of adequate treatment.Contraindicated zinc paste with allergies to any of the components of the preparation:

  • zinc oxide;
  • lanolin / petrolatum;
  • salicylic acid;
  • wax;
  • mineral oils;
  • parabens / stabilizers;
  • fish oil.

for use

Instructions As a means for outdoor use, zinc ointment is applied to the inflamed / affected area of ​​the epidermis up to 6 times per day.How to use the paste to ensure the speedy healing:

  1. deep wounds, burns.Zinc ointment applied in the complex of antibiotic therapy.It can be used for applying a dense layer of a bandage.
  2. trophic ulcers, lichen.The paste should be applied with a spatula (avoid the spread of infection) with a thin layer four times / day.
  3. Intertrigo, bedsores.Provide drying effect, relieve inflammation, help to speed up the regeneration of lubrication zinc ointment places the body in contact with a wet linen;the entire area of ​​the rash for dermatitis.

Application in cosmetology

unique features of zinc ointment are used extensively in cosmetic procedures for the face:

  • helps to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • effectively protects the skin from the damaging effect of the sun's rays;
  • paste zinc reduces pain, inflammation of the appearance of acne;
  • zinc for skin used to create creams, gels, lotions.

from pimples and blackheads

for the fair sex, having oily / combination skin, regular use of zinc paste will help get rid of blackheads - acne, acne and festering, "adoring" to appear in the most unwanted time.In the treatment of:

  1. Eels beauticians recommend the use of zinc ointment and topical microbicides in combination.Apply the material should be at least two times (morning and evening), refraining from squeezing.
  2. Subcutaneous or purulent acne need more frequent care.Using zinc paste 4-5 times / day, 24 hours later, you will notice a decrease in swelling, improving the appearance of the skin around the inflammation.

From age spots

melasma - a violation of the natural pigmentation of the epidermis, accompanied by the formation of dark (pigment) spots.It is typical for the female half of the population.The reason is UV radiation.If you are unable to protect themselves from age spots, apply to the place of "burn" a thin layer of zinc ointment and try not to sunbathe for several days.Effective paste for prevention of sunburn in children from birth to six months.


improving the synthesis of collagen substances, zinc ointment is used in creams for the face anti-aging series.The paste will not cure in the presence of deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles on the forehead, but perfectly cope with smoothing of small, slightly noticeable fine lines.By stimulating the division, the growth of new cells, it has a rejuvenating effect.Keep in mind that long-duration / regular use of zinc components leads to the formation of dark spots or allergies.

Video: zinc ointment acne

Recent scientific developments of scientists found a direct relationship between the zinc content in the body and skin prone to acne formation.Deficiency of this important trace element increases the "chances" to return to adolescence (judging by the copious eruptions) by 76%.How to use the zinc paste to get rid of the ubiquitous pimples, blackheads and subcutaneous inflammations, you'll learn by watching video.


Diana, 34 years : The daughter of 14 years, the skin on the face has become oily, periodically pour out pimples.Gels for washing, lotions (teen series) help badly.Beautician advised to buy zinc ointment salitsilom.When buying a low price like that at the same time confused.Imagine my surprise when, on the third day of using the paste spots become invisible.

Larisa, 28 years : Since childhood memories were of a white paste which quickly cures abrasions, scratches, burns.The holiday season zinc ointment - my constant companion on the river and gardens.It is excellent saves from wounds insect bites.And I was tortured by dark spots on the face of the Sun holiday.So, I began to smear their zinc talker.A week later, they brightened, and soon completely gone.

Marina, 23 years : Six months ago, doctors diagnosed my baby - atopic dermatitis.Mom remembered salitsilovo- zinc paste, which has smeared my diaper rash in a deep childhood.To say that we got rid of dermatitis, can not, but lubricating allergic spot zinc ointment, noted a positive trend: the skin became less red, was itching, rash spots quickly dry up.