Damage to the meniscus of the knee

You've probably heard how the car is compared to the human body.Motor is called heart, the fuel tank with the stomach, the engine with the brain.However, the anatomy of "organisms" is similar.Do gomosapiensny analogue shock absorbers?A whole bunch!For example, the menisci.However, if a good ride the machine is a device necessary for damping and "absorption" shocks, should be changed after each passed the 70 thousand. Km, what work requires a meniscus injury?

What meniscus knee meniscus

- laying crescent-shaped cartilage, joint needed to mitigate the impacts, reduce the load.Such a protective layer of connective tissue located in the right and left knee joints.It consists of a body and two horns, the front and rear (see. Photo).The specific structure allows it to "shock absorber" when driving the knees compress and move in different directions.

There are two types:

  • lateral (outside) - the most mobile and wide one;
  • medial (inner) - a "lazy" body, asfirmly attached to the joint capsule.It work
    s in tandem with the lateral ligament of the knee, so that together they are injured.

What is a torn meniscus of the knee joint

If you pierced a sharp pain in the legs bend, know this: most likely, the reason the meniscus.Young people injury associated with active sports and are accompanied by a rotation of the lower leg when the cartilage disc does not have time to "get away" from the compression condyles.Damage to an extreme degree - the gap - occurs during a game of hockey, soccer, tennis, when skiing."Older" menisci suffer from the degenerative changes of cartilage, against which serious injury can result in very minor damage.

extent of damage on Stoller

trauma experienced only one symptoms in 95% of cases are diagnosed a torn meniscus.Indicators are high, however, and the physician may not be quite seasoned, and the patient - who have got just those in the category of 5%.So doctors for secure resort to additional research, the most informative - MR.When it is complete the patient to put one of the four degrees of classification of damage, which invented the sports physician Steven Stoller, a famous American orthopedic surgeon from New Jersey.

Classification Stoller:

  • counting from zero degree - is the norm, indicating that the meniscus is unchanged;
  • first, second level - borderline lesions;
  • third degree - the true gap.

symptoms of meniscus tear knee

If the internal meniscus of the knee ruptured, the symptoms include one or more features:

  • constant pain in the joint;
  • pain only during fiznagruzki;
  • instability in the injured area;
  • crunch or clicks when bent legs;
  • knee significantly increased in size due to swelling of the joints.

degenerative changes

symptoms in degenerative or chronic meniscus tear, increases with the thinning of the cartilage tissue.Painful sensations are transient, sometimes completely subside.Injury usually occurs in patients of advanced age, but occurs in young and with a strong physical stress, overweight, flat feet, rheumatism, tuberculosis or syphilis.

After meniscus injury

Signs of the cartilage layer that arose after the knee injury, similar to symptoms of other disorders, so consult a doctor without wasting time.If you ignore the bad state of health symptoms may disappear after a week, but it is - the false break.Injury remind yourself!In severe rupture of the meniscus can get into the joint space, and then the knee begins to unfold in the way or does not bend.

treatment without surgery

therapy is chosen depending on the age of the patient, kind of his occupation, lifestyle, specific diagnosis and localization of pathological process.What do you - menistsit knee joint (the people "meniskoz"), horizontal tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus with displacement, lighter damage to the posterior horn of the medial meniscus injury or a combination establish a doctor.


If simple meniscus damage occurred it tear or partial tear, can and must provide treatment without surgery.Therapy Methods:

  1. main treatment - reduction, which makes a "cool" the surgeon, or hardware joint traction.
  2. Symptomatic treatment - removal of edema, pain relief.
  3. Rehabilitation, to which the physical therapy, massage and physical therapy.
  4. recovery of cartilage - a long process, but mandatory for the prevention of osteoarthritis.
  5. Fixing the knee kneepads or gypsum.Immobilization need for a period of 3-4 weeks.

folk remedies

How to treat a knee meniscus, if a surgeon or a podiatrist (yes even a local therapist) at the moment for you - out of reach?Folk remedies.Keywords: "at the moment"!It responds well to this treatment the inflammation or cyst of the meniscus of the knee.But in this case, if you do not want to find himself in a wheelchair, go to the doctor as soon as possible.Be attentive to his knee, it is useful to you?Unpleasant consequences are very real.In the meantime, make a note of these "green" recipes:

  • wrap bile

Buy at the pharmacy bottle (produced by 100 and 200 ml) of medical bile.2 tbsp.spoons of liquid to this unpleasant kind of warm up on a water bath, and then smear them sore knee, shook bandaid on top and warm scarf.Leave for a couple of hours.Perform the procedure in the morning and evening.

  • compress honey liqueur

Stir in 1 tbsp.spoon 95% of medical alcohol and liquid honey.Melt the resulting "mead" in a water bath, cool, not to burn yourself, and apply the mixture on the knee.Top - polyethylene, it - a woolen scarf.The procedure is carried out daily.

  • Onion mixture

Excellent tool to repair a torn meniscus.To make it, grate two medium onions, add a tablespoon of sugar.The resulting slurry wrap in the "dough", attach to the knee.Secure the top film and woolen scarf.

operation on the meniscus of the knee joint

Indications for surgery:

  • serious meniscus injury;
  • crushing cartilage;
  • meniscus damage horns;
  • tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus;
  • damage internal meniscus of the knee joint;
  • cyst of the knee, in the event of failure of conservative therapy or long-standing problems.

Price depends on the severity of damage, the complexity of the surgical procedure.The cost can be and 25 thousand. Rub. And 8 th. Euros.Prosthetic knee joint Russian citizens in our country is carried out under the policy of the MLA.

Types of operation:

  1. Recovery meniscus integrity.
  2. meniscus removal, partial or complete.
  3. transplantation tissue - in the case when it is significantly damaged.
  4. Staple meniscus - held with fresh injuries of the knee joint.

Video: how to treat the meniscus of the knee

In the video, which is located below the famous Russian traumatologist, PhD Yuri Glazkov shows what it looks like the knee and talk about how you can cure any disease meniscus.And in this video you will see the process of the operation.Look carefully, if you have to surgery, in order to understand how it will take place, and your treatment.