How to use valerian

Medicinal properties of valerian root have been known since ancient times.Healers of ancient Greece believed that this herb can not only soothe, but also to clarify the mind.The use of valerian, produced on the basis of medicinal roots, today no less popular.But do not forget that it is a medicine.How to take valerian, not to harm your body?For information on dosages, indications and contraindications in the paper.

Instructions for use

Valerian tablets and drops has a similar impact on the multilateral body - gently reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, dilates coronary vessels, thus slowing down the heart rate, facilitates the onset of restful sleep.Such pharmacological effects of valerian extract is achieved due to the composition of the preparation: organic acid ester resin, valeric acid.Taken together, they can increase the effects of muscle relaxants and sedatives taken drugs.


valerian tablets more often in demand in hysterical, nervous conditions.For head

aches that are similar in symptoms of migraine, sleep disorders, small deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system and digestive tract, when you need to remove the spasm, prolonged course will receive a valerian tablets or tincture.The positive role of valerian extract plays in the lives of women at different stages: during PMS, during menopause and during childbearing.


Based on the pharmacokinetic data, which studies the behavior of the drug on the molecular level, when ingested, after long-term administration of valerian, it begins to act as an independent therapeutic drug, and not just auxiliary.Different dosage and period of admission has a distinctive effect on the body.Infusions, decoctions rhizomes of valerian have a stronger effect.In case of overdose there is excitement, stupor, nausea, vomiting.Check as valerian take in liquid or tablet form.


valerian produced in small tablets, coated yellow or brown.Thanks to convenient packaging the drug can carry.Furthermore valerian root, the structure includes magnesium carbonate, gelatin, potato starch.Valerian sale in pharmacies without a prescription is carried out.With minor neurological disorders, sleep disorders, faced with a difficult emotional day, an adult should take the tablets three times a day for 1-2 pieces.To accumulate in the body soothing substances, the course may be extended for a week and a bit more.


The use of valerian drops most conveniently at home or a hospital.Valerian tincture taken orally, an average single dose allows adults to drink at 15-30 drops / day.For stable sedative effect removal spasms drink droplets with a small amount of water before meals three or four times per day.In more serious health problems, the doctor prescribes a dose of valerian individually.


Despite the fact that valerian is plant-based, without consulting a doctor, do not self-medicate.There are a number of contraindications, even for this, at first glance, a harmless drug, the extract of valerian.Read the warning list.If you have even the slightest doubt about taking valerian extract - not a health risk, consult your doctor.Contraindications:

  • children, whose age has not reached three years;
  • pregnancy in the first trimester;
  • idiosyncrasy fructose;
  • intolerance to at least one of the components that are part of the allergic reactions to it.

Side effects

With regular use of valerian retardation observed response rate.Therefore, people associated with the mechanisms of the work, which need quick response, control vehicles, you need to be very careful in taking drugs valerian.If you can not stop the drug, you should inform the staff on work or family members about the possible negative consequences due to the relaxing effect after taking valerian.

How to take during pregnancy and Guards

Valerian during pregnancy, a doctor appointed - a widely used practice.During hormonal changes the body, the expectant mother feels fear, anxiety, which can lead to sleep loss, irregular heartbeat (tachycardia), cause stomach or uterine cramps.Having considered all the parties for and against the use of the use of valerian, the doctor makes a decision and recommends taking the drug or not, so as not to harm the baby while it is in the womb.

From the fourth month of pregnancy, the doctor considers the possibility to appoint a tincture or tablets valerian to relieve uterine tone, which can lead to premature labor and child loss.Late toxicosis no less painful for women than in the early stages.Remove stomach cramps help valerian tablets.Drops are considered safer to use, designate three-time reception on one thing for a period of no more than two consecutive weeks.

often after childbirth fears not only not disappear, but also strengthened.Valerian nursing mother recommended gynecologist under the supervision of a pediatrician, who will observe the change in the child's reaction, who is breastfed.During lactation the drug valerian extract with milk is ingested grudnichka.Valerian breastfeeding can help her mother, but harm the baby.If the child became lethargic, not breastfeeding, sleeping too long, the use of valerian extract after pediatrician examination is discontinued.

Can you give valerian children

no apparent reason to give valerian children can not, just because parents want the baby behaved calmly.Not reached three to four years of age, children should not use valerian extract in any form.Appointment child valerian must be justified by compelling reasons.The pediatrician can prescribe a medicine valerian extract, not knowing the history of the development of the baby.Exceptionally appointed pills valerian:

  • age 3-7 years - 1 tablet three times a day;
  • from 7 years and older - adult dosage is 1-2 tablets.

How much can you drink

Reception valerian extract tablets - more gentle way to relieve the tension of the nervous system, or cramps.But long-term use of valerian can lead to the accumulation of substances in the body, which are the components.The course of treatment with valerian extract depends on the personality of the patient, the diagnosis and the prescribing physician.The average due date for valerian should not exceed one month or less, if the effect of the drug comes first.

When used fresh decoction of the root in unlimited quantities, there is an overdose of sedatives.Uncontrolled reception of valerian extract, alone exceeded in duration or dosage, cause harm to the body.When accumulated in the blood and tissues of surplus materials that are part of valerian drug, such symptoms are observed:

  • hypersomnia;
  • general weakness;
  • lethargy of muscle tissue;
  • inhibited thinking and reaction;
  • dizziness;
  • arrhythmia;
  • increase in blood pressure;
  • reduced visual acuity, hearing;
  • nausea;
  • bowel disorder.

Videos about valerian extract

Useful information about valerian, you know, watching videos, it is useful at any stage of life for themselves, and to help people around.Harmless herb valerian extract, which is used for medicinal purposes, can not only help, but also have a detrimental impact.Carefully read the list of properties of valerian, the indications for its use, the recommended dosage for tablets and alcohol tinctures, which enhances and accelerates the exposure time of the drug on the body.

How to avoid a hypertensive crisis due to the sharp, short-term drop in blood pressure, with the help of funds that have a sedative effect on the nervous system - learn from the second attached video.Recommendations on soothing tincture and tablets, will be useful for everyone, because high blood pressure is widespread among the population.


With increased pressure

feedback on the application of valerian

Oleg, 52 years : The fact that valerian can not only help, but also nearly cost them their lives,I learned from experience.Work forwarder has always been associated with increased nervousness.I decided some time to drink tablets valerian tincture because it contains alcohol.Day three felt great, was the calm, balanced, yet almost died, losing vigilance, dozing at the wheel on the road.The accident cost me health.I advise not to take pills drivers!

Alexander, 28 years : first pregnancy was medically standards later, at age 27, so heavy.Because the doctors kept constantly in control of my health, I am even more nervous.Tears, tantrums have become a common thing for me.Applying the usual valerian, which has registered a gynecologist in the second trimester, not only make life easier for me and others, but also caused internal changes.I went nausea, decreased uterine tone.The threat of miscarriage has passed through tablets valerian.

Svetlana, 37 years : did not know until recently that hypertension is a disease so "rejuvenated".I am at my age already experienced the crisis, which has resulted in a constant tension at work and at home, breakdowns, lack of sleep.In addition to the main treatment, the doctor in the hospital appointed drops of valerian.At first I was surprised such a combination, but as it turned out - valerian extract not only calms the nerves and has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, relieves spasms of blood vessels and increases the effects of drugs that stabilize the pressure.Here's a nondescript assistant - valerian.