How to make a plane out of paper

All children love tinkering toys with their own hands, especially popular among them enjoys origami.Firstly, the paper adding art does not require any cost, and secondly, it is the safest hobby for any child.If you are new to this kind of skill and know how to make origami - start with the most simple.How to make the plane of the paper, remember everyone but how to make 10 different aircraft, not everyone knows.

to manufacture any model airplane with your hands, you will need a paper.If your child has a special craving for creativity, let him take extra pencils, markers, stickers, etc.Any item that will give fighters turntables and unique design.

Classic model aircraft from our childhood

This 2 most popular and simple airplane paper origami.Looking at the diagram, they will be able to fulfill every child.The material for the manufacture of paper flying techniques can serve as exercise book, album A4 sheets, newspaper or magazine pages, cardboard, even a roll of wallpaper - everything that comes h


Airplane "Boom»

These aircraft are very similar to the classic "Boom", but they run a little differently.Flies, fly, fall and land on aircraft such a pleasure.Comfortable flights - that's the main definition of such liners.Feel like a designer of iron birds.

Guide №1

  • Paper fold in half along the long part.
  • Fold the top corners to the middle line 2 times.
  • pointed end should be folded in half to the edge of the divergent wings, then, bend the workpiece in the middle.
  • 're clearly distinguish wings, for this bend them exactly to the center line.

Guide №2

  • Determine the middle of the "boom", bending the sheet in half.
  • Top forming an isosceles triangle and bend detail so that the bottom was about 2-3 cm.
  • again forming an isosceles triangle, and protruding from the bottom corner, fix the workpiece.
  • bend symmetrically in the middle part and form the wings.

Guide №3

  • determined by the central horizontal axis.Make a small notch in the middle, dividing the sheet vertically.
  • share the left side of the blank into 4 equal parts, ie the bend 2 more lines.To do this, we turn off the lower part of the central axis and fix the line with your finger to the middle.The same is done with the upper part.
  • right-hand side of the bend in half by the middle of the sheet (vertical notch).
  • further sheet should be bent so as to form an angle, starting from the middle of the items to the third fold line (see diagram).Fold the second region in the same manner.
  • Acute Triangle bend to an obtuse angle.The lower part of the upper wing protruding screw in the resulting triangular pocket.
  • remains to bend our lethal device on the center line, and form the wings.

Tip: in the manufacture of this model is better to use a lighter weight paper, or clearly indicate the line of the aircraft (near the nose) will be problematic.

Jet Paper (fighter)

We'll start with a simple enemy combat aircraft that are very easy to fold, looking at the picture.To make them more colorful, use colored paper.For the second option is better to take a two-way multi-colored cardboard thin or very thick paper.

Red model is very high-speed and manoeuvrable due to a severe nose and the tail light units.No wind is not an obstacle for her.

Green model is designed for range and a slow decline.Landing on runway accurate, leisurely.

What the air force without f16 fighter f 15?

video lesson for manufacturing aircraft f16

video lesson for manufacturing aircraft f 15

Piloting such models should only be experienced pilot.Flies the most difficult obstacles to do dead loops, sharp turns, the peak of the corkscrew - all this you will be able to work on these models of military fighter jets.

The plane made of paper with a propeller: step by step instructions with photos

To produce such an origami we need paper, scissors, pencil or pen needle with a bead at the end.

Stage 1

Take an A4 sheet of paper and make two diagonal lines.

Step 2

Expand the reverse side of the sheet and fold it along the line symmetrically dividing in half diagonally.Return to starting position and bend the sheet, as shown in the photo.

Step 3

turn left edge to the right side and bend it upward, then return it to its original position.The right edge of the same bend upward.

Step 4

left edge bend again to the underside of the exact lay of the previous triangle bending line, the extreme angle of the bend part.

Step 5

Return the right side to the starting position and bend it to the middle.

Step 6

Make another fold to the middle of the paper, send the top corner inside.

Step 7

Bend to the right corner to the middle, then back to straighten it.Turn the left-hand side to the other side and sticking out the bottom edge of the hole, insert the right parts.

Step 8

Bend workpiece, creating a center line.Make the wings.

Stage 10 (propeller)

To produce propeller take a small sheet size of 8 by 8 cm. And raschertim his pencil diagonally.Departing from the middle of about 5-7 mm, make notches, to which we will cut the sheet with scissors.

Stage 11

already cut sheet are fastened by means of a needle with a ball on the end.We are doing it as shown in the photo, in one corner.After that, pierce the middle and connect the propeller.

Tip: to the item were leaving, tape it around the middle or flatten the screw.

Stage 12

Fasten the resulting shape at the end of the aircraft.

How to make unusual airplane made of paper (4 models)

Crafts origami fighter jets, gliders and jets are unusual, and are made just.The first figure shows an A4 sheet in the form of already ready to roll.To make such a preparation, please refer to the previous step by step instructions.Next, do all to the scheme.

The second and third fragments of the figure shows the planes, for the manufacture of which you will need paper sheets square shape.The main thing - be careful!

And finally the original plane, which also considered and "boom", and the glider.

Guide for the production of:

  • have our A4 sheet horizontally in front of you.We are making several lines, bending piece half along a vertical axis and two times diagonally.Bottom should form an isosceles triangle with the base downwards.
  • Bends bottom corner so that the side of the sheet lay on the edge of a triangle, that is, on the diagonal line.On the second side of doing the same thing.To make it easier was to align the workpiece, pay attention to the horizontal line just below the middle.In it, we bend the parts inside, and then deploy the entire workpiece.
  • We see that the bottom sheet is divided into 3 sectors.Middle, bent inwards, omitting the first part of the right side down, and then left.Overturn part and bend it in the middle to both wings, curving inwards before, straightened.
  • item Expand longest side down.Top obtuse angle bend and unbend parallel to the lower base on both sides.The lower part of the base to the resultant bend line.The nose of the aircraft of the future bend to 135 degrees.The same make with the second party.Overturn the nose piece to the left.
  • Bends one part of the nose perpendicular to the ground, bend the wing.Unveiling the pocket and insert it in the nose hook portion.Since the second side Do the same manipulation.We expand on the details, cover (fix) the engine a small piece of paper.
  • displace along the central axis and wings do.

How to make the plane of the paper a4 video

Schematic drawing up the aircraft, see the video tutorial below.

Each model is designed for the individual launch and landing, work out in this case.

Do not forget to share its collection of aircraft in the comments!Complete large airfield personal schemes and fotoinstruktsiyami.Ask questions, comment on entries and create origami with the whole family!