Candles for the treatment of prostatitis

main striking force in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate - is antibiotics.In addition to these assigned physical therapy and massage.Candles from prostatitis in this struggle play a significant role.Rectal preparations have a local effect, facilitating recovery of the prostate functions.This form of the drug is considered to be the most efficient, and therefore in great demand.Check out the features of rectal suppositories in more detail in order to know how to win an inflammation of the prostate gland.

Types of rectal suppositories for the treatment of prostatitis

Drugs in this category are comfortable that the patient can quite effectively use them on their own, but it is - not the most important thing.The main feature of candles from prostatitis is a broad spectrum of activity.Rectal suppositories targets may have different receptors and enzymes.This pharmaceutical group covers a wide range of subspecies of drugs, each of which has a pharmacological effect.


prostate analgesic rectal suppositories are used for getting rid of the discomfort.As a rule, patients are prescribed drugs based on pantoponoma or prodmedoloma.Rectal Suppositories of this type belong to the NIP funds, has antipyretic, and analgesic properties antiagregatnymi.The therapeutic effect they have, but they can get rid of the painful symptoms and thereby relieve the patient's state of health.The main representatives of the category of painkillers candles from prostatitis include the following drugs:

  • «Relief";
  • «Proktoglivenol";
  • «Natalsid".


Rectal Suppositories this subcategory contains in its composition non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents.The main objective of these drugs is to block inflammation in prostate diseases.Experts say that along with the main anti-inflammatory effect of candles also cause a number of side effects, including constipation, pain in the lower abdomen, the kidneys work, pancreatitis, flatulence.Anti rectal suppositories can only be used by a physician, in strictly specified amounts.

main representatives of this sub-category:

  • «Voltaren»;
  • «Diclofenac";
  • «Bioprost";
  • «Prostopin";
  • «Ketonal";
  • «Dikloberl".


Rectal suppositories with antibiotics can be called a leader among drugs against prostatitis.The systematic use of suppositories body is saturated with antibacterial substances contained in their composition.Provided the correct approach antibacterial candles can completely cure prostatitis at home.An advantage of rectal suppositories with antibiotics is the fact that they are completely soluble in the intestines.Harmful components do not fall within the liver, therefore the negative effect on the body is prevented by 100%.

main representatives of antibacterial rectal suppositories include the following drugs:

  • «Vitaprost";
  • «Prostatilen";
  • «Samprost";
  • «Uroprost".

Immunomodulatory Drugs in this category are intended to normalize the prostate tissue structure.Immunomodulatory rectal suppositories intensely stimulate the process of cell growth and regeneration of damaged tissues.They also heal wounds and strengthen the immune system.The active substances of rectal suppository of this group provide an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate the process of maturation of white blood cells and red blood cells.The main representatives of the category:

  • «Methyluracilum";
  • «Genferon";
  • «Longidaza";
  • «Galavit".

overview of the best candles at the prostatitis

Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of rectal medications to combat the prostatitis.Within each subcategory, there are several dozen kinds of medicines, but not all of them can boast of the efficiency, bioavailability and safety.Appointing the course of treatment prostatitis, doctors choose the best drugs, corresponding to the current state of health of the patient and the individual characteristics of the organism.

With ihtiola

ihtiolovaya candles from prostatitis are anti-inflammatory agents of local integrated action.The main active ingredient of drugs in this subcategory is ihtammol, providing a wide range of therapeutic effects, including:

  • normalization of blood circulation in the tissues affected by inflammatory processes;
  • disinfectant antiseptic (in infectious prostatitis);
  • decrease puffiness;
  • venotoniziruyuschee light effects, strengthens blood vessel walls;
  • relief of pain in cases of acute inflammation;
  • elimination of the symptoms of inflammation.

with propolis

Propolis - a unique medicinal ingredient of natural origin.Traditional medicine has learned to use it to treat prostatitis several centuries ago.In our time, on the basis of propolis produced high pharmacological agents characterized by many advantages, among which:

  • powerful analgesic effect;
  • antiallergic effect;
  • anti-inflammatory / anti-microbial effect;
  • no harmful effects on the human body;


sea buckthorn Buckthorn is considered one of the healthiest fruits on the planet.Numerous scientific studies have identified a lot of the healing properties of this natural product.Nowadays, there are many drugs on the basis of sea buckthorn, targeting to combat numerous diseases.Treatment of prostate in men - is no exception.People suffering from inflammation of the prostate, doctors often prescribe buckthorn candles from prostatitis.Their effect is as follows:

  • stimulation of immune cells to strengthen the internal body's defenses;
  • elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • elimination of itching;
  • decrease puffiness;
  • pain reduction;
  • reduction in inflammatory activity by normalizing histamine levels.

With papaverine

Effective drugs are widely used in urology to combat chronic prostatitis.By its efficiency candles from prostatitis with papaverine in many respects superior to pills and injections, prescribed in combination treatment.The drugs in this category exhibit a wide range of therapeutic effects, including:

  • improved blood flow;
  • antispasmodic effects;
  • vasodilatory effect;
  • decrease puffiness;
  • reduction in pain;
  • elimination of inflammation.

With metiluratsilom

Preparations containing Methyluracilum belong to the group of immunomodulators.Doctors prescribe them for the normalization of the recovery processes.Below is a full list of therapeutic effects provided by this type of drugs:

  • tissue repair structures damaged by inflammatory processes;
  • stimulation of cell growth;
  • accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • wound healing;
  • stimulation of immune cells;
  • accelerated maturation of red blood cells and white blood cells;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;

diclofenac Diclofenac

prostatitis is not used as effectively as propolis or sea buckthorn oil.This is a non-steroidal compound has potent anti-inflammatory effect of a local nature.Its therapeutic effect is expressed as follows:

  • reduction in pain;
  • antipyretic effect;
  • analgesic effect;
  • elimination of inflammatory processes.

With indomethacin

Doctors prescribe candles with indomethacin for relief from prostatitis exacerbation of chronic processes.The daily dosage of such agents - one candle per day.Powerful local action indomethacin provides rapid accumulation of substances in the blood, thereby creating strong opposition of the disease.The medicinal effect of the drugs in this category is expressed in the following:

  • elimination of hyperthermia (elevated temperature);
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • reduction in pain;
  • improvement of blood circulation in the tissues covered by inflammatory processes.

What candles used for prevention of prostatitis in men

Prostatitis - a dangerous disease, fraught with serious complications, including the formation of adenoma, poor circulation in the rectum and impotence.This disease is diagnosed each year tens of thousands of women in our country, so the issue of combating it relevant today as ever.Based on the results of research, doctors say, that prevent inflammation of the prostate gland several times easier than to treat prostatitis, driven to the chronic form.

For those who are interested, it is necessary to know which is better to use candles in order to avoid the emergence of problems with the prostate gland.Below is a list of preventive candles from prostatitis with titles and descriptions unique mechanism of action:

  1. «Longidaza".(Analogy: "Ronidaza", "Lidaza", "Lidaza-M").The drug, wherein a pronounced anti-edematous, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects.The systematic use reduces the probability of occurrence of prostatitis to zero.
  2. «Diklovit".(Analogy: "Altreks", "belief", "Bioran").The effect of these candles from prostatitis is based on the inhibition of enzyme activity, stimulating inflammation.Artificial inhibition leads to a marked reduction in production of prostaglandins and reduce pain / inflammatory manifestations in the centers of pathological processes.
  3. «Idobene".(Analogy: "indomethacin", "Indokollir", "EU Indovis").Active non-steroidal drug with potent anti-inflammatory action.It is a potent inhibitor of the biological synthesis of prostaglandins.The systematic application provides a pronounced analgesic effect, preventing the development of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland.

Video: Vitaprost drug - instructions for use

This video offers you a detailed overview of modern candles from prostatitis "Vitaprost".It generally describes the mechanism of drug action, and especially its application.View short video, you will learn how to treat prostatitis using the rectal suppository, without resorting to specialists without enemas, tablets and injections!

feedback on the results of the treatment

Eugene, 37 years : At a young age, I do vaguely imagined that such a prostatitis, and is now faced with the problem face to face.Long could not vylichit, and then an old friend advised "Vitaprost forte."I bought the package, read the instructions and started to take.After 10-12 days, I noticed a significant relief.The problem was solved, and now to not have these problems in the future, use "Bioranom" for prevention.

Vasily, 45 years : Two years ago I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis.Doctors prescribe a variety of drugs, but I could not recover.Mother-in-law advised me to do an enema in the national prescription.I must say, this is very much helped.The action of antibiotics has increased, and a week later it went.For the future, I'll know how to treat prostatitis, if come again worsening.

Victor, 39 years : When the survey found a prostatitis, I terribly frightened, but I was comforted.They said that at the time revealed, it is necessary to begin treatment immediately.The doctor prescribed several medications, and explained how to enter rectal suppositories.Within two weeks of active treatment, I completely got rid of the problem and now I feel great!I use "Diklovit" In order to prevent.