Snowflake made ​​of paper

Probably each of us remembers from his childhood, how to make a snowflake from a paper.In the winter cold in the evening the whole family gathered for a huge table and cut out these simple structures, and then the children glued to their windows.From this it became somehow warmer even passers passing considering children's "masterpieces".Here are the most interesting performance art snowflakes from paper.

most simple snowflake 4, 5 and 6 or octagonal

All your favorite childhood snowflakes - is rolled 5 times list.The first 4-fold sheet folded in half, the last time on the diagonal.From the resulting construct cut out any patterns, we deploy and get our New Year's beauty.

But such a method of manufacturing a billet making angular patterns.Snowflake made under this scheme, of course, is beautiful, but too simple.Do all the decorations on one such pattern is not interesting, we consider several models of paper folding.





embodiment six-pointed p

aper snowflakes is quite complex because it needs to be put at random or with a protractor.To not measure an angle of 60 degrees each time, allowed to make a special workpiece and using it to turn off all remaining snowflakes.

can use another way to minimize the hexagon.

  • Start with a diagonal inflection.if you do not have a square sheet, cut off the excess part.After that, turn the workpiece on a diagonal again.
  • base of the triangle (the widest part) divide into 3 equal length.Bends one corner so that the edge came to an end at the level of the mark.It will be below ground, but strictly under the label.
  • Fold the second part, cut off the ends of the rough and ready, our hexagonal workpiece.It remains to draw or just cut the pattern with snowflakes.

Photo guide will help you if at some point you have something does not work out.

How to make a snowflake out of paper in the technique kirigami

part, you get the same snowflake, only she will attend the three-dimensional detail.In this master class provides guidance on making hexagonal products, but you can experiment with any form.

with a protractor draw a template for the production of hexagonal workpiece.The angles are 60 and 120 degrees and.

Then take another sheet square shape, fold it diagonally.

resulting folded triangle side (base) to impose a pattern on the coordinate axes.

necessary to bend the corners of the workpiece.For convenience, you can make a small notch in the middle, this piece Fold in half.Do not fix the midline, make a clamp at the base.After that you, focusing on this label, bent corner, as shown in the diagram.

Bend the second corner - piece ready.

Make snowflake tracery.You can first draw a pattern.if you are confident in their abilities, proceed directly to the carving.The finished workpiece is necessary to expand, bend some of the inside and if you want to decorate or something to decorate.

Examples patterns for kirigami

your personal pattern of snowflakes kirigami you can think yourself important to understand how to make three-dimensional snowflakes out of paper.

volumetric snowflakes from paper

Snowflakes kirigami differ from these bulk products.Try to make your own Christmas 3D figure.

To do this you will need:

  • Paper
  • scissors or a knife stationery
  • line
  • Tape or glue
  • Stapler

first made of paper 6 equal squares.To volume figure is well kept form, use thick paper.

Each square bend on the diagonal, and do 3 cut to the middle on both sides.The incisions should not touch, leave between 0.5-1 cm.

Unveiling the sheet and place it so that the uncut edges are vertical.Inside two curl near the edge of a tube.It with glue or adhesive tape.

Expand our procurement and connecting the two following strips.Again, we turn over the item and connect the 3rd row of strips.The last strip of glue is also turning the workpiece upside down.As a result, should get a figure, as in the photo below.

same manipulations make with all six squares, and then fastening them on the three elements that are deployed in the same direction.Then fasten the two parts in volume figure 3D.

get a little snowflake, and there is no need to fasten it to the sides.But if you are doing the figure of a large diameter or thinner strips, attach them to the sides stapler or glue.

Snowflake in quilling techniques

Quilling is an art - creating figures from thin paper strips by folding them into a spiral and then bonding them with glue.

To make snowflakes in the technique of quilling need:

  • Paper strips.The width you choose for yourself, usually 3, 4, 6 or 10 mm - the wider the band, the more volume will flake.
  • quilling tool - a stick with an eye created to tighten the paper.Perfect machine for twisting ribbons, sold in craft store.In the absence of both tools, use the simple awl.
  • PVA glue.
  • toothpick to apply glue.
  • stencil or stencil-line with different diameters of circles.

parts kvillingovoy snowflakes can be in the form of a heart, circle, glazik, drops, etc.all more or less clear from the circle.A drop - it's the same circle, only a strangled in the form of drops after bonding parts.What do we do with glazik only on two sides.But to make the heart, it is necessary to divide the strip into 2 parts.After that, each of them we twirl spiral inside - the heart is ready.

As of these details make a snowflake, look at the video.

now you know how to work in quilling techniques.Experiment and create their own versions of Christmas snowflakes!

Volume snowflake out of paper strips

For a paper toy you will need:

  • 12 equal strips of paper (dimensions - 0.5 cm to 10 cm or 1 cm to 20 cm, etc.)
  • scissors
  • glue

Make bulk snowflake:

  • prepared strips connect crosswise.
  • last strips fixed with adhesive, as shown in the diagram.Half snowflakes ready.
  • We perform all the same operations with the second half.

  • entire structure be glued.To do this, we expand the second part so that the circles were over the strips and circles on stripes.A strip of glue inside the ball joint at the place of fixing.
  • Once the glue is dry - the snowflake will be considered finished.

Snowflake in the art of origami

It is complex version of New Year's decorations.Unlike previous products work with this snowflake is very time-consuming.Rather, it is you do not get the first time.Do not worry, just be patient and finish the job.

Tip: To facilitate the work, use thin paper: thinner - the easier to roll.

manufacturing process:

Start doing a snowflake need to manufacture hexagonal workpiece.To do this, you can take advantage of a six-pointed snowflake pattern cutting, which you saw in the beginning of this article.

only in the third stage of folding is not necessary to fold it in half.Turn the resulting item on the other side, draw a line and cut the extra part on the ends of angles.

For a more detailed review, use the following step by step directions:

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half to reveal the middle.Further, each edge bend to the middle line.Expand the list to its original state.

  • Making the edge - Bends one angle so that the top edge started from the middle (2 fold line), and the lower end at the first fold line.The same is done with the second side.Then straighten the sheet.

  • To define the rest of the corners, you need to bend a piece of paper to the side of the hexagon formed.The same is done with the upper part.

  • Determine the remaining 2 sides, bending sheet formed last faces.You're cut out a hexagon, and you can start making origami snowflakes.

Further see a video tutorial and design to their origami snowflakes.Master class in English, but for the understanding you will not need translation, simply look at the image.

We dismantled all the six main types of production of Christmas decorations made of paper.We have gone from simple to complex.It is time to pass this experience to children - they infect the idea of ​​creating Christmas crafts, and then every winter evening filled with warmth and joy at the family table.

Until next time!