Gemorroynye bumps and knots

Hemorrhoids - the problem is very delicate and unpleasant.This illness occur pain in the anal area.For the disease characterized by the appearance of hemorrhoidal cones, and then the nodes, which are formed due to changes in blood vessels in the rectum caused by varicose veins.Unpleasant is that the education drop out.Everyone who has this disease, you want as quickly as possible get rid of it on their own because of shame and embarrassment are not allowed to go to the doctor.

Treatment of hemorrhoidal cones and nodes in the home

Hemorrhoids, like any other disease, suggests a visit to the doctor.At the hospital, a specialist can determine the stage of hemorrhoids, assign the appropriate medication.However, proctologist people do not want to attend because it embarrassed or afraid to be hurt during the inspection.If you want to treat hemorrhoids at home, the traditional medicine can offer a lot of money for this.

How to remove hemorrhoids

The choice than to cure hemorrhoids, contains both t

he medicines and natural medicines.Pharmaceutical drugs are best used on prescription, but in the home safer and easier to use traditional medicines.Independently you can make candles, ointments, teas and compresses, which will assist in fighting formations in the anus.

Hemorrhoid Treatment folk remedies:

  • cut candles from raw potatoes.It should be about the size of your finger, little finger.Means must be carefully put into the anus for the day or overnight.Before you carry out the procedure, make an enema.
  • Prepare a decoction of dried chamomile.For this grass pour 1 tbsp.boiling water.The resulting liquid moisten a cotton swab and wipe them nodes.Greasy lotion to make exterior, soaking in the broth napkins and attach them to the affected area.
  • help you can and ordinary ice.To prepare it, pour water into a cylindrical shape to form a candle, and freeze.The resulting tool, remove from the mold, the tip dip in the water, warm temperatures, and then enter into the anus.In order not to appear inside irritation, keep the candle should be no more than 30 seconds.After 5 days of time can be increased by 30 seconds in every 3 days.

treatment of thrombosis haemorrhoid

If in the initial stage of the illness has not undergone effective treatment, there is a thrombosis., We must remember that this complication, so folk remedies to get rid of this ailment is not recommended before starting therapy.To eliminate the inflammation of hemorrhoids, be sure to seek medical help.Doctors will paint the correct rehabilitation or surgery offer.

thrombosis, which is a consequence of the nodes are assigned:

  • bed rest;
  • hip baths with potassium;
  • lotion with lead acetate;
  • milk-vegetable diet;
  • mineral oil inside;
  • preparations to strengthen blood vessels and reduce inflammation;
  • suitable ointment for hemorrhoidal cones - heparin, troksivazinovuyu.

Video: how to treat hemorrhoids and units

formations Treatment should be started as early as possible in the anus.While the disease is not complicated, it is possible successfully to stop the process at home through a variety of folk remedies.A sign of thrombosis is a constant pain in the anus, not associated with defecation.Recipes natural medicines do not differ complexity, prepare and use them easily.If the disease has given complication, contact a specialist for qualified help to avoid major problems.How to deal with hemorrhoids at different stages, see in the video.