Why is dry nose

Each of you at least once felt the discomfort associated with dry mucous.The nose is constantly formed crust, there is itching, the burning, reduced sense of smell.The main causes of dryness in the nose - that influence the environment and the climate in which you live.Sometimes this phenomenon - a side effect of drugs used.What can we do to regain a comfortable state?

Why there is dryness of the nose

If the cause is natural or dry climatic conditions, it is worth noting that often suffer from such a disease, people living where the climate is dry, the humidity rises above 40%.In central Russia in the winter with such a problem faced by virtually all.Heating houses and apartments make the air so dry that because of this crust formed, strongly dries mucous.

If you suddenly pointed at the child-dried in the nose, then the cause may be, not only the above factors, but even banal rhinitis.The chronic form of the disease is often caused by an infection, so treatable.The reason may be a frequent use

of drops for the nose for other purposes.If you do not know how to moisten the mucous membrane in the right way, it is best to visit a doctor who will do an exam, prescribe to you or your child a prescription.


nose In all causes mucosal dryness remains a chance that the crust formed blood or blood gnats, which are comparable with the unpleasant sensations at a scab.Here it is necessary to see a specialist who can determine the real cause of the disease, and then help cure effective methods.Self-medication does not help get rid of the crusts, but rather lead to deterioration of the state of the mucous membrane, the further development of an infectious disease, which causes the crust nostrils.

nose hurts inside

pain, there are several reasons:

  • various injuries;
  • sinusitis;
  • nosoresnichnogo neuralgia nerve;
  • gangliitis;
  • abrasions.

The main task for the patient is a timely visit to the doctor.All these diseases at an early stage cured easily.If the disease run, it is possible surgery.Only otolaryngologist can diagnose disease and prescribe effective treatment (excluding injuries, which is diagnosed by the surgeon).Dry crusts in the nose - the reasons may vary, and if dries mucous - background you probably will not find either come to the wrong conclusion.

Dryness in the nose and nasal congestion

dryness in the nasal cavity may be accompanied by congestion and a runny nose.This phenomenon is often observed in the sinus.In this case, it would be best to treat sinus washing with sea salt or a special herbal decoctions.In a serious development of this disease, doctors prescribe antibiotics to relieve the patient from symptoms of sinusitis for several days.

Video: dryness in a nasopharynx

The video below is well told and shown what can be the cause of dryness in the nose and how it can be prevented.You will understand why the crust are formed in adults and children, how best to get rid of them, so as not to damage the mucosa.The video will tell and show everyone who is interested, why dries mucous what to do and how to alleviate the condition quickly.