Difficulty in nasal breathing without rhinitis

unbearable state when a stuffy nose, not enough air.Headaches, pain interfere with a person to think clearly, to live normally.Tearing and sneezing scare colleagues at work, you are sent to the hospital, so you do not infect anyone.It seems to be no discharge, and I want to blow my nose.In a situation where you have been stuffy nose without a cold, the most right thing to do is consult doctor.This dangerous disease with serious complications, so it is important to establish the cause of the disease in a timely manner, immediately begin treatment.

reasons stuffy nose without a cold

In cases where the nose is not breathing, and no mucus, there is inflammation of the mucous edema.Dry indoor air, poor environmental conditions are the reason for the disease.Among the causes of congestion:

  • infection;
  • colds;
  • allergies;
  • side effects of drugs;
  • beginning of viral diseases;
  • presence of polyps, adenoids.


When a stuffy nose without a cold in an adult, can be frequent causes of hypothermi

a, alcohol abuse.Problems arise due to the curvature of the nasal septum.Sometimes the congestion occurs in the case of diseases:

  • chronic sinusitis and sinusitis;
  • cold;
  • tumors of the nasopharynx;
  • rhinitis;
  • inflammation of the gallbladder;
  • violation of hormone balance.

It should pay special attention to nasal congestion women during pregnancy.The cause may lie in changing hormonal levels, weakened immunity.It can not be excluded as a reason for congestion, rhinitis, allergies and infections.It is very important that the situation be monitored by a doctor to cure not to harm the unborn child.


What worries delivers moms snot stuffy nose without a child.In infants the cause of such a state when they breathe only by mouth, may be a congenital anomaly.Wanted urgently appeal to the pediatrician and solve this problem.There are cases when the child puts his nose small objects that interfere with breathing.Not excluded the cases of hereditary diseases.In addition, among the causes of congestion in children:

  • deviated septum;
  • polyps;
  • allergy;
  • inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx;
  • injury;
  • drying up of mucus in the nose.

Since the child's nose can be permanently laid due to several reasons, it is very important to diagnose correctly.The physician must decide:

  1. When on terms there was a problem - perhaps the presence of polyps.
  2. What was new in the food - eliminate the possibility of allergies.
  3. With whom the child communicated - whether viral contamination threat.
  4. What moved the disease - the impact of prescription drugs.

diagnostic methods

When constantly stuffy nose, it is important to find out the cause of the disease.Only then prescribe the right treatment, which facilitates the patient's condition.Firstly, you need to see a specialist - a doctor otorhinolaryngology.It will make inspection using special mirrors or with an endoscope.If necessary, appoint additional diagnostics:

  • US sinuses;
  • blood tests;
  • bacterial seeding swabs;
  • allergy blood tests;
  • sinuses x-rays;
  • immunological blood test.

What to do and how to treat nasal congestion

Before starting treatment, you must create the conditions under which it will be easier to breathe at work and at home.In this situation, we recommend:

  • room ventilation;
  • humidification;
  • eating spicy food;
  • sleep with their heads held high;
  • much to drink;
  • inhalation;
  • inhalation of wet steam;
  • rinsing the nose with special solutions;
  • warming;
  • drinking hot liquids.

Removing nasal congestion?Treatment involves the use of drugs in accordance with the cause of the disease.To facilitate the state used massage chiseled nose and nose wings.Good results give yoga, breathing exercises, physiotherapy.There are many recipes of traditional medicine that will improve, wetting the mucous membrane.Complex cases require surgery, surgery using laser and cryo.

Drug therapy

necessary time to begin treatment of nasal, to avoid complications in the organs of hearing, throat, because everything is interconnected.To obtain a positive effect, it is necessary to follow the doctor's orders, instructions for use.For treatment use drugs:

  1. Sprays and Drops "Tizin", "Rinorus", "DlyaNos."
  2. Ointments: "Doctor Mom", "Evamenol", "Fleming ointment."
  3. tablets to relieve swelling "Klarinaze-12."
  4. tablets allergy "Loratadine", "Zodak".

use of specific medications due to the reasons caused by the disease:

  1. When congestion due to viruses prescribe topical antibiotics in the form of droplets and spray "Amoxicillin", "Bioparox".Among the general action of drugs - "Erythromycin", "Klaritomitsin".Take antibiotics should be strictly on prescription.
  2. If the cause of congestion immunodeficiency - taking herbal immunostimulants: Echinacea, ginseng root.

It is worth noting the use for the treatment of edema reduction, nasal inhalation.The use of a nebulizer can deliver fine particles of the drug to the deep body of the patient.As therapeutic agents using chamomile broth, thyme, eucalyptus, calendula.Of the medicinal products used "Xylometazoline", a local antibiotic "Polydex".


In special testimony, when there is no runny nose, but the nose is not breathing, prescribed surgery.They performed without anesthesia, using radio wave laser method.There are methods of using cryotechnology when the problem area burned by cold.Not without traditional operations.Assign surgery for:

  • presence of a foreign body;
  • sprawl mucosal tissue;
  • presence of polyps, adenoids;
  • deviated septum.

Folk remedies for the treatment at home

is hard to ignore the use of folk remedies.Since childhood, familiar inhalation of boiled potatoes.Inhalation balm "Golden Star", eucalyptus oil is also improves the condition.Effective rinsing the nose with sea salt: a large spoon on 200 grams of water.It works well with the nasal distraction therapy:

  • tea with raspberry and lime;
  • hot foot bath;
  • socks with dry mustard;
  • hot shower;
  • mustard caviar.

good results instillation into the nose.It is recommended to use it every 4 hours.Use homemade drops:

  • juice mixed with water, carrots;
  • drops of Kalanchoe;
  • onion juice in equal parts with water;
  • drops of aloe;
  • sea buckthorn oil and carrot juice in a 1: 1;
  • a glass of water is required iodine drop a pinch of sea salt;
  • equal parts of beetroot juice and onions.

For children is recommended to use the popular recipes:

  • burying infants mother's milk;
  • breathing infants over a hot bath with steam;
  • warming nose boiled egg;
  • nasal lubrication oil onion: onion juice pour hot vegetable oil, insist night;
  • wash nose salt solution: a glass of water a tablespoon;
  • instillation of aloe juice in equal parts with water.

Video of nasal congestion and nasal breathing disorders

Check out the video below and you will learn about modern methods of diagnosis with nasal congestion without rhinitis.You will understand why an integrated approach is important in identifying the causes of disease.What can affect the swelling of the nasal mucosa, in which case surgery is appointed.You will get acquainted with the way the operation is carried out, and how long the patient is in the hospital after the conference.