Symptoms and treatment of polyps in the rectum

polypoid formation of the rectum and colon may occur in both men and women of any age.In proctology documented cases of disease even in young children.Modern medicine has not yet established the cause of this disease.Some experts believe that the polyps in the rectum, symptoms and treatment of which are individual in nature, formed as a result of a viral infection, but this hypothesis is not confirmed.Doctors note pattern: polyposis often develops in patients with chronic colitis or people with low acidity.

What are polyps in the rectum

polyp looks like the build-up of epithelial, connective or glandular tissue, which can be deployed in the uterus, the maxillary sinus, gastrointestinal organs.If education is found in the anal canal, it indicates polyposis colon.Pathology is registered under the international classification of diseases ICD code 10. Like other similar growths anal polyps has all the signs of a benign tumor:

  • virtually no impact on the health of pathology;
  • no similarities with aty
    pical structure;
  • no metastasis.

existing long build-up in the rectum is able to gradually develop into a tumor malignancy (called colorectal cancer).Medicine refers to the category of polyp precancerous diseases.Polyposis colorectal practically does not occur in healthy tissues.Pathology is preceded by an inflammatory process caused by enteritis, colitis, ulcers, typhoid fever, etc.. Fertile ground for the disease becomes dyskinesia of intestines or constipation.However, rectal polyp, the child develops without comorbidities.

types of education:

  1. Fibrous.It consists of connective tissue, often formed on the hemorrhoidal node.There are cases where fibrous polyps in the rectum, definition of symptoms and treatment which is engaged proctologist, grow to large sizes and are found during defecation, when the fall in the anus.
  2. Hyperplastic.It is small in size and more frequently diagnosed in the elderly.As an independent disease hyperplastic polyp of the rectum is found rarely.As a rule, it is the initial form of adenomas and papillomas.
  3. Adenomatous.The most common form of colorectal polyposis looks dense and smooth ball of pink color without ulceration.By invoice adenomatous polyp is similar to the intestinal mucosa.
  4. villous.It has no feet, unlike the adenomatous polyp.Education has a wide base, which is securely attached to the rectal tissue.The structure villous polyp of the rectum is similar to a sponge, divided into slices that bleeds when any touch.

Symptoms of polyps in the rectum

  • Fecal with mucus.
  • Recurrent bleeding from the anus.
  • symptoms of intestinal obstruction develops in the presence of large polyps (cramps, pain).

Treatment folk remedies

polyps of the colon and rectum often develop into a malignant tumor type, so it is important to immediately take treatment of the disease.Modern medicine often uses surgery, but such a method is undesirable for many.How to treat polyps in the rectum?Medicines for benign entities is not appointed, so the solution becomes feasible alternative therapy.Treatment of folk remedies polyps allows patients to avoid surgery completely cured polyposis.

  • treatment celandine colon polyps.Mix two parts of St. John's wort, calendula flowers and three parts of celandine.Pour 2 tbsp.l.the resulting mixture, 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave to infuse for 6-8 hours.Take the infusion of polyps in the rectum 100 g three times / day before meals.
  • enema with celandine from polyposis.Prepare the broth as described above.Morning and evening do an enema with infusion (100 grams).The course of treatment lasts for 5 days, then make a break for 3 days, and repeat the procedure.
  • coniferous decoction against polyps in the rectum.One item.l.pine or spruce needles poured a liter of hot water and boil for 30-40 minutes on low heat.After the broth is poured into a glass container, to infuse for 3 hours.Tea with polyposis take over 3 weeks 0.5 cups before each meal.

Surgery to remove the colon polyp

Do I have to remove a polyp in the rectum?Timely surgery to remove not only large but also small formations of the rectum is the main preventive measure to avoid bowel cancer.This is because the treatment of polyps in the colon direct drugs is not effective.Education, which is diagnosed by colonoscopy should be surgically removed and sent for a biopsy.Common operating polyposis treatment methods are:

  • excision of polyps by endomikrohirurgicheskim;
  • poliektomiya (excision via colonoscope or proctoscope);
  • bowel resection area with the build-up;
  • transanal excision.

How to remove polyps

Surgery performed transanal way through endoscopic equipment.The anal canal is entered flexible device (an endoscope) equipped with a loop that wraps, compresses and cuts the leg formation.Passing current through the loop and instrument, thereby heating it, the doctor cauterize ulcers treated areas.

Multiple polyposis require abdominal surgery in which part of the intestine is removed.Cut Education sent to histology (study indicating whether the prerequisites for the development of malignant tumors).After removal of the bowel area to the patient to be more complex treatment and prolonged recovery than during endoscopic surgery.

laser removal of tumors in two existing methods: by laser coagulation or excision.The first involves cauterizing the build-up and is performed under local anesthesia.In the process layer by layer doctor cauterize polyps tool for preventing organ injury.The second method is the excision of formations with a laser scalpel, so the operation is carried out under general anesthesia.


After the operation the patient is usually sent home immediately, and subsequent treatment is a diet and proper care for the sick.Full recovery of the body takes about 2 weeks, during which not allowed to work with a major technology and drive.Any load can cause internal bleeding.To come back to the usual diet allowed a week after surgery.Diet after the removal of colon polyps implies:

  • split meals to meet the exact mode;
  • inclusion in the menu of milled blender lean meat;
  • consumption of soft, liquid porridges;
  • rejection of products containing coarse fiber (including vegetables, fruits).

Video: polyposis colorectal polyps

formed in the rectum, symptoms and treatment can be different.Diagnostics of the bowel disease is engaged proctologist.Initial inspection of suspected presence of tumors involves palpation of the anal canal.For more information on the number and location of growths doctor gets through sigmoidoscopy - a method of research of the rectum special device introduced through the anus.After watching the video, you will learn about the features of polyposis and methods of its treatment.

reviews about removing polyps

Andrei, 32 years

To get rid of the growths in the intestine, do not need to go to the hospital.The operation is painless and takes 1-2 hours, after which you are immediately sent home.I even diet doctor did not appoint special, advising first time there are more liquid soup.

Valentina, 27 years

first do a colonoscopy to confirm the diagnosis, after which the doctor has prescribed operation.It was very scary to go to a clinic, but it was a lot easier.Neoplasms removed with a laser to quickly and painlessly.Even in the hospital was not sent.

Daria, 41 years

recently discharged from the hospital after surgery.Very worried and nervous, watching photos of polyps on the Internet, but everything went well.I had to lie down for a week in the hospital, because it was the chance of bleeding, but nothing happened.While the seams will not heal, I will abide by "soft" diet.