The blood from the anus

noticed discharge of blood from the anus?Alarming symptom could indicate a dangerous disease, life-threatening.Regardless of whether it is abundant or minor, you must consult your doctor immediately.Bleeding from the anus - a signal of the body that should not be overlooked.Discharge stop themselves, but this does not mean that health is good.After some time, the symptom may reappear, but the disease will have time to go into running shape.

Causes of blood in the feces of an adult and a child

blood from the anus can have different colors depending on which department of the digestive tract it loses.If the source is located in the sigmoid or the rectum, bleeding, bright red color when in the stomach and the esophagus, it is darker.Also, the color is distorted after the use of food enzymes.Let us consider the causes of bleeding from the anus on the symptoms.

crimson blood from the anus during defecation

detect when blood comes out with a chair, can flow and remain on the toilet paper.The scar

let color is often indicative of a pathological process near the anus, or in the colon.When a person feels uncomfortable bowel movements, pain.The above combination of symptoms can indicate the presence of the following diseases:

  1. Hemorrhoids.Rectal bleeding in disease meager.It appears as a result of solid defecation, stool volume or reinforced after exercise.
  2. fissure in the rectum.Bleeding abundant, accompanied by noticeable pain.Other symptoms are absent.
  3. bowel diverticula.Bleeding excessive, appears periodically observed in elderly men, women and after childbirth.
  4. polyps.Scarlet blood appears occasionally, the pain is not observed.

Loose stools with blood

If blood comes out of the anus at loose stools, diarrhea, this is doubly dangerous.It can be caused by an infectious disease (enteritis, salmonellosis).Indirect symptoms - abdominal cramps, chills, fever, vomiting.It is possible such diseases as internal hemorrhoids.Rectal bleeding is accompanied by pain, itching, burning sensation in the anus.If the chair is a dark color, it indicates the presence of tumors, gastric ulcers.Bloody diarrhea in adults can indicate the presence of colitis, dysbacteriosis colon cancer.Another reason - food poisoning.

blood clots in stool

In 90% of cases of blood clots indicate diseases of colon, small intestine.Insidious chronic disease, which they are typical - Crohn's disease, additionally accompanied by fever, skin rash, pain.Thicken the blood can be released for ulcerative colitis.Additional features: loss of appetite, sore left side of the abdomen, fever.Intestinal infection is also accompanied by the presence of blood.Its mandatory symptoms - fever, swelling.

What should I do if the feces with blood

patient's condition can vary from minor discomfort, weakness before fainting.It should be immediately examined by Coloproctology.If bleeding from the anus when stool is seen in pregnant women, it is necessary to consult a female doctor.Children with this symptom, it is desirable to show a pediatrician and allergist, if necessary.

What should be first aid?Since it is impossible to independently determine the disease, before the arrival of emergency is necessary to create conditions for complete rest.If a strong bleeding from the anus shows use cold: in the area of ​​bleeding apply an ice pack, swallowing small pieces of ice.Strictly contraindicated drink water, medicate, put an enema.

How to stop bleeding hemorrhoids

As a rule, it stops itself after a bowel movement.If the bleeding more, but you can not go to the hospital, it is necessary to try to stop it on their own.

  1. exposure to cold.You can be washed away with cold water, make a compress, lotions or make a compress to the anus.Thereafter narrowed blood vessels, the blood will stop.
  2. use hemostatic agents (menadione, etamzilat).These tablets are contraindicated in pregnancy and if a person drank alcohol.
  3. Use local haemostatics - collagen sponge.After the introduction of the anus are swollen and press down vessels.Sponges resolve themselves, so they do not need to be removed.

With candles from hemorrhoids

very popular for the treatment of disease are candles.They eliminate the main symptom, help to heal tissue, microfractures, reduce itching and pain, stop the growth of hemorrhoids.They need to enter into the anus and lying to remain in a horizontal position (on your stomach) to 30 minutes are effective following candles: Anuzol, Relief, Aurobin, Anestezol and others.Pregnant appoint candles with ihtiola, glycerine, papaverine.

folk remedies

To eliminate spotting people actively using ice candles.They are prepared as follows: paper twists into a cone filled with ice water or a decoction of herbs in it.Homemade candle placed in a refrigerator for freezing and then gently introduced into the rectum.Note: the presence of inflammation in the bladder, kidneys, such treatment is prohibited.

If the blood does not stop during defecation itself, you can use herbal teas, introducing them with the help of enemas.Well it helps daisy: 20 need to brew in a glass of boiling water, leave to stand 5 hours, filter and use.Effective enema decoction of yarrow (herb has astringent, anti-bacterial properties).

Video: what there bleeding from the anus during stool

Found blood on the toilet paper after emptying?More important than its color and consistency - so you can determine the approximate cause of its occurrence.To determine the time a disease, you must immediately go to the hospital.To prepare for the examination in advance, it is desirable to put an enema, and poop.More details on this can be found on the photos and the video below.