Symptoms and treatment of catarrhal angina

Any sore throat guards, and when it becomes obsessive, prevents the active life, we have to wonder: Is not this a sore throat?A complex disease with multiple varieties familiar to many.Angina catarrhal symptoms and treatment which is important to be able to recognize, is a definite reason for going to the doctor.Only the doctor will evaluate the patient's condition, based on how the throat looks with angina, then the destination will provide the necessary help to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the throat, to avoid complications.

catarrhal symptoms of angina

This disease has a number of distinct features, so no complicated diagnostic procedures for its detection is not carried out.Pathogenic bacteria are always present in the mouth, but do not harm, being in a depressed state, and hypothermia and cold food intake leads to activation of these microorganisms.The doctor will determine the bacterial or fungal nature of tonsillitis, ulcerative film you have angina or catarrhal, according to prescri

be treatment.

The adult

sore throat in adults, symptoms and treatment are determined by a doctor in person inspection, it has a number of characteristics.The first signs of angina are characterized by a high temperature (from 37.8 to 39 degrees), painful swallowing and foreign body sensation in the throat and fever.Keep in mind that in the case of adults temperature symptom is not mandatory.In addition, often in this disease there is a weakness, general deterioration, drowsiness, redness of the mucous membrane of the tonsils without formation of festering.


Symptoms of tonsillitis in children characterized by the fact that the disease in young patients rarely complete without temperature.It may be small, but present in most cases.Because of the pain when swallowing small children there drooling.Note that this is true, if there is a catarrhal sore throat, symptoms and further treatment in purulent film other species.

addition to pain, the feeling of a lump in the throat when the disease in children there is a general weakness and malaise, rarely get cramps.Even if the state of young patients is satisfactory, you can not let the disease take its course.Angina without temperature, symptoms and treatment are very important, often leads to complications, adherence of bacterial diseases and tonsillopharyngitis.

How to treat a sore throat in a child

If the disease is diagnosed in a child, symptoms and treatment can not be ignored, and the best solution to the question how to treat a sore throat in children, will give a pediatrician.Patients up to 1 year is recommended to put in the hospital for continuous monitoring professionals.Older children and teenagers are being treated at home with the help of medication and folk remedies.Know what a catarrhal tonsillitis in children, symptoms and treatment of this disease - this is important because it leads to local and systemic complications.


Antibiotics for sore throat for children can only appoint a doctor.The doctor will select the most suitable and sparing drug, depending on the age of the baby and the severity of the disease.Lechitsya such drugs should be under the scheme prescribed by your doctor, and do not throw them at the reception of the first improvements.A popular use such drugs:

  • «Amoxiclav" - refers to the penicillin group that effectively fights with streptococcal infections, including those with angina.
  • «Sumamed" - refers to the macrolide antibiotic.A positive feature of this product is that it accumulates in the body and does not require long-term use.

The gargle

To achieve best results, combine with folk medicine proven methodology: an abundant warm drink and gargling decoction of herbs - chamomile, sage, eucalyptus.These plants have a local anti-inflammatory effect, reduces irritation, swelling of the tonsils removed.To prepare the broth, it is necessary to take the herbal ingredients and boil them in water for 15 minutes, then strain and cool.

In addition, there are ready-made vegetable-based preparations, such as "Rotokan".For therapeutic composition of a few drops of this remedy is diluted in a glass of water.Less pleasant, but it is more efficient rinsing "furatsilina" because the medicine successfully combats pathogens.The solution includes 1 tablet in 1 cup of water.Gargle should be not less than 1 time per 3 hours.

treatment of angina in adults

This disease is mostly bacterial in nature and, as in the case of children, often requires the use of antibiotics.Viral tonsillitis in adults occurs as a complication of influenza or SARS.To assign adequate treatment of adult patients also need to consult with the attending physician, who will evaluate the throat and tonsils, and select an appropriate therapy.


Angina is often the companion is not bacterial, and viral infections.In such cases, the treatment scheme differs from the usual therapy.To cure a sore throat, viral nature of bears, is not difficult, but it will take a whole range of drugs aimed at the destruction of the virus, and antibiotics are used only in extreme cases.Therapy involves:

  • antivirals;
  • antihistamines;
  • simptolitki;
  • antibiotics.

How to treat a sore throat with antibiotics

Antibiotic treatment plays an important role in fighting infection and pharyngeal tonsils, as it can spread to other organs and cause otitis media, sinusitis, and other diseases.When choosing a drug can not be based on your past experience and the advice of friends and acquaintances - drugs different people act differently and sometimes cause allergies, dysbiosis, and other side effects.

For the treatment of this disease in adults is also assigned "Amoxiclav" because it is gentle new generation antibiotic.In addition, popular among physicians use drugs "Eritromitsin" and "Cephalexin".This is also a broad-spectrum drugs, but differ in that activators of angina have not yet developed immunity to these antibiotics.

Without antibiotics

angina Treatment without antibiotics is used, if these drugs are poorly tolerated by the body, thus it is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the patient, since the disease often leads to complications.However, in such cases, too, need to strictly follow the prescribing physician.Therapy includes the following activities:

  • strict bed rest;
  • abundant warm drink;
  • vitamins and antipyretic drugs;
  • use of antiseptics;
  • rinse and anti-inflammatory treatment of laryngeal and antimicrobial agents: a decoction of herbs and medicines.

Video: Komorowski on issues of treatment of tonsillitis in children

considering the question of what constitutes a catarrhal angina, its symptoms and treatment, it is necessary to listen to expert opinion on the issue of infectious diseases.After watching this movie, you will hear a non-intrusive lecture on diseases of the pharynx and tonsils in children.This is useful not only for young parents, but also for people who have no children.