How to make a rose out of napkins

you want to decorate the table or putting original colors?Then see our detailed instructions and create a pink flower of the napkins.

Purchase any products for decorating the holiday table - is now absolutely no problem.But it's nice to bring in the festive decoration of a piece of his soul and make their own hands ornaments that will give warmth and joy of family.One of the most simple and original decorations - this is paper and fabric roses.In this article you will learn how to make a rose out of napkins on their own.

What is needed for crafts

Rosebud do in many ways.In one case, fabrication involves only the presence of the flower for crafts material, i.e. cloth or paper.In another - and even scissors, adhesives, wires, and additional hardware in the form of beads and sequins.Consider a few ways - with the use of additional tools and without them.

How to make a rose out of paper towel with his hands

Option - without stem bud

Take folded four times a paper napkin (it was packed)

and put it in front of him.One Fold the edge of any of about 1 cm. Then it pulls on the index finger.Make it so that the folded edge of the "watched" on the base of the finger.Try to wind is not very firmly, that in the future bud was poluraspuschenny view.

As a result, we got kind of paper cylinder on his finger.Makes him a base bud.Simply squeeze the edge of our cylinder, which is located near the tips of the fingers, that is, the opposite edge of the folded.It needs a little squeeze and twist, thereby fixing the paper to bud did not break up.

're a little "dissolve" flower.To take this further folded edge first and, as a spiral, it slightly everted outwardly.It is best to turn out only two or three upper layers of petals.So we got ready poluraspuschenny rosebud without legs.

Option - bud with stem

Take a paper towel and fold it in half so that it turned out not square, and rectangular shapes.Bends one of the short sides of our rectangle about 1 cm. Then, as in the previous version of the web pulls on the finger so that the folded edge of the "watched" on its base, and most of the rest remained behind with his fingertips.

After bud wound up, twist the familiar way of his foundation.By the same method, and we continue to twist the stem of a flower.Around the middle of the stem we will not free the folded napkin corner.It needs to be carefully bend in the opposite direction, giving the shape of a leaf.When the leaf is ready, the following continue to twist the stem to the end.Further, as in the previous version and wrenching petals bud.Voila - paper rose with stem and leaf prepared!

How to make a rose out of the cloth: User

first option - cloth bud with leaves in a glass of cognac

For products need two cloth napkins (we will use two colors - red and green) and wire.Red napkin put in front of him on the table.One edge Bends not about one centimeter and pulls on the finger tissue, as is the case with paper bud described above.The base of the bud zamatyvaem wire and some gut-wrenching petals to the outside.Green napkin accordion add up the middle rewind wire.

Tip: If the cloth to be small bud brilliant drawing - Rose will look even more solemn.

the folded green "accordion" mid-fall to the bottom of cognac glasses so that its ends sticking out to the top - this will be the leaves of our roses.Between the two green leaves put in our red bud and the composition is ready!

The second option - a lush bud of cloth

In order to make cloth rose, we need 5 red cloth napkins, scissors and a thin braid.

Deployed in single layer napkins add up the pile.Stack add up to four times.One hand take over the central angle of the second hand in a semicircle cut out wavy edge future petals, as shown in the photo below.When we decompose a napkin, get square with wavy cut edges.Fold the petals future "accordion", squeeze the middle finger and tying this place braid.

spreads its petals, buds and give shape to obtain a beautiful lush rose.Garnish with a bottle of champagne or wine, tying this rose on the neck tape.

Tip: Rose will turn even more beautiful if you swipe to bud use two colors.For example, red with pink, yellow, white, blue with blue and so on.

How to make a rose out of napkins for 1 minute: video workshop

In the absence of a large amount of time you can use this video here and make a rose out of the wipes just for 1 minute.

How to make a rose out of napkins for

Topiary Topiary - in this case, a rose on the ball - the original decoration for ceremonial decoration of halls cafes, banquet tables.It is used also as gift wrapping for sweets.

To create a topiary with a diameter of 25 centimeters will need to make about 25 small roses.Napkins and paper use, and tissue.

Step by step guide how to make roses for Topiary

We need:

  • glue,
  • paper napkins,
  • scissors,
  • thin pencil or wooden skewers for kebabs,
  • thin wire.

Step 1.Take a paper towel, fold it four times.Expand and cut with scissors at folds into four equal parts.

Step 2.Using wooden skewers for kebabs, starting with one of the corners, turn half of the napkin into a tube as shown in the photo below.

Step 3.We undertake the edge of the paper wound on skewers, and move them slightly inward, making this part of the bellows.Skewers and take out the same way to curl the remaining 3 pieces of napkins.So we get the petals of roses for the future.Each rose will need 4 petals.If you want a lush rose, increase slightly the number of petals.

Step 4.Take another paper towel, cut it in half.One half is wrinkled into a ball, and the second half is a tight-fitting ball to get the kind of head to tail.

Step 5.Take the wire, about 3 cm. The tip of the smear glue and insert it into the tail of the resulting head.

Step 6.Take a small strip of cloth and wrapped it wire, starting from the head.Finishing the wind, not reaching 1 cm. To the end of the wire.

Step 7.Drum and glue petals on the head so that they remain on top of the twisted.

Step 8.Putting it all into a bowl made of rose, forming a topiary.

Tip: make large and small rose on legs of different lengths, so the bouquet will look "alive" and more original.

Topiary make plain and colored, and as the leaves using green strip inserted into a ball between colors.If the buds are inserted candy bouquet will not only beautiful, but also a delicious surprise.

Where used paper and fabric roses

Festive table setting will be complete, if you combine it with own hand made flowers.Buds are large and small, open and closed, self-colored and multi-colored, on legs with leaves and without them.

Basically these colors complement the serving tables.They are beautifully placed in brandy glasses or transparent bowls, large semi-open buds adorn the plates of guests or make a bouquet and place it in the center of the table.Compositions of paper or fabric roses combined with wonderfully selected to match the candles and beads.

Flowers made of paper or cloth is also used to decorate gift packages, especially if it's gift basket with food.Bouquets of flowers adorn a kitchen space, making it a more spiritual atmosphere and home.

production versions of roses there are many napkins.Select the most suitable of them and create a paper flower with his own hands.