Calibrate laptop battery

Numerous complaints of owners of laptops were first introduced to the Microsoft official forum in 2010.They are caused by incorrect operation of the battery - the battery charge ispravnogo "dried up" for half an hour or less.What is calibration?Calibrate laptop battery eliminates the problem of different interpretations of the controller readings and battery cell charge levels of both lead to the same value.Periodic adjustment of the energy capacity of the battery to prevent possible errors the controller.

How to Calibrate laptop battery

device power management comes 2 ways: automatically and manually.This process helps to get rid of the memory device is connected to a network time.Subsequently, the charge rate is up to that value.In order to understand your battery requires this procedure or not, determine the battery capacity.To do this:

  • Start a command prompt as an administrator.
  • Run command powercfg.exe-energy-output d: Nout.html.The value of (d:. Nout html) - save a place, the report fi
    le name.
  • Go to the disk D (or other), to open the specified report file.
  • Find the section "About the battery".Recalibration is required if there is a difference in the last two paragraphs of this section.

With the help of special programs

According to Microsoft, the models of notebooks, with "a battery" problem, are: Samsung Q70Aura Tirana, HP dv6, Acer Aspire 6920, ASUS laptops companies, Lenovo and many others.Microsoft says that the false information about the battery feeds the 'bios ยป(BIOS).How to calibrate the battery?Lenovo Laptops for this purpose provided with a special tool.In the absence of such an installer, it should download.Laptops Lenovo Idea have in their arsenal Energy Management program, the process of recalibration using it looks like:

  1. Run.
  2. reset these settings (click on the 2nd icon in the lower right corner of the window).
  3. Start the calibration process (click "Start").
  4. Closing all programs, connect a laptop to the adapter.Continued
  5. process (press "Continue").

use computers is not recommended during the time the current settings.The process takes a long time, during which the battery is fully charged and then discharged to zero.The program for the calibration of laptop battery on some models (including the "Samsung") devices built into "bios".There are universal program for all laptops - BatteryCare, Battery Eater.Do not be too difficult to calibrate the battery and through the bios.For calibration you will be required:

  1. Restart the notebook when the press Delete, Esc or F2.
  2. Boot tab to run Smart Battery Calibration.
  3. In the window that appears, select Yes.After calibration is complete to exit the program (press Esc).

battery calibration manually

manual recalibration - a valid option correction controller error, if you can not regulate the supply programs.This procedure is performed in three steps: the maximum charge the battery, discharge it completely again charged to 100%.When the computer is disconnected from the mains supply it changes its plan, therefore, fully discharge the device will not work.To remove obstacles, follow these steps:

  1. Open the toolbar and select view "Large Icons".
  2. Go to "Power Supply" section.
  3. Create a power plan (in the left menu).
  4. Install high performance and select the name of the plan.
  5. Put a ban on the performance of the settings "Hibernate", "Turn off display".

To Videos: how to make laptop battery calibration

Quality work portable devices play an important role in today's hectic lifestyle.Many people can not imagine their existence without a laptop, tablet, smartphone.Reliable battery ensures uninterrupted operation of the devices.Battery - vulnerable part of any device.For it is necessary to take adequate operation of the controller error corrective measures.With simple steps, you greatly extend laptop battery life mode.Step by step instructions for power management of notebooks from HP and ACER is given in these videos.