How to clean a keyboard

When you see a solid layer of dust, and apple icons, hp, acer asus or husk of the seeds is not already visible, planned a keyboard serious cleaning.How do I clean it?Your input device information calls for a careful attitude.The same model in the case in stores have a chance of breakage is not found, or it may be expensive, even compared with the original purchase price.But cleaning the keyboard in different ways - this is useful knowledge and invaluable experience.How to clean the keyboard properly and in what cases need this procedure?

In some cases it is necessary to clean the keyboard

Keyboard requires regular cleansing to prevent problems in the operation of the device.Preventive measures such a plan is important to maintain pristine appearance and type of work longer.But there are times when you need urgent cleaning:

  1. keys become sticky, sink down when pressed.Can be pressed at the same position due to strange stickiness or edge at the base.
  2. To button to work, you need to press several
  3. buttons, the keyboard, the space between the buttons "decorated" stains, dirty layers and stripes.
  4. pressing the button, makes strange noises (not a soft click, and the creak or squeak bad).
  5. the naked eye can see that between the keys is full of debris, dust, crumbs, pieces of paper, and the buttons themselves are dirty, sticky.

How to disassemble the keyboard

Cleaning should be not only the outer shell, but also the internal, so that even before the question of how to wash the keyboard of the laptop or computer, you need an extra step.How to disassemble the device?Analysis device on a laptop computer and is significantly different.Therefore, we will look at two versions of the keyboard parsing, to avoid further problems or damage.To understand it is necessary and how to safely clean the contacts, wash the buttons to work with bindings.

on laptop

  1. Any keyboard before dismantling take pictures, to avoid the situation, "Where has this button?".
  2. Unplug the laptop, it is necessary to remove the battery.
  3. buttons that have different functional purpose, are attached in different ways.The mechanisms by which this occurs is called the lifter.After removing the plastic piece, put it together with the mount.
  4. To clean the laptop from dust begin to deal with the letter keys.Otschelkivaya plastic button, you'll see a couple of fasteners, snaps you want forceps where the lifter is fixed vertically.
  5. Work with side mounts neatly, do not hurry, they are very fragile.Removing all of the lifter at the same time threatened breakdown.
  6. Then go to the button, who lifter differ.The PgUp, PgDn keys, cursors, alphabetic E button under his plastic button affixed black / white mount.Print the ears of hooks (on the left side, top and bottom).
  7. Spacebar and Shift removed similar, but differ in that the catches are not a button, but two.
  8. last button is: alt, fn, ctrl and win.For their removal are displayed on the right side tabs (top and bottom).
  9. then shoot black stencil.It each button corresponds to the desired elastic triangular shape.
  10. stencil is a three-layer base film with the contact points.They suffer from the circuits when spilling liquid on the keyboard.The layers are very thin, fragile, so work with the utmost care to prevent damage to the base film.

For computer

  1. Disconnect the keyboard from the computer, take pictures from the outside.
  2. preferred work will be on the table, send cloth.Keyboard flips cruciate screwdriver all bolts can be turned out.First unscrew the center, then at the edges, add up all alone on the tablecloth or in any convenient container.
  3. share the part of the body.The upper part of the lift, remove the keys, hooking a screwdriver on the edge.The button will rise up and come off with fasteners.
  4. Removing the "Space" button, Enter, Shift?They recorded an additional metal fixers, efforts to disarm the lock need to do more.
  5. To replace the light emitting diode, or the cord, remove the lower part of the keyboard, then the control board.You will see a thin film with contacts: it is not necessary to touch.
  6. all need to clean and replace, put the key into place and secured by pressing a finger until it clicks.Collect all of the buttons on the top of the keyboard, align it with the bottom, all the latches close.
  7. The inverted body set previously extended bolts, spin halfway to the body not shifted and all the details were right on their nests.Your keyboard will work for a long time, efficiently, quietly.

The keys can be cleaned

disassembled keyboard, all the keys gently stretched, proceed to clean them.Ways to beat pollution, stickiness and terrible stains on the keys a lot.Each cleaning method differs spent on labor-intensive process, power, the amount of time and money.Choose how to thoroughly clean the keyboard at its sole discretion and opportunities.

Suitable materials for cleaning:

  1. Alcohol swabs.The process for a long time, as have each key thoroughly cleaned with alcohol wipes or wet.But the result will be the most ideal, because you come to every detail individually.Plus moisture on the surface of the buttons after a cleaning evaporates quickly, do not need to wait long for the end of drying.
  2. Shoe hairdryer.Purging the keyboard upside down with a hair dryer - a very quick and simple process.Even with a hair dryer dried liquid spilled on the keyboard.
  3. Cotton Buds.You have to tinker, but a cotton swab to clean the buttons and get mezhduknopochnoe space.The main thing - to frequently change the cotton buds and if you want to moisten them with diluted isopropyl alcohol (it does not hurt the paint as opposed to the usual alcohol).More replace cotton buds you get a brush.
  4. Specialized cleaner.If you search, how to clean a laptop keyboard at home, then clean the surface offers a specialized cleaner for keyboards.Another device Assistant -Automotive vacuum cleaner.Easy to buy and a special aerosol can of compressed air to blow out all right in the keyboard.
  5. Lizun.Effectively clean the laptop from dust or sticky tack makes a good special agent.Lizunov sold in stores or prepare yourself at home.Sticky consistency tends to scrape the most fastidious zone and at the same time do not adhere completely to the device.
  6. Water treatments.All keys are folded into a container, fill it with warm water, go to sleep a little bit of washing powder or detergent.Leave for a couple of hours and then we dry cleaning.The main thing - carefully check all the buttons inside.They should not be moisture and dirt.

How to clean the keyboard

When Claudia had already dismantled, we need the right algorithm for further action:

  1. cleaned with a damp cloth usual big chip.Green often bypass, not to harm.
  2. engaged in cleaning the keys from dirt.
  3. rear and front lid are washed with warm water or cleaned with a cloth.
  4. sure well dry all the parts and assemble our device.If the keyboard does not work after assembly - disassemble it, check everything to the smallest detail and reassemble.

Tutorials: how to clean a keyboard at home

Service centers with pleasure will clean your device, but is not it better to do useful work by yourself?See informative video tutorials on the keyboard cleaning at home.Processing of dust, liquid spills on the laptop keyboard surface, without removing the keys - all these nuances you learn by viewing the informative workshop.

Learn new, take literally the information "first hand"!Professionals will share their experience with newcomers in this business.The nuances of the selection method, liquid type, the "general" cleaning will open the video.So you will be able to easily avoid the difficulties and maintain well-functioning favorite keyboard.Choose the right way to you, and you will succeed on the first try!

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